Which VPN is Best, Avast SecureLine VPN or Nord VPN?

Avast SecureLine VPN or Nord VPN

When deciding on a VPN to use, there are a number of important things that you need to consider before using them.

For most individuals, the speed at which it connects is the most important factor. This means that you can stream content, play games, or simply browse the Internet without any connection issues. When using a VPN it is often the case that the connection speed drops and doing these kinds of things can become painfully slow and frustrating. When it comes to connecting servers that are based within the United States of America, Nord VPN performed the better of the two. However, when connecting to servers outside of the USA, it is Avast SecureLine VPN that performs the fastest. You can examine the exact speeds and see which is best here. Depending on what you want from a VPN service, this will have a direct impact on which one you choose to use.

It is pretty obvious that most individuals looking to use a VPN will be heavily swayed by the cost of using it. Both Avast SecureLine VPN and Nord VPN offer users a subscription based service . For each and every Windows / Mac device that uses their service, the Avast SecureLine VPN charges $5 each month. However, for Android / iOS devices, the company charges $19.99 per year, along with an annual tariff of $79.99. This works to protect as many as five different devices. In contrast, Nord VPN offer a much more simple pricing structure. For a month’s access to their service, the company charges $11.95. However, if you pay on an annual basis, this is reduced to just $6.99 per month at a cost of $83.88. For those individuals who are extremely price sensitive, this will have a big impact on which one they choose.

Other things that are worth your consideration when deciding on which of these two VPNs to choose is the level of privacy that they each give you. Nord VPN definitely wins on this front. Similarly, when it comes to security, the encryption that Nord VPN uses, is superior to that of Avast SecureLine VPN. Should you ever encounter any issues with either of the VPNs, then contacting their customer support teams is an easy thing to do.

Based on all of these things, it is quite clear to see that NordVPN is the better of the two here. Not only does it work faster when connected to serves in the USA, but it is also much clearer priced, it offers a great level or privacy, is super secure to use, and offers a good level of customer support should you ever need it.

What is Financial Literacy and How Can You Improve Yours?

Financial Literacy

Many people consider themselves to be financially illiterate. They’re not sure about how to manage their personal finances, reduce debt, and save money for retirement. If you’re one of them, chances are you live paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle financially in general. The good news is that so many resources are at your fingertips and becoming financially literate shouldn’t be tough. If you want to work on your money-management skills, let’s start with a few tips on how to do it.

What is financial literacy and why it’s important?

Before we move on, let’s take a step back and discuss what financial literacy is and why it’s so important. Making money won’t get you far if you don’t know how to use it properly. Many people who consider themselves to be financially illiterate make poor financial decisions or even end up being victims of scams. They struggle to get out of financial crises and never get close to becoming financially independent. On the other hand, when you understand the importance of balancing a checkbook, paying off debt, and saving, making better financial decisions is much easier. Not only this, but you’ll have more time and energy for your personal life when you don’t have to worry about your finances.

Start right away

Some people have the luxury of being financially literate as soon as they reach adulthood. Some of them have learned it through education while others learned it at home. If you’re not one of them, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to become financially literate. In fact, it’s never a bad time to do so. All you need to do is find the right resources and put enough time and effort into it. Your safest bet is to start by increasing your knowledge about investing, taxes, credit scores, and saving for the future. Tackle the topics one by one until you build a solid foundation of financial know-how.

Use tools to improve your financial literacy

We live in the age of technology and it seems like there’s an app for absolutely everything. Many app developers create apps that have for a purpose to help users manage their finances. Adding some of those apps into your arsenal can do wonders for your finances. Start by installing Mint on your device. Mint is one of the best financial tools that advise and help you make the right financial decisions. Budgeting with mint is a breeze and anyone can do it. Most importantly, using Mint will help you take your financial literacy to the next level. Other financial apps you can consider using include You Need a Budget (YNAB), Personal Capital, and Spendee.

Use tools to improve your financial literacy

Engage in educational resources

As mentioned earlier, there’s a plethora of resources available online, and improving your money-management skills isn’t tough. With such an amount of resources available, it’s important to find the ones that suit your skills and preferences. First of all, you have to decide what kind of content you want to engage in. Do you want to read ebooks? Do you prefer listening to podcasts while driving to work? Identify the type of resources you want and finding the content you can engage in shouldn’t be tough. With new financial trends emerging every day, it’s also a good idea to stay up-to-date. The easiest way to do this is to follow influential people in the financial world on social media. We’re talking about financial gurus such as Jim Marous and Spiros Margaris.

Become a trader

There’s no person out there who couldn’t use some extra money each month. One of the best things about being financially literate is that you’re able to identify the best ways for supplementing your income. If you thought about giving trading a go, there’s no reason not to start right away. Trading is a great way to make a little extra each month without sacrificing much of your free time. Of course, before you start you have to learn trading and develop strategies you can use in your trading career. Luckily, you can learn everything online and use trading simulators before you start trading with actual money. Since nowadays everything is on mobile phones, you can do stock trading using a trading app.

Take a financial literacy class

Some people are financially literate because they opted for a career in finances or they learned it home. Not everyone had a chance to do it and so many individuals consider themselves to be financially illiterate. This is why there are financial literacy classes you can take both online and offline. If you find that resources you can engage in online aren’t helping, there’s no reason not to sign up for a class. Most of those classes aren’t pricy and they’ll help you save a significant amount of money every month.

Take a financial literacy class

Save for emergencies

One of the most important parts of being financially literate is setting aside a portion of your earnings each month. You never know when things can go wrong and having some money on the side can be a real lifesaver. The best part of it is that if you do it on a monthly basis, you won’t even feel that there’s less money in your budget. No matter how much you save each month, those savings will add up and you’ll have something to work with in case things go wrong. Just bear in mind that things such as car repairs and medical bills can be quite expensive and the more you can save, the better.

The bottom line

Now that you know what financial literacy is and how to improve yours, getting there shouldn’t be tough. Follow the tips covered in this post and you’ll find yourself in a better financial position quite quickly.

Want a Secure Internet Connection? Spectrum Internet Is the Answer!

When it comes to nailing availability, performance and reliability, Spectrum surely knows no bounds. Currently, Spectrum is operating in 44 states, which makes it the 2ndlargest residential internet provider in all of the United States.

Besides a plethora of features, Spectrum Internet offers a Security Suite. Let’s face it, even the latest internet technology can’t keep your connection safe from intrusions. Therefore, using a foolproof security plan from Spectrum Internet will keep your connection far from vulnerabilities, so you and your family members can enjoy a secure connection, however you like.

A hacking attempt made every 39 seconds, affecting 1 out of 3 Americans every year. If you want evade such a risk then make sure to use a connection that promises you secure online presence. This is why we can’t stress enough on opting for a connection like Spectrum, which comes with extensive security features. Right from the moment when you connect your devices with Spectrum’s high-speed internet, the Security Suite gets to work by actively monitoring your network for suspicious activities.

Want to know more about Security Suite from Spectrum? Here are some features we wouldn’t want you to miss:

Real-Time Protection

Don’t be afraid of viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans anymore. With Spectrum Security Suite, your connection will be monitored 24/7 so you can enjoy your time online, without worrying about any risks. Security Suite generates a prompt response whenever there’s a potential risk lurking around and notifies you immediately, so you can decide on the action you want to take to tackle the virus.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Worried to see your computer acting strange under the spell of a pesky virus or a spyware? Don’t fret anymore because Security Suite will take care of it the moment it identifies something fishy in your network. Whether the problem seems like a minute one or a stubborn one, one thing’s for sure, Spectrum Security Suite will get rid of it for good.

Keep a Check on Online Activity

Spectrum Security Suite also offers Parental Control feature. If there are kids in your house that require access to the internet and you’re afraid that your work-routine won’t allow you to keep an eye on them, then let Spectrum Security Suite do that for you. With the Parental Control feature, you can effectively monitor your children’s activities online, and set limits to their online activities so they don’t waste all of their time playing games or browsing websites.

Enjoy a Safe and Secure Connection with Spectrum Security Suite

You can go for a standalone Spectrum Internet or take your experience up a notch with Spectrum Double Play and Triple Play bundles. For affordable monthly prices, Spectrum brings you amazing features that you surely won’t find elsewhere, including its top-of-the-line Security Suite. Now, you can explore the web with ease, knowing that Spectrum is in charge of your online security.

Why Fleet Management Apps Are So Important?


Fleet management, just like many other jobs can become overwhelming without the right tools. For starters, you will have to sift through reams of paperwork to find the specific information you are looking for.  With the right apps, it becomes a whole lot easier. Besides, searching for specific fleet information, you also need access to the location of your vehicles in real-time. Benefits like keeping a constant tab on your drivers, monitoring the condition of your vehicles, etc. are all possible when you have the right fleet management apps installed on your devices.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the role apps can play in improving your fleet management.


According to reports, about 80 percent of logistics companies rely heavily on mobile apps in the management of their fleet. Here are a few reasons why:


Keeping an eye on your fleet can be overwhelming if your company owns hundreds of trucks. A quick solution to that is installing a mobile app that provides real-time GPS services. This type of app allows you to track the location of your vehicles in real-time. Beyond that, you will also be able to monitor the routes of your vehicles. The speed at which this info is transmitted on your mobile device is seamless as data are transmitted as fast as you can blink your eyes. Also, great apps provide data on mileage, fuel usage, and alternative route information to your managers through their Geo-fence analytics features. Find more information about fleet management through this useful link.


Prevention is always preferable and more cost-effective than cure. One of the ways that you can implement both preventive and curative measures on your vehicles before their conditions begin to get out of hand is through monitoring the condition of the vehicles in your fleet. Mobile apps offer fleet managers the luxury to track their fleet and also informs them about the time it takes each vehicle to move from point A to B. Any increase in the average travel time of your vehicle may hint that there is something wrong that needs immediate attention. According to a report, about 40 percent of traffic accidents occur due to inadequate maintenance.


One of the benefits of mobile apps in fleet management is that they provide direct access to constant communication with your drivers. This can be helpful when you have identified a potential problem with your vehicle through your app. Beyond that, maintaining constant communication with your drivers helps build transparency between both them and management.


Most fleet management apps eliminate the need to write trip reports and store them in a traditional filing system. Sifting through the tons of files in search of information about your vehicle when you need it can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, with mobile apps, you can keep records of each trip and vehicle conditions and have them stored in the cloud. All you need to do to gain access to the information when you need it, is search using the date of the trip or vehicle number.

Mobile apps in fleet management help to streamline management processes and the best part is that they are cost-effective.

What is error 502 bad gateway and how to solve it?

502 Bad Gateway

As you know, in order to see a website, your browser has to send several requests to different servers, which then send you the content it is asking for. If something goes wrong during this process, the server sends an HTTP status code to the browser so that you can know that something has gone wrong and, based on the error, get a rough idea of ​​what it is. The 502 bad gateway error, along with the 404 status code, is one of the most common that you will find on the net.

How can you solve it quickly if it is your website that is affected.

What is error 502 Bad Gateway

The 502 Bad Gateway Error , like all HTTP status codes that start with the number 5, occurs because there is an error caused by an item from outside your computer or browser, not necessarily caused by the end server. Specifically, the 502 Bad Gateway error tells you that a server that was acting as a gateway or proxy has received an invalid response from an incoming server. The display of error 502 may vary slightly depending on the server in question. It may appear with expressions similar to: “Error 502”, “502 Invalid Gateway”, “502 Bad Gateway”, or “502 That’s an error ”, etc,.

What Causes Error 502 Bad Gateway

As I mentioned before, Bad Gateway errors are caused (in general) by a communication problem between the origin server and one of the servers that act as a gateway. The server acting as the gateway or proxy has tried to access the main server to respond to your request, but has either encountered an invalid response or has had no response.

The most frequent culprits for error 502 are the following:

  • There is a firewall blocking the request, that is, the communication between the perimeter servers (those that serve as proxy) and the origin server.
  • The proxy server that has received your communication is not able to route it to the final server.
    Your request goes through a very large cluster (like the ones on Twitter or Reddit that I mentioned before) and you have the bad luck that your request goes to an end server of the group that, at that moment, is out of service.
  • Do you use a CDN? In that case, your server may be failing for another reason and may not be able to handle your requests.

Keep in mind that these types of responses can be cached, so it is possible that the fault will be seen even if it is already solved. In this case, pressing Ctrl + F5 and reloading the page is enough to refresh the cache and fix the problem (or not, in which case you will have to check the server-side cache).

In case the problem is not so temporary and persists, here are other possible solutions .

How to fix error 502 “Bad Gateway”

There are several ways you can take to try to get to the website you want to visit after receiving a 502 Bad gateway error , but until you try it you won’t know which one will work for you. First of all, I recommend that you check if the website has fallen or if it is only you who cannot enter. Keep in mind that if it is down for everyone and you are not the site administrator, the only thing you will be able to do is wait and try again later. To quickly find out if the server is accessible, you can do a ping test or a trace route .

If the website affected by error 502 is yours and you want to be more aware in the future, you can configure a monitoring service such as Pingdom (for a fee) or Uptime Robot (free). These tools check the availability of your website every few minutes and will notify you if for some reason they cannot access it.

Beware, monitoring services can give false alerts from time to time, so don’t be alarmed until you see for yourself the alleged problem.

Having said this, we will go at once to the possible solutions that you can apply if the error 502 appears on a website that you are interested in accessing. From easiest to most complex, here you have them!

Method 1: Reload the page

It is possible that the server that hosts the web is overloaded for some reason (for example, due to a peak in requests). Press Ctrl + F5 or the Refresh button to reload the page and check if you can already access it. If not, close all browser tabs and reopen it, wait a minute and try to access the web again.

Still nothing? So try using a different browser . If you can access normally, it is best to uninstall the failed browser and reinstall it again. Now, if the failure persists even from another browser , go to the next method to fix error 502.

Method 2: Clear the browser cache

Sometimes, your browser will be simply remembering that previously this website resulted in an error. To make sure that the error you are receiving is current and not a mere “reminder” and that your browser is not storing outdated or corrupt information, clear your browser’s cache and cookies . If the problem was this, deleting the cached files and reloading the page will fix error 502 and you can access the web.

Method 3: Deactivate the CDN

The CDN or content delivery networks ( Content Delivery Networks ) are used to improve the loading speed of websites. However, they can sometimes cause the 502 Bad Gateway error because they use additional firewalls . To check if this is the case, temporarily deactivate your CDN and check if the error has disappeared.

An example of the most used CDN is Cloudflare, since it has one of the best free plans. If it is the network you use, it will be very easy to know if it is the culprit of error 502 because on your screen you will see something like this:

502 Bad Gateway

Method 4: In WordPress, check plugins and theme

It is possible that some of the plugins or the theme of your WordPress contain faulty code (or are incorrectly configured) and, as a consequence, they are triggering gateway errors that should not be occurring.

Try disabling the plugins one by one , checking in each case if the error 502 disappears. If you’re using a cache plugin, start with that one: it’s your prime suspect.

To deactivate the plugins, you will not have any difficulty as long as you have access to the WordPress dashboard and the Plugins section . Instead, if you cannot enter the administration area, follow these steps:

  • Enter the wp-content folder and rename the Plugins directory to “Plugins-disable”. What you will cause is that all the plugins are deactivated at the same time. If the web works and no longer gives 502 error, it is clear that one of the plugins is to blame for the error.
  • Rename the folder again, from “Plugins-disable” to “Plugins” and enter it.
  • Deactivate the plugins one by one. To do so, change the name of each plugin, for example change “jetpack” to “jetpack-disable”. After each change, check if the error 502 has disappeared or if you can still see it.

At some point, the plugin that you deactivate will be the culprit of error 502 and your website will be correctly activated again. Leave the plugin disabled and find out what has happened: is it misconfigured? Has it been updating for a long time? You may have to find an alternative plugin.

Method 5: Check the error logs

If you have made any changes or updates to your website recently, it is possible that error 502 is a consequence of this. To check if this is the case, the easiest way is to check the error log . The location of the log varies depending on the web hosting and the control panel that you have hired, so I cannot give you specific instructions. However, you can create a phpinfo.php file that includes this bit of code:


Put it in your root folder and access it from your browser using the URL www.yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php . Look for the text error_log and there you will have the path where your error log is located.

If you use cPanel , you will find the error_log file if you follow these steps:

  • Access the control panel, go down to the Files section and click on File Manager .
  • On the left side, click on the public_html folder and inside it, you will find the error_log file.
  • eye! If you were accessing a subfolder on your page (for example, “yourdomain.com/folder”), the logs will be in the public_html / folder directory .

This file will contain, organized by age, all the errors that have occurred on your website, including the reason for the error and the line on which it occurred.

If you use WordPress , you can enable error logging by adding this code to the wp-config file :

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

In general, the generated entries are usually stored in the wp-content directory .

Method 6: Restart backend services

This is a bit technical, I’ll warn you! If you use a web server configuration in which you invoke a PHP daemon – as can be the case with php-fpm or php-lsapi – it is very possible that your service is down or unresponsive. This can also happen if you use a reverse proxy type configuration ; for example: you have an Nginx web server that routes requests to an Apache that is very busy or, in the worst case, it has broken.

In these cases, it is imperative to restart the final service (Apache, php-fpm, etc.) because if it is down it will not respond to your proxy and, if your proxy does not receive a response, it will return a 502, which is the most literal example of this error.

Remember to check that there is no firewall rule preventing your proxy from communicating with Apache or PHP! It is easy to think that the firewall is only for external connections, but those that are internal can also be affected.


Resolving an error when you are not clear what is causing it is one of the most frustrating processes a webmaster has to deal with. Therefore, a basic understanding of the specific error will greatly advance you in the course of diagnosis. As you can see in this article, there are several possible ways to fix the 502 Bad Gateway error .

Have you understood what the error 502 consists of and the possible solutions that can be applied? If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you. Do you think I have forgotten something or do you have more ideas to diagnose and fix a 502 error?

Android system WebView: what it is, what benefits it has and why it should be updated

android system webview

We are going to explain what exactly is Android system WebView, one that you may have come across when updating your mobile apps when it is also updated as if it were another application. It is not an application installed without your knowledge, but a very important internal application for many applications.

Without this application, applications would not be able to open web pages internally as if they were using a browser. But so that you understand it better, we will also explain what benefits this application has and why it is very important that you always keep it updated.

What is Android System WebView

What is Android System WebView

Android System Webview is an internal application of Android, and implements Chrome technology in the operating system. Its main mission is to allow the applications you have to display web content within the app itself.

Imagine for example that you enter the Facebook app and in this application you click on a link. Instead of having to open the link directly in a browser, which would mean opening a separate app and sending it the address you want to visit. WebView allows the web to be opened directly in the application. So even if you have an open website, if you go to the apps view you will see that you are still inside the app itself.

Therefore, we could say that Android System WebView allows any app to have an internal Chrome-based browser, and therefore you can save time when opening links within applications. In addition to time, you also save on having to change applications to see websites and return to what you were doing.

But this internal browser for apps is not exactly like Chrome. So that the experience is fluid and does not take too long to load, it is a very limited internal browser in which you can simply see the content of a website. But you will not be able to manage tabs or many other things, it is for specific consultations, and if you want more you will have to open the web in your browser.

Which has benefits

android system webview benefits

The main benefit of this technology is that your applications have the way to quickly show you the content of a website. It will be done in a completely native way and without having to open separate applications, since the web loads directly inside the app in a window that opens above it, and when you close it, you return to the point where you were in the app.

You also make sure that the technology for opening websites within apps is centralized, and that you do not depend on the internal browser that each developer can implement. You will know that Chrome is going to be used, which gives you not only a fairly quick method to navigate, but also a safe environment to visit the websites you open.

For developers, this technology makes it easier for them to integrate links to external pages within their applications. In addition, they can also implement functions that can only be configured via the web without having to create an internal browser or send users outside of applications.

So said, it may seem like a minor function or a little detail. But now think how many times you open a website within an application, and how doing so does not open an external browser. If you look at this as you use your applications, you will see that it is a technology that you are using more than it seems in many applications.

Why it is important to have it updated

android system webview update

Although it is not a browser as such, but simply a application, this is a function widely used by many applications. This means that any vulnerability that is discovered could wreak havoc on millions of users, hence the importance of always having it updated to receive all the improvements and patches that are related to the security of the application.

In addition, it is also important to keep it updated to ensure you always have the most optimized experience . Like any application of any operating system, as it is used in new devices with new hardware. And in new versions of the operating system, the application is polished and optimized to the step through continuous updates.

The application will be updated as if it were a separate application. Which means that when you are updating your apps, it will appear in the list. If you haven’t seen it update for a while or if you’re not sure, you can always search WebView within Google Play to see if you have any pending updates.

Check Also:

content: //com.android.browser.home/

Content: //com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/ temporaryNotifications

Any questions you have regarding “Android system WebView” you can leave it in the comments.



Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications – Are you looking for the best antivirus software on your Android phone. If so, you should not ignore Avast Mobile Security, a free anti-virus application for your mobile.

Avast Mobile Security has 2 versions for free and paid use. However, for individual users, you use the free version is too perfect. The premium version is for businesses that who require high security.


Protect your privacy

Avast Mobile Security helps protect you from intruders who want to get into your phone.

-Help to block spam and spam calls

Protect photos, folders, applications with a password, pin or fingerprint.

Change your IP address if you need it.

Prevent potential threats

Avast Mobile Security helps detect and test malicious applications before installing.

Scan regularly for threats and security vulnerabilities on your phone if any.

Protect your data remotely

This feature helps you prevent thieves from accessing data and helps recover devices in case of data theft.

Enhance performance

Clean junk regularly to free memory, making phone run smoother.

Extend battery life.

With the outstanding features of the Avast Mobile Security application that Fchise has just described. You can safely install the application on your phone without worrying about anything.

[icon name = “hand-o-right” class = “” unprefixed_class = “”] At the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.mobilesecurity

Google search keyword: Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications

Advantages AVAST Mobile Security ANTIVIRUS for ANDROID

In a market flooded with a wide variety of mobile antivirus applications , it can be overwhelming to select a solution that is good for you. Would you like to pay for a security solution or download a free protection application? A free mobile antivirus solution that provides great security features is avast Mobile Security.

With avast! Mobile Security, you can protect your Android mobile phone and / or tablet.

This antivirus has the following characteristics:


It offers on-demand analysis of all the applications that you have installed on the device, as well as the content of the memory card. It also scans for newly downloaded or first-time applications.

You can customize the antivirus tool to schedule scans and perform updates. You can also configure your antivirus to remove suspicious files and uninstall unwanted applications.

App Manager

If you are familiar with Task Manageryou will feel at home with avast! Mobile Security App Manager. Application manager displays a list of applications running on your device and their respective size , CPU utilization, and memory and active service usage . With Application Manager, you can uninstall or stop running applications.

What I highlight here is that you can also see how many KB or MB (KiloBytes or MegaBytes) each application consumes according to the type of connection used, be it Wi-Fi, 3G or Roaming.

Privacy report

This new feature provides you with a report of all attempts at access rights, as well as the intentions of installed applications. This information gives you an idea of ​​how much information you are providing to each application.


The firewall or firewall function provides good protection against attempts to let hackers compromise your mobile device. The firewall will disable an application’s Internet access if it considers it malicious and prevent exposure of your private information.

Application Blocking

It allows us to block access to the applications we want, for example, Messages to our photo gallery, Facebook, etc. For this, it is necessary to establish a 4 or 6 digit password.

Filter Calls and SMS

Allows you to block incoming calls and sms from a list of numbers grouped by groups that we can create or from unknown numbers.

Data flow information

Shows a report of the consumption of MB (Mega Bytes) used by applications on a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, you can see the amount of data transfer to and from your mobile device.

This tool is useful when you want an overview of your data usage based on date: day, month or year. It also gives you direct access to the App Manager so you can make the necessary adjustments to your applications.

This antivirus offers a solid security solution for your Android mobile device. Defends against malicious applications, viruses, malware and spyware. In this article I have tried to be brief in describing the main features that are provided by avast! Mobile Security.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Try These Solutions

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

The laptop keyboard is a vital component to use it. If the laptop keyboard not working, the laptop will be almost unusable, so fixing it as soon as possible is crucial. In this tutorial we are going to give you some tips to fix the non-working keyboard of a laptop, things that you can try yourself to fix the problem before having to take the laptop to the technical service.

It is imperative to have a keyboard to be able to apply some of these solutions, something that is contradictory to the problem you have. However, since the keyboard of the laptop does not have to do with the touch pad, it is likely that it does work -or surely you have an external USB mouse for greater comfort- and that you can use it at least. In any case, it is recommended that if you have a external USB keyboard, you momentarily connect it to the laptop until you find the solution.

If you don’t have this possibility, don’t despair, because Windows incorporates a utility that can help us alleviate the problem.

Windows 10 on-screen keyboard

As we said, Windows incorporates a keyboard that you can click with the mouse. To access it you must click on start and navigate to “Windows Accessibility“, where you can select the on-screen keyboard.

on screen keyboard

This will bring up a keyboard on the screen, where you can press its keys directly with the mouse. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but to get out of trouble if you can not connect an external keyboard, it is worth it.

With this explained, let’s see how you can fix the problem.

If the laptop keyboard not working because of the software

Check Windows components

Chances are if the laptop keyboard not working is because of the software. For this reason, the first thing you must do is make sure that all Windows components are correct, and for this you must open a Command Prompt window as administrator. To do this simply right-click the start button and select Command Prompt (Administrator).

Once the window is open, directly execute the following command: sfc / scannow


This will proceed to check all Windows components, and later (when finished) you should restart the computer.

Reinstall keyboard driver

If this has not solved the problem, the next thing to do is reinstall the keyboard driver. For this you must go to the Device Manager, which you can access by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting “Device Manager“, and inside you must search within the “Keyboards” section for a device called “Standard PS / 2 Keyboard »or« Standard PS / 2 keyboard ». You have to right click on it and select Uninstall.

uninstall keyboard - Laptop Keyboard Not Working

After doing so, you restart the laptop and on the next boot, Windows will automatically install the driver again. If not, it is recommended to re-enter Device Manager, and uninstall everything that appears within Keyboards.

You have already seen what you can do to solve the problem as far as the software is concerned, and if nothing has worked it is very likely that then the problem is in the hardware . Therefore, the first thing to do is to make sure that the problem is that, and for this, just turn on the laptop when it is turned off, you must press SUPR, F2, F8 or F12, the corresponding key to enter the BIOS.

If the laptop enters the BIOS then the keyboard is fine and you will surely have to format the computer. Or If it doesn’t respond, go to the next section because the problem surely lies in the hardware.

If the

laptop keyboard not working problem is in the hardware

If you are sure that the problem is in the hardware, but you are a little handyman and you dare, then you will have to “gut” the laptop. Remove the screws and open the bottom cover, you must locate the keyboard connector and this, unfortunately, depends on each manufacturer so you cannot show you general cases that can help you.

The connector will look like this.


The first thing you should do is disconnect it (carefully, usually you just have to push it out with a flat screwdriver), check that the cable and connector are not dirty, and reconnect it. Check before that the connector is not damaged, of course.

If the keyboard still does not work, we are afraid that then you will have to change it or take it to the technical service.

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SIM Network Unlock PIN

SIM Network Unlock PIN

It is well known that over the years, with the departure of different mobile operators, it has been seen that they offer their public mobile devices at a price below the market. Something that many have preferred for years, but do not realize at the time of the mistake they are making. And it is that when acquiring a device there, we will have this blocked to be used only with that operator. However, there is a way to unlock it and it is with the SIM network unlock PIN that many times is paid to technicians without knowing that it is very easy to perform ; and we will teach you how.

SIM network unlock PIN

First of all, we will tell you what this means. As we told you at the beginning, the SIM network unlock PIN is a PIN entered into your cell phone to unlock it from the mobile company to which it is blocked.

Blocked because companies offer a small subsidized price, while they pay the full amount that is given to the manufacturer of the mobile device.

This has been done over the years with the aim of attracting many more customers to join their prepaid or postpaid plans. That tax paid by the company will always be rewarded for the balances made by the operator.

However, there are many people who are uncomfortable over time with this restriction and pay a lot of money to a technician to solve them, but this is very easy to do so they can put the network they want on their cell phone.

Is my cell phone really locked?

Before we venture into the tutorial, it is important that you know if your phone is actually locked by a network operator. For this, you must perform this procedure:

  1. Make a phone call with the SIM card that your cell phone currently has.
  2. Next, you must proceed to turn off your phone.
  3. After that, remove the SIM card that is inserted into it.
  4. Now place a SIM card that is active from an operator other than the previous one.
  5. Turn on the cell phone.
  6. If a bar with the title above “ SIM network unlock PIN ” appears on the screen, this means that the mobile device is blocked and does not accept the other SIM card.

It should be noted that, with smart mobile devices, we can find that they contain a very complex combination of the PIN, so you must choose the provider that best suits you.

In addition to finding out if our mobile device is blocked by the network operator, we must also ensure that it uses the Android Jelly Bean in its version 4.1 or higher.

Unlock the SIM network PIN on a Samsung cell phone

First we will tell you how to do if your cell phone is from the Samsung manufacturer to perform the unlocking, they are very simple steps to perform and they will help you to free your cell phone for free.

  1. First, you must request the corresponding unlock PIN with the provider that we are going to place.
  2. We must comply with all the requirements requested by this provider.
  3. Ask the same company operator for the unlock PIN corresponding to theirs. It should be noted that, you are going to have to finish paying the cell phone and you are going to have to continue paying the services to the same network operator for a period of three months. Another option that we can use to provide us with the PIN is to say that we are abroad and we are going to acquire another SIM card to obtain local services at the destination.
  4. Now, once you have provided the PIN, you will need to turn off your mobile device.
  5. Remove the SIM card
  6. Insert the new SIM card from the network operator you chose.
  7. When the screen where you are asked for the PIN appears, you must enter the corresponding code.
  8. And ready, you will turn on the mobile device with the new network that you have acquired.

It should be noted that you must be very careful when entering the PIN incorrectly, since you will have limited attempts that could cause a complete block and you must solve it with the main provider.

Huawei SIM Network Unlock PIN

Now, if your mobile device is a Huawei brand, there are some codes that you should know in order to enter the SIM network unlock PIN, all of these will be provided on the page libe-tu-movil.es, because it will depend on the model you have.

The codes that will be provided on the web are:

  • The SIM Network unlock PIN, better known as the network code.
  • The SIM Network subset unlock PIN, better known as the supprovider code.
  • The simlock block unlock reset key, better known as the code to reset the attempt counter.

Step by step to enter the Huawei network unlock PIN

  1. Turn off the mobile device.
  2. Remove the SIM card from the phone slot.
  3. Next, put the SIM card of another operator
  4. Wait until it asks for your unlock PIN and enter the codes that the web portal will give you.

It should be noted that, many times the first code you are going to enter will not be accepted, so you will have to use the fourth, followed by pressing “OK” and then you will be able to enter the first one again.

To find your phone’s model code, you will need to do this:

  1. Go to the webpage free-your-mobile.com and look for the Huawei brand.
  2. Next, you must find the model that corresponds to yours.
  3. A page will appear where you must hit the red button that says “UNLOCK Huawei * model of your cell phone *”.
  4. Next, a small form will appear where the model of your Huawei appears and you must enter the IMEI. You can get the latter by calling * # 06 #.
  5. Hit where it says “Order. “
  6. And ready, they will give you the codes that you must enter on the screen when you activate the SIM network unlock PIN.

What are the Huawei models that you can get the code on the website?

  • Huawei P Smart +.
  • Huawei Honor 9N.
  • Huawei Mate 20 lite.
  • Huawei Honor 8X Max.
  • Huawei Honor 8X.
  • Huawei Y9 2020.
  • Huawei MediaPad M5.
  • Huawei Honor 8C.
  • Huawei Mate 20 X.
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
  • Huawei Mate 20.
  • Huawei nova 3.
  • Huawei Y6.
  • Huawei Y5.
  • Among others.

SIM Network Unlock PIN Sony Xperia

If your mobile phone is a Sony Xperia, we also have an alternative to enter the SIM network unlock PIN when you want to release it from the network operator from which it is blocked.

Step by step to enter network unlock PIN on Sony Xperia

It should be noted that this is only an alternative, but it may not work for all devices, because it will depend a lot on the network operator. You must do the following:

  1. The first thing is to check the state of the SIM.
  2. Dial on the keyboard * # * # 7378423 # * # *.
  3. You must give the option that says “Service Info” or “Service Information”.
  4. Then, you must give “SIM Lock”.
  5. Where the network number comes out, it is indicative of all the attempts you have to unlock the mobile device. If a zero comes out, it means that it is completely blocked.
  6. Now look up the IMEI number with the number combination on the keyboard * # 06 # and type it somewhere to have it at hand.
  7. Turn off the mobile device.
  8. Insert the new SIM card.
  9. Turn on the cell phone.
  10. When the SIM network unlock PIN appears, you must enter the IMEI number.
  11. If it did not work with this method on the second attempt, stop this one because it means that your unlock will not work for your network operator.

Motorola SIM Network Unlock PIN

For these cases you will have the option to unblock it with the webpage libe-tu-movil.es. However, we will give you a quick summary of how to enter the SIM network unlock PIN.

Step by step to enter Motorola SIM network unlock PIN

  1. Go to the website we mentioned to you.
  2. Look for the Motorola brand.
  3. Check the IMEI of your mobile device at * # 06 # and write it down.
  4. Select the model of your cell phone on the page.
  5. Hit the red button that says “UNLOCK Motorola * model of your cell phone *”.
  6. Enter the IMEI of yours and all the corresponding codes will appear.

What are the Huawei models that you can get the code on the website?

  • Motorola Moto G XT1072.
  • Motorola Moto G 2015.
  • Motorola Moto X Play.
  • Motorola Moto X Style.
  • Motorola Quench MB501.
  • Moto X 2nd Gen.
  • Motorola 3200.
  • Motorola XT1040.
  • Motorola RAZR D1 XT914.
  • Motorola Moto E.
  • Motorola bp7z.
  • Among others.

Pantech SIM Network Unlock PIN

In the event that your cell phone is a Pantech, we also have the solution to enter the SIM network unlock PIN to be able to release it from its blocking with the network operator.

Step by step to enter the Pantech SIM network unlock PIN

  1. Turn off your cell phone.
  2. Next, remove the SIM card you originally have.
  3. Then put in a different SIM card from a different phone operator than the one you had.
  4. Turn on your mobile device.
  5. The screen corresponding to where you must enter the PIN will appear.
  6. Generally, SIM cards include the PIN, but if not, it can be provided by the operator for free.
  7. Next, you must give “OK” to confirm the process and voila, you will have your Pantech phone released to be placed with any other SIM.

What benefits would it have if I unlock the Pantech?

  • The terminal will be allowed to use any telephone operator that you want, and even operators that are outside the country of residence.
  • More than 1 million releases have been guaranteed since 2014 and continue to progress.
  • This unlock will remain forever on the device, it will not be affected if you perform any reset on it.
  • You will have the opportunity to unlock it from the comfort of your home, so you will save a little money and not leave the device in the hands of someone else.
  • By doing this, the warranty provided by the manufacturer’s device will not be lost in any way.
  • By performing this procedure, the information contained in the device will not be affected in any way.

Clear SIM network unlock PIN

You will have the opportunity to unlock your mobile device if you have the telephone operator known as Claro. It is a procedure very similar to the one we carried out when we entered the libera-tu-movil.es website.

However, this time you should go to the official Claro page (Claro.com.pe). There you should look for the section corresponding to “unlock your team”. You will immediately be asked to select the brand of your cell phone.

You must also select the model of this as well and as the last thing to fill in, you will have to copy the written captcha that will appear and then hit the red button that says “Send”.

There, the code that you must enter in the SIM network unlock PIN will appear when you ask for it. However, if you have entered the code and you get it wrong, you must call * 231 or go to a service center of the company.

Considerations when entering the Claro SIM network unlock PIN

  • If you enter the code provided by Claro and the mobile device is blocked by another network operator, this could totally disable you. Probably on the third attempt this will happen.
  • If the phone has been reported as stolen from the company, or as lost, you will not have a chance to release it.
  • You must have at least 50% battery charge to perform this procedure.
  • When the phone is released, all the apps that included Claro will be unusable.

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10 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

The Internet gives way to a virtual world through which everything is possible. But this virtual world does not differ much from the terrestrial one in which we live. That is why the initial premise from which we start is “do not do on the internet what you would not do in your real life.” With this we encourage you to follow these 10 tips to protect your privacy on the internet that will make your life much easier and safer.

1. Take care of your passwords

Your passwords are the key to your online privacy. That is why a good choice can safeguard your accounts from computer thieves.

A good way is to choose a different password, as it can be complex by combining lowercase, capitals, numbers and symbols, for each online registration (social networks, bank, email…). Yes, it is lazy and it is an effort to have to remember them all. But this way you avoid that if a server goes down, all your accounts are in danger or that any pirate steals them from you.

2. Social networks: the online peephole

Now more than ever the old woman with the net curtain is present at every step we take. Social networks are a peephole for anyone who wants to see where we were last weekend, where we are having dinner or with whom we share our leisure time. To prevent the gossip from coming to your door, don’t forget to configure the privacy of your social networks. And remember, be careful with what you post, everything is recorded.

3. Log out

Especially on public computers, at work or any device for non-personal use. It is very important to log out of all the personal accounts that we use (social networks, email, bank accounts…). It is very common that even if we close the browser, the session is still active, and it opens automatically when the page is accessed again. Think that no one would think to leave the keys in the door of the house.

4. Beware of free Wi-Fi in public places

No one gives anything away. That is why whoever leaves free access to the Wi-Fi network wants to get something in return. While you happily navigate a free sea, believing that you have triumphed because of that data savings that are so scarce at the end of the month, a company will be keeping reports on your internet search preferences. Information is power, and developing user data systems can make a lot of money. Think about who wins here.

5. “I have read and accept the conditions”. Let’s be honest: nobody reads

There is nothing more mechanical than accepting the conditions by downloading a mobile application without having read them. Error!. No one would sign a contract in real life without reading it, why online? Although we are normally not at risk, we should not trust 100%. It is not necessary to read everything, but it is advisable to take an overview of what it entails to accept certain conditions of download or use. The information on our phone could be exposed, but once signed we will not be able to claim absolutely anything.

6. Clear the search history periodically

Something to which we are not accustomed, due to ignorance, absent-mindedness or laziness, and that although it does not directly harm us, we are giving data about our searches to third parties, tracking everything we have previously searched for.

7. Disconnect the GPS when you don’t use it

They are small gestures that help keep protect your privacy, and the GPS can show it in real time. There are many applications that show where each user is at all times if they have the location of their mobile phone activated. Remember to turn it off when you don’t use it if you don’t want to have someone like a sniffer dog sniffing where you move.

8. 3,2,1 Recording!

Because prevention is better than cure, it does not hurt to control the cameras of the devices that we surround ourselves with every day. The sweet tooth for hackers is the camera on our laptop. There is the possibility of activating it without the user realizing it. This can be prevented with a simple gesture such as putting a sticker, a posit, or a piece of paper with adhesive tape in the viewfinder of the camera.

9. Being everywhere has a price

In the era in which we live, it is essential to always be connected, register for all services and download all apps. But we must know that belonging to all these communities means giving them access to brands so that they register our searches and preferences, in addition to giving them the green way to send us their offers and promotions. This is not harmful to us, nor a crime to our privacy, but it does not hurt to know what we are exposed to in each site we access.

10. Risks of publishing some data on the internet

Everything we do has consequences, for better or for worse. In the case of online publications, we must be aware that we expose part of our life, although there are those who expose it completely. For this reason, we give you some information that you must assess before publishing, if you want to keep protect your privacy and security.

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