How to Fix the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] Error Code?

How to Fix the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] Error Code?

Connecting and communicating with the world is better for all. Nothing can be like having a better partner than Microsoft Outlook when managing and balancing private and professional life. It also helps to organize and manage emails, track important meetings as well as business and personal appointments, and many more.

With many days of account access, errors like [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] can occur at some point.  It is essential to be aware of all details about the error to ensure that it is simple to use. Also, this article is for you if you are an Outlook user and have the same Outlook error [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db]. This article will explain how to quickly comprehend the error message and use it easily.

What are the Reasons that Cause [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] Error?

Here are few obvious reasons that could cause the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] error to occur:

  • The [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] error can occur when using multiple accounts without clearing cache and cookies.
  • This may also be due to the incorrect installation of Microsoft Outlook software on the device.
  • Also, the error [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] is displaying in Outlook; If it opens, it can be because the latest version has not been updated.
  • Sometimes the user cannot identify the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] error. In such instances help from the support team is able to assist you in understanding why the error is occurring.

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How to Fix the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] Error Code?

It is essential to ask a more feasible question and an actionable solution to a person’s problem for [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db].

Here are the four straightforward ways to fix the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] error popup:

Solution 1: Update Microsoft Outlook 

Inability to update to the latest version might be the first user error. Verify that the computer or laptop runs the latest version of Outlook. Also, if supported, update Outlook to [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] and remove the old version.

If you upgrade from the earlier version, your data can be restored to the latest version. After that, a brand new Microsoft Office has been installed and you might need to save your most important documents.  Opt to use a basic transfer of your files. 

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Solution 2: Clear Cookies and Cache

Not clearing cookies and cache is another common thing users encounter with error [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db].

  • Select the File option to remove the cookies as well as your Outlook cache.
  • After that, you will be able to sign out of the Microsoft Outlook accounts.
  • If you’re using multiple accounts, you must log out of all accounts.
  • After that, Restart or shut down and restart your laptop.

Solution 3: Use Auto Repair Tool

  • First of all, the auto repair tool is an instrument that aids in automatically fixing and correcting the problem that has been identified on Microsoft Outlook.
  • Second, access the details of your software through the control panel and then to the function settings of the tool.
  • Launch then the Office 365 application and then choose Microsoft Outlook as the Microsoft Outlook application to repair.
  • Change the button once the application begins and choose the kind of correction.
  • Click on one solution for [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] and follow the commands on the window screen. You can try searching for a newer version for the repair tool.

Solution 4: Use Web Application

The best way to avoid the error code [pii_email_99514d5fed5d3eee8cdd] is to trust the Outlook Web App in the high-visibility navigation area in the top corner when you click Options.

Make sure to check the box for simple editing within MS Outlook. Open the MS Outlook application and click the SAVE button.

Log into Light Edition with the registered Microsoft Outlook account.

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Solution 5: Remove Third-Party Email Application

Utilizing more than one email program could alter the reliability and performance that comes with Microsoft Outlook. It is also because of conflicts between two email programs and causes problems when using them. You must remove the source of doubt or third-party program from the system to allow for smooth work.

Once removing it, then you can re-open Microsoft Outlook to see if the [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] error has been resolved. Different reasons can contribute to the same failure for [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] in the work equipment of other users. Additionally, it is recommended to employ small, practical ways to troubleshoot user issues. If not, customer support is always on hand!


We’ve introduced some simple methods to help you troubleshoot error codes like pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db from the Microsoft Outlook system. If you have taken all these possible precautions and the problem persists, contact the Microsoft support team [pii_email_3c71fd7e05f3e6d820db] about the issue.

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