List of All GTA Games Available on Android and IOS

List of All GTA Games Available on Android and IOS

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most famous gaming series in the open-world genre that offers plenty of remarkable features. It’s widely available across various popular platforms around the world including android and IOS. Even though more than 23 years have been passed, but still no other game in this particular category has been able to break the record of the GTA series.

However; Grand Theft Auto Series require very high system resources to work including CPU power and RAM, that’s why it may not work on every device. If you are looking for some particular GTA series games that require fewer system resources, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to jot down some of the most popular GTA games that you can install on your android and IOS device without any hassles. You want to download the GTA 5 APK and enjoy on your mobile phones.

Grand Theft Auto Sandreas

Grand Theft Auto Sandreas is also very famous in the entire GTA series; it requires very limited system resources and storage space to work as compared to the latest GTA 5 game. You can download the latest version of Grand Theft Auto Sandreas from the download button given below.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Even though grand theft auto vice city may seem to be a bit outdated to you but still it’s one of the most excellent additions in the entire GTA series. It’s an amazing game that requires very fewer system requirements; it works flawlessly on almost every android and IOS device. You can use the download button given below to download and install the latest version of GTA vice city on your Android or IOS smartphone.

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto 3 or also known as Grand Theft Auto III is a truly amazing open-world game. If you are a fan of playing the latest open-world games, you may found its graphic quality not impressive but it’s a lot better than a lot of other open-world and action-adventure games. We have uploaded the IPA version of Grand Theft Auto III for IOS users on our website. The Android users can download the APK file of this game conveniently on their device.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

The GTA Liberty City Stories offers excellent graphics along with easy controls that were rarely available in any other open-world category game at that time. It’s based on a very unique and thrilling storyline that you will surely enjoy playing on your Android or IOS smartphones. We have uploaded its latest and most authentic version on our website that you can conveniently download and install without any hassles.

Wrap Up:

We are quite hopeful that you are now familiar with all the games that are available under the umbrella of the GTA series. Remember, not all these above-mentioned games require advanced specifications; you can consider installing the earlier versions of these above-mentioned games on both your Android and IOS smartphones.


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