How can Phone Spy Apps get your Data?

Spy Apps

As the world is shifting towards a more digital transformation era, mobile spy keylogger apps are getting more hype. Parents want to have a check on their children, andbusiness peoplewant to monitor the activities of their employees, spouses want to spy on their partners, etc. With the growing demand for spy programs, many platforms are now providing spy apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

Data Retrieval Process of Spy Apps

For the spy apps to extract data from the target phone, they first need to be installedon the target phone. There are different settings to be set up on the target phone so that the concerned person won’t know about the app.

Once an app is installed, the other person can view the activities of the phone through a web-based online interface. Usually, spy apps track and provide updates on calls, messages, social media activities, and similar other information.

Although spy apps seem to be an ideal way to monitor any phone, still thereare many issues associated with them, as follow:

  • The apps usually drain a lot of battery from the smartphone, increasing the chances that the target person may get to know about the spy app.
  • Usually, users have very high expectations with the spy apps. Still, many of them come with many bugs like failing to record all calls data, failingto track all messages, and similar failures.
  • Many apps demand a paid version to be installed for effective spying, which not just becomes costly but also doesnot guarantee long-lasting performance.

With more and more smartphones, spy apps are the need of the time, but finding a trustworthy, secure, and efficient platform is still a challenge.

That is where Snoopza comes into action. Snoopza provides a free spy keylogger for Android that is ideal for parents, people in business, and spouses to monitor the smartphones secretly. It tracks and records calls, spies on text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, internet activities, etc.

The working principle of the Snoopza app keystroke logger for Android is that it captures every keystroke of the target phone and then add into select log files.

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Key Features of Snoopza Android Keylogger

Spy Apps

  • GPS Location Tracking: The target phone location is continuously tracked efficiently.
  • Calls Data Recording: The calls data such as duration, contact name, and other info are recorded and well-maintained.
  • Monitor all Messages: The app monitors all kinds of messaging, whether in the form of a text message or through WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. It also allows viewing the voice messages, images, and videos.
  • Spies all Phone Activities:The app can also capture passwords, phone numbers, and other valuable information.
  • SIM Cards Changes:If a target person changes the SIM cards, the app is still operational, and it will even inform about that activity.
  • Undetectable:It is impossible to detect the app on the target phone.It also does not drain the battery of the target phone, which further reduces the detection chances.
  • Premium Features under Cost-Effective Price: The app-free version contains all the premium features that other apps give at high-prices, such as calls and SMS tracking, monitoring internet history, and tracking geolocation. While its paid version is exceptionally cost-effective and provides other magnificent features, such as calls recording, social media spying, screenshots check, camera tracking, and many more.

What are Snoopza’s competitors?

Of course, there are many similar products on the market. The most famous of them:

Snoopzayesyesyes100%$9.955 Star
Mspyyesyesyes21%$29.994 Star
Hoverwatchyesyesyes85%$24.953 Star
FlexySpyyesyes56%$683 Star

What is the pricing policy of the application?

Plan BasicPlan Standard
1 month Free $9,95
1 year Free $99,95

 The prices for the application developers have been quite affordable. The cost of the program for a month of use is compared to buying a cup of coffee. I think it can appeal to anyone who wants to get such spy functionality for a little money. I think the price will go up as you can buy now before the manufacturer raises the price.


Spy apps are often considered unethical, but the digital world demands such apps to monitor children, protect relations, and avoid immoral smartphones use.

Snoopzaapp is a Keylogger, contains all the necessary and premium features that the spy app seeker ever wants. The other similar apps are either not that useful or are highly expensive compared to Snoopzaapp.

Therefore, if you are looking for a mobile spy keylogger app, then the Snoopza app the answer to all of your demands.

How to solve the problem “Download Pending” in the Play Store?

Download Pending

A smartphone requires certain applications to offer services to the user. In this sense, the Play Store plays a fundamental role in downloading the apps. However, if the downloads fail and you wonder how to fix the “Download Pending” problem in the Play Store?, then this article is for you.

How to solve the problem “Download Pending” in the Play Store?

In some circumstances, the Play Store suspends the download of applications and displays the message “download pending“. Consequently, users notice that the download process does not continue, so a solution must be found.

Below, we present you all the information you need to know to solve the “Download Pending” bug that may appear in the Play Store.

What is the Play Store?

The Play Store or Google Play Store is a store of mobile applications and other resources (games, books, music) available for devices with the Android platform. The company Google guarantees that all the applications offered in the store have the approval and security required by mobile devices.

The Play Store is widely known for being one of the main means of distribution for smartphone applications and has a bank of free and paid options. For this reason, if you have a Google account and an Android smartphone, then the Play Store is essential for you.

What is the Play Store for?

The Play Store service is used to download applications and install them remotely from a computer, as well as a practical installation from any device that has the Android 2.3 or higher version.

How does the Play Store work?

Google Play Store works under a system that promotes the visibility of applications according to the popularity of the application, the number of users, the best-selling applications and the most frequent searches.

About security, Google manages a scheme that includes the work of developers who are in charge of finding the flaws in the applications (manually) in order to correct them and offer the best programs from the online store.

The Download Pending problem in the Play Store

For users of the Play Store, it is common to observe the message “Download Pending” that refers to the suspension of the application download process. This may be caused by internet connection errors or Google Play update problems.

Therefore, the “Download Pending” motivates us to apply one of the procedures that we will discuss below.

Turn on data usage in the background

Sometimes it is impossible to update the Play Store and this is because background data is disabled. To activate them you must go to the “Settings” menu, then access “Data usage“, “Smart data saving” and finally “Google Play Store“. Thus, you will remove the restrictions for this application.

Suspend automatic updates

It is possible that the “Download Pending” is due to the operating system trying to download the updates for the other applications. Which is why it might be wise to suspend automatic updates.

To achieve this, go to Google Play and press the three bars (on the left of the screen) then, choose “Settings ” and then go to “Update apps automatically, select the option” Do not update apps automatically .

Clear Google Play cache

Emptying the cache from the Play Store is a viable option to solve the “Download Pending” problem. For this, you must access the “Settings” menu, “Applications“, then go to “Google Play Services” and select “Empty cache“. If this was the cause of the problem, then the app will continue to download smoothly.

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Any questions you have regarding “Download Pending” you can leave it in the comments.

My mobile does not recognize the SIM card, what can I do?

phone says no sim card android

Here we are going to give solution for phone says no sim card android. The fact that our mobile does not recognize the SIM card is a more common problem than we think.

The causes of this problem can be very diverse, but the most common are the ones that we are going to explain in this post, which have an easy solution.

Clean the card

Clean the card

It may be that the card or slot has become dirty and therefore does not make good contact. This is one of the most common causes that our mobile does not recognize the SIM card. You just have to remove the card and check that the gold contacts are dirty. If they are dirty, wipe them off with a dry cloth. Put the sim back. If it still fails, you will have to go to the second step.

Check if the SIM card or slot is damaged

Check if the SIM card or slot is damaged

It could be that either the card is damaged or it is a problem with the slot. To do this, try inserting the card into another SIM and if it works, it may be a slot failure and if it does not work, it is the SIM. You can also make sure it is a slot failure if you try to insert another card.

If the fault is in the SIM, what you should do is request a copy from your telephone company.

This is not a very common failure, but it can happen that sometimes SIM cards get damaged by humidity, bad contact or simply because they deteriorate over time.

On the other hand, if the fault is in the slot where the card is inserted, try cleaning it carefully.

Occasionally the failure is due to poor contact with the plate. For this there are some simple solutions, one of them for example is rubbing the tip of a pencil on the connections because the graphite of the pencil favors contact. Other times we can place a folded piece of paper on the SIM to improve contact.

It may happen that the fault is in the mobile software or that the slot is broken.

In both cases the best option is to contact the service.

Perform a factory reset

Perform a factory reset

You can try to perform a factory reset, which basically consists of formatting the mobile and leaving it as it was when you bought it.

Resetting the mobile is very simple, but you must bear in mind that you will lose all the data and photos that you have stored on the device.

Try disabling the mobile signal

This alternative can solve the fact that your mobile does not recognize the SIM due to a network problem. For this you must access one of the secret menus by entering the following code * # * # 4636 # * # * . Then go to the Information tab on the phone.

Then, at the bottom of the whole you will come across several options. Click on the one that says Disable mobile signal. After a couple of minutes, turn it on again. Then you must restart the mobile and test if it works.

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How to fix “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

I’m sure most Android users have at some point received a message saying “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”. This can sometimes be so frustrating and so painful to deal with. When the invalid MMI error code appears, it simply means that calls and text messages cannot be sent until that particular problem has been resolved.

There are several problems for which the error message “Connection problem” or “Invalid MMI code” appears. The main reason, however, is probably due to service provider issues or issues related to SIM card authentication on your smartphone.

Solution for Connection problem or invalid MMI code

Try to restart your Android device

restart device

The first method you could try and fix the invalid MMI code error message would be to restart your smartphone first. Open in Network Settings. Then simultaneously press and hold the power and start buttons until all the lights on the phone are OFF. The smartphone will vibrate and restart.

Try to modify the prefix code

The other way to fix your Android phone connection problems would be to add a comma to the end of the prefix code. When you modify a prefix code, you will force the operation to run while ignoring any errors. Here are 2 different ways this can be done.

If the prefix code is, for example (* 5424 * 7 #) , you can add a comma on the back to make it look like this ( * 5424 * 7 #) without the square brackets.

You can use the + sign after the * to make it look like this (* + 5424 * 7 #) without the square brackets

Try to activate radio and activate IMS over SMS

activate radio and activate IMS over SMS

  • Open in bookmark
  • Type * # * ## 4636 # * # ** There is no need to press the submit button as the service automatically appears after you finish writing the code.
  • Tap on the device info or just on the phone info
  • Click on Run Ping Test
  • Press the “Turn off radio” key and your Android will restart.
  • Click on Restart

Try to check the network settings

Manually select your network operator

  • Open in Settings
  • Click on Network Connections
  • Hit on mobile networks
  • Click on Network Operators and choose the wireless provider after the search
  • Log in once again for another 3-4 tries before you can start working again

You can read the solution for not registered on network error or read Unfortunately, the process has stopped which is probably a solution to your problem.

Any questions you have regarding the error message “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” you can leave it in the comments.

How to fix Error “not registered on network”

not registered on network

If a message appears on your mobile that says “not registered on network”, it could be caused by a hardware or software problem.

However, in many cases, it is due to simple problems with quick solutions, which can make your mobile work again. It is a fairly common problem with Android devices across all brands and operators.

Most of the time, the user simply needs to restart the device or activate and deactivate airplane mode again, and this usually solves the problem of the unavailable mobile network.

However, sometimes it is necessary to re-register the phone and reconnect it with the operator.

These solutions for devices that appear as not registered on network, will serve you for both Android and iOS mobiles, and apply to all brands and models of mobiles, including, among others, Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Xiaomi phones, Sony, Blackberry, Apple, LG, Panasonic, Huawei and Sony Ericsson.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the possible causes and solutions for when your mobile appears as not registered on network.

How to fix a mobile that appears as not registered on network

Restart the device

Whenever a problem arises with an Android device, the simplest step is to restart your device.

To do this, you need to hold down the power button until a message appears to restart the phone, then select it and wait while the device turns on.

how to restart android device

This will clean up the RAM on the device and allow the operating system to start from a new starting point. Most of the time, this will fix any problems you find on your device.

Activate and deactivate “airplane mode”

If restarting the device did not work, another common solution when your mobile is not registered on the network is to swipe down from the top of the device screen to open “notifications” and select “airplane mode” in the quick action bar in the top.

airplane mode

Once selected, there may be a message confirming the selection: press OK and wait a few seconds, then return to the action bar and deactivate “airplane mode“.

What this does is disconnect the mobile from any signal and then reconnect it. When this method fixes the problem, it is usually because the device was unable to successfully jump from one signal to another, leading to the device behaving as if it were turned off.

This problem often occurs when you drive through areas where there is no signal.

Manually select your network operator

Sometimes, the mobile must be manually directed to locate your network operator. This is very much like searching for a Wi-Fi connection and selecting it manually when the device has difficulty doing it automatically.

Manually select your network operator

Try the following:

  • Open configurations.
  • Mobile networks option.
  • Network operators and wait while scanning the area for mobile connections.
  • Select your network operator from the list.
  • Check if the problem was solved.

Check the SIM card

Regardless of the operator, mobiles use a SIM card, which you can access by opening the back cover of the device and locating what looks like a microSD card inserted in a slot near the battery.

Turn off your mobile and carefully remove the SIM card.

If your mobile does not recognize the SIM card, inspect for signs of damage. If everything looks good, be sure to re-insert it without forcing it into the slot.

Sometimes, the card can be displaced from your site , for example by the impact of a fall, causing the device to display the notification “not registered on network”.

Water damage

how to fix water damaged phone

Mobiles, like any other electronic device, are very sensitive to contact with water.

If your mobile phone got wet, and although it seems that everything remains the same, the water could have damaged the components responsible for connecting to your provider.

Unfortunately, water damaged mobiles cannot be easily repaired and generally have to be replaced, or repaired by replacing the motherboard or other parts that may have been damaged or corroded due to excessive moisture.

In this article we give you some indications to fix a water-damaged phone, but if you do not succeed, you will have no choice but to take it to a trusted mobile repair center.

Something more about wireless networks

All mobile devices come with a wireless network connection that allows users to make calls to anyone outside of their network coverage.

And they work through different types of technologies. Different network service providers often do not use the same mobile network technology.

  • GSM : Global Mobile Communications System. It is the most widely used mobile network worldwide. Some more technologies that are incorporated into the GSM standard include GPRS and EDGE. They provide faster data transfer in 2g GSM networks known as abbreviated high-speed downlink packet access as HSDPA.
  • CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access. It is a newer mobile network technology that comes with increased data transmission capacity. For the 3g CDMA standard, the built-in technology is Evolution-Data Optimized or EV-DO.
  • LTE : Long-term evolution. It is the generation of mobile technology called 4g.
  • WiMAX : is another new entrant into the world of mobile technology. It is a close competitor to LTE and the first 4g network developed by Sprint. The HTC Evo was the first 4g phone they developed.


In some remote areas, there may be poor reception, and sometimes the signals do not reach the mobile, and this is simply because the signal is low or null in that area.

As soon as you are in an area where the signals are strong, the transmitter will be close and the strength of the signals will increase. If there is no coverage, the mobile network will not be available.

If your device appears as not registered on network, you will not be able to make or receive phone calls, send text messages or connect to the Internet unless you are using Wifi. On the other hand, if your mobile does not connect to Wi-Fi, it is probably a problem.

Many people factory reset their devices when they have the problem of “not registered on network”, without considering the consequences. And in most cases they forget to make a backup.

Always make sure to make a backup if you decide to restore your phone, because when you do, you will erase absolutely everything.

On the other hand, any damage to the software of a device can cause any type of problem, such as the mobile not charging well, until the mobile gets very hot.

For this reason, it will always be best to trust expert hands when faced with any inconvenience of our mobiles. Do-it-yourself often brings more problems than solutions.

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How to fix the error “Samsung keyboard keeps stopping”?

Samsung keyboard keeps stopping

Although Huawei has reached the top of the market in recent months, for a long time Samsung was the leading manufacturer of Android mobile devices at sales level worldwide, which is why there are many people who have Korean smartphones, and that is why it is always convenient to know all the tutorials in this regard.

On this special occasion, then, we want to show you one of those that we consider the most important step-by-step regarding the specific keyboard of these devices, since we are going to teach you how to fix the error “Samsung keyboard keeps stopping”.

The first thing you have to know is that if your mobiles shows a message like “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped“, you are not the only one that has happened to it, since a huge number of users unfortunately go through this problem.

Samsung Keyboard Error

If you want to try this method, simply go to “Settings” or “Configurations” and then to “Applications” press where it says “All“.

When you are here, simply click on the three dots above to bring up a menu. What you are going to do now is press where it says “Reset settings” ready.

In a few words and to summarize a little what we have just commented, it is that to solve the problems that the Samsung keyboard has, you have to reset the settings of the applications. It is the only way to solve this problem.

Does it occur in some models more than others?Actually, no, it is a mistake that can occur on all models of Samsung phones. It can even happen on other mobile devices. After all, the applications are not perfect and every now and then having one or another error is quite common, more on Android.

If you face error like Mobile Network not available we have given solution in our website.

So, regardless of the model or the range of your mobile, you can have problems with the Samsung keyboard. But as you will see solving it will not consume more than a few seconds and best of all, anyone can do this process that we leave you above.

No need to have great knowledge to find the solution, from now on the Samsung keyboard will no longer be a problem and you can use your device without having to worry about this.

Solution for Samsung keyboard keeps stopping

For the reasons we mentioned before, then, we want to show you what we consider to be the two main methods that exist when it comes to solving the error related to the Android keyboard application.

Solution I: step by step

Go to Settings, Applications, and then in this menu go to the tab where it says All

Once you are in the all tab, you have to click on the menu that is located in the upper right corner marked with the three dots

There you must give Reset Settings, and with that you will have finished

Solution II: step by step

Take your mobile and go to Settings, and then to Language and input

On that screen you have to click on Samsung keyboard, and then go to Reset settings and Reset keyboard

Once you have carried out the previous step, a new window will open, where you can find the Cancel and Reset options.

Of course, the one you have to select in this case is the Reset

The two methods that we have just taught you will allow you to position your keyboard in its factory state.

Mobile phones where you can fix the error Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped

With the tutorials that we have just taught you, we are absolutely sure that you will not have problems to solve the error in question in a good number of terminals, among which we can mention, for example, the following:  Samsung J1, J5, J7, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini or Galaxy S4.

Even if you have signature devices such as LG, Huawei or ZTE, it is likely that the previous step-by-step are also useful.

How to use file: ///sdcard/ to view files on Android

file: /// sdcard / to view files on Android

The file: ///sdcard/ path is a tool characterized by offering the advantage of viewing the files contained in the internal storage of the Android device from the browser.

In this case, you will only be able to evaluate the content of said internal memory and you will not be able to execute administrator processes such as deleting files, moving them or adding folders, but simply offers the advantage of viewing each file and discovering its path from the browser.

View Android files with file: ///sdcard/

The file: ///sdcard/ path can be used from different browsers installed on the Android device. From Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or the browser installed by default on the computer can be accessed at that route.

The first thing you should do is enter the browser and insert the file: ///sdcard/ combination in the search or navigation section.

This code has three (3) vertical separator bars and the sdcard / terminology. Once established, all you have to do is press Enter.

file: /// sdcard / to view files on Android

The tab that will be displayed corresponds to the result of all the folders and their modification dates. This element shows the formats MP4, .doc, PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, .txt, among others.

In addition, when entering the folder, the content of the files is displayed indicating their name, format, weight and date of modification.

How to see the files shown in file: ///sdcard/

The technique of the file: ///sdcard/ key is to be able to access the paths to identify the files and to be able to enter the file manager knowing the path.

If you need to open these files because you do not have an administrator, you will need to download a file manager through Google Play or APK. With this, you can view, edit, move and delete files from both the internal memory of the equipment and external memory.

Variant of the File command on the computer

In the case of the PC you will be able to use the file: /// C: /// key where the path that will be shown corresponds to the files found on the disk drive that is identified by that letter.

This letter may change according to the identification of said unit, be it a hard disk or an external unit.

Any questions you have regarding “file: ///sdcard/” you can leave it in the comments.