Oscar Grind’s system in sports betting

Oscar Grind’s system in sports betting

Oscar Grind’s betting system was used to play in casinos. Then this financial strategy moved into the world of sports betting. Let’s analyze the principles of the game according to the Oscar Grind strategy and compare it with the Martingale system.

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The essence of Oscar Grind’s betting strategy

The essence of Oscar Grind’s strategy is to increase the bet amount after winning and return to the original amount after two consecutive wins. In fact, it is very similar to the Martingale system. You need to double the amount of the subsequent bet after each loss, until the first profit is obtained, when playing according to the financial strategy of Martingale.

The basic principles of playing according to the Oscar Grind system:

  1. To play according to the Oscar Grind strategy, take odds from 2.00.
  2. The size of the initial bet in this system should not exceed 5% of the bankroll. Thus, with a series of unsuccessful bets, the player can lose the entire bankroll.
  3. After a profitable trade, double your next bet. In the event that the second bet has also played, then the circle is considered complete, the amount of the bet is returned to its original value.
  4. The size of the bet does not change after a loss.
  5. The cycle is open as long as the net profit is less than the first bet.
  6. After the end of the cycle, the bet amount returns to the starting value.

Martingale strategy

The size of the next bet after each loss must be increased in such a way as to recoup the unsuccessful bets and make a profit. To play successfully according to the Martingale strategy, you need a large bankroll so that you do not lose your bank in the event of a prolonged series of failures.

In the Martingale system, one call is enough to make a profit. But with each subsequent loss, the amount of the bet grows and the risk of the entire bank being drained increases.

Oscar Grind’s strategy may be profitable, but it’s unlikely. With odds of 2.00, at least 50% of the bets must pass. Taking into account the bookmaker’s margin, bets on this system always have less than a 50% chance of passing, according to analysts’ calculations.

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