COMPUTER Full Form – What is the Full form of COMPUTER

COMPUTER Full Form – What is the Full form of COMPUTER

Computer Full Form: A computer is a device, a machine that allows to carry out, to execute operations, calculations, it is a computer.
A simple image of a calculator is the calculator: a machine that allows us to perform calculations – operations.Ordinateur = calculateur = calculette

Computer = Calculator = Calculator

Composing a computer

The computer is composed of a set of electronic (electrical) components connected to each other.
These elements are placed on a printed circuit board named motherboard (plate on which is engraved the circuit of electrical connections connecting the components).Carte mère d'un ordinateur (circuit imprimé)

The motherboard of a computer (printed circuit board)

The main components of a computer and their role

The main component of a computer, the one that allows performing the requested calculations and operations is the processor. The operations, the calculations requested from the processor are in binary form (the binary designating the fact that there are two possible states), in computer science they are often represented by the zero or one states (0 or 1).Le processeur - CPU

The processor – CPU

  • Temporary: result stored a defined time, it does not necessarily exist once thecomputer is turned off – turned off.
  • Permanent: result stored even after the computer is turned off – turned off. We can therefore find the result once the computer has been turned on again.

When the processor performs an operation, the result can be stored in such a way as to:

  • The management of temporary memory calledthe computer’s RAM is supported by memory chips that allow you to temporarily store information (RAM).
  • The management of the permanent memory,called the rom of thecomputer is supported by the hard disk which allows to permanently memorize the information.

There are therefore in the computer two different managements of the memorization of the result:

Important: Some of the temporary memory may also be supported on a portion of the hard disk. This part is called the SWAP. All the information stored in the SWAP no longer exists once the computer is turned off.

The components that used to make up the computer’s s RAM and hard drive were of a very different nature.
Ram consisted of small printed circuits grouping and connecting several memory chips (called RAM strips).
The hard disk was composed of superimposed magnetic disks and read by a mechanical reading head it is now supplanted by SSDtecchnology.Barette de mémoire vive (RAM) et disque dur (hard drive)

RAM and hard drive )

Today since the appearance of so-called flash memory type memories, ram or hard disk components are of the same nature, they are digital electronic semiconductors.
Thus the new hard drives known as SSD hard drives, no longer have magnetic disks and are played,so there is no more “mechanical”. Save time for memorization and access to data.
Today for questions of the speed of memorization and processing we have endowed the processor itself with memory called cache memory, but whether it faces part of the processor or not it remains of temporary type.

computer is therefore composed of a processor (computer)and memory.

Req: Whether the component or components used to manage the storage of the processor result temporarily or permanently are the same or different, they are above all memory.

computer is therefore a motherboard that allows you to connect a processor to memory.Carte mère d'un ordinateur (circuit imprimé) reliant le procésseur, la mémoire vive (RAM) et le disque dur (HD)

The motherboard of a computer (printed circuit board)connecting the processor, ram(RAM), and hard drive (HD )

What is a personal computer (PC)

personal computer better known by the abbreviation PC (comes from the English: Personal Computer),is a computer that meets user needs.
computer says PC a machine with which a user can make perform, perform operations (calculations)and interact with it via devices.

The most well-known devices that allow you to interact with PC-type computer are the keyboard,the mouse, and of course to see what it has of these interactions a screen.

The electronic components placed – connected to the motherboard and constituting the base of the computer form the central unit.Ordinateur personnel - PC : écran, clavier, souris, unité centrale

PCscreenkeyboardmouse, central unit

A computer is not just a PC

Anything that contains a processor and memory can be grouped under the name of the computer. Thus there are not only so-called personal computers (PCs), mobile phones, smartphones, connected televisions,… are therefore computers.Différents types d'ordinateurs : Ordinateur de travail, ordinateur portable, tablette PC, tablettes, smartphones, liseuse, TV connectée

Different types of computers:Work computer,laptop,tablet PC,tablets,smartphones,e-reader,connected TV

To know: The computers that are connected to each other and that store the data accessible via the Internet network, the Intranet network, … are called servers. Servers are therefore again computers that meet needs, very specific technical characteristics.

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