Stay Calm: 10 Apps to Cope With Stress

Stay Calm: 10 Apps to Cope With Stress

Everyone deals with stress daily. It can occur not only when a person cannot solve some tasks at work but also when he doesn’t know if he wants to go out with friends or play live casino Canada in the evening. If you are experiencing anxiety, worry, fear, can not sleep at night, and during the day – to concentrate on work and business, these 10 apps are for you. Each one has different techniques and methods, but the goal is the same: to help you cope with stress.


Calm is one of the world’s most popular sleep and meditation apps. 

It offers you: 

  • Dozens of ready-made meditation sessions from 3 to 25 minutes of guided nature sounds.
  • Soothing music.
  • Breathing exercises to help you relax.
  • Life-changing workshops by world-renowned experts.
  • Over a hundred bedtime stories for adults.

A new 10-minute program is added to Calm every day. The app is suitable for smooth and gentle falling asleep, as well as useful relaxing breaks during the day when you need to bring clarity to your life. 

7 Cups

The app will help in case you need to get qualified psychological help urgently. 7 Cups is free anonymous and confidential conversations. In the base of the application – more than 70 thousand psychologists and active listeners. You can choose whom you want to talk to: a woman or a man as well as specify the desired age, country and language of communication.


Art therapy is a form of therapy which uses creativity and self-expression as a means of dealing with stress and post-traumatic recovery. 

Colorfy is a coloring book that will always be with you. You don’t need an internet connection to use the app. With Colorfy, you can relax and forget your problems for a while. Color patterns, flowers, mandalas, animals, create your own color combinations, experiment with the palette and share your drawings with your loved ones.


The app will allow you to pause your life and immerse yourself. What do you do? Slowly draw lines and shapes with your finger on the screen to soothing sounds. The developers say this simple action will help relieve the brain and relieve stress, fight anxiety and depression, and restore focus. 

You can draw zig zags and circles even with your eyes closed. The main thing is not to take your finger off the screen and keep moving. As soon as you stop, the picture and music will disappear. 


Origame is another calming activity at the crossroads of creativity and meditation. Origame has dozens of levels from simple to complex. Bend electronic pieces of paper with your finger to relax and let your worries fade away. 

Antistress Bubble Wrap

It’s hard to find someone who would deny themselves the pleasure of bursting air bubbles on a wrapping film, which has only one disadvantage: it is not always at hand. That is why we offer you its mobile counterpart. You can pop air bubbles wherever you want, and whenever you feel like it.

Let’s Create! Pottery

Another way to relax and calm down through creativity. In Let’s Create! Pottery, you’ll be in the role of a potter who sculpts and paints jugs from dozens of materials at hand. Doing a virtual craft and watching the movement of the potter’s wheel, you will experience peace and lightness. 


A collection of over 50 simulation games helps you relax and shift your attention temporarily. Antistress includes listening to the bamboo bell, playing with wooden dice, Newton’s pendulum, pinwheels, fingering water and sweaty windows, pushing different buttons, chalk drawing, and much, much more. 

Breathe In

Breathe In contains simple exercises to help you breathe consciously. Find a quiet place, set a timer and try to relax to music. 

Conscious breathing will help reduce stress and anxiety and help you sleep better. The app is suitable for those who struggle with panic attacks.


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