4 Tips to Successfully Manage a Dentist Website

4 Tips to Successfully Manage a Dentist Website

In this technology era we`re all part off, the main source of information is the ones online. No matter what we are looking for, the online world is the first part of our search. Dentists usually depend on their older patients’ experiences, when we talk about gaining new patients and spreading the word about their dental practice. The website has a huge role in making a first impression on your potential patients, because even if their friend recommends you as a good dentist, they will look you up on the internet. Considering that, here are some steps to successfully manage your dentist website :

 1. Create a website with an impact

Dentistry is a profession where contact between patient and the dentist is at a high level. You need to have that in mind when designing your website. Everyone needs a dentist, but not every dentist website has to be the same – your website will stand out if people see they can freely speak about their dental problems. When patients are in pain or just in a lot of fear by having some dental procedure, they seek for someone professional but friendly as well. While choosing a dentist, people will include a lot of emotions in that process. Patients need to feel close to you, like your dental office is the place where all employees will understand them and help them improve dental health in the most comfortable way. That creates a feeling that each patient is important and that they`ll be treated with full attention in your dental practice. Incorporate that in every aspect of a dental website.

  2. Use understandable terminology

For example, there are so many websites with a section for asking questions. But it can usually be seen that when a patient asks about some dental problem, the dentist who replies is not so precise and doesn’t use the understandable language. What benefit will a patient have from your reply if he or she can’t understand what you are suggesting? That’s why you have to use terminology that a majority of patients can easily understand. These principles should be incorporated in each aspect of your website, not just in communication with patients. It’s also useful for a dental website to contain a section where professional terminology is explained to all the visitors. Again you’ll get the effect that your patients are important and you treat each one of them with special attention.

3. Use dentist chatbot

These kinds of automatic communicating ways are perfect for patients who need information immediately. Dentist chatbot is an effective tool to engage your patients who visit the website of your dental business, but also a way for them to get info as soon as possible. Nowadays we’re all accustomed to huge amounts of information and we also want them at that moment. Chatbot is  especially convenient for dentists online presence because when patients are in pain or they need some professional advice immediately, chatbot is always there to give them some basic info about the searched problem. It’s also a way to improve your online communication with patients because chatbot is always available. Patients can also get the recommendations for some products based on their searchings, they communicate in a language which is suitable for them and you can help your patients stay on track and be a part of their treatment process. Dentist chatbot definitely needs to be a part of one successful website.

4. Make your patients your best online ad

We can agree that not every contet patient you had is going to say to everyone in their environment how great a dentist they have. That is why a successful dental website needs a impresiones section. You can ask from patients to complete a short online survey about their experience in your dental office, or design your website on the way your patients can comment about their treatment. Options are numerous, you just have to choose based on your preferences. When these impressions and experiences of your permanent patients are available to everyone who visits your website, you can reach to some potential new ones. This kind of dental website is also great for you to see the feedback and to learn from your patients about making your dental practice even better.

5 advantages of building a website on Joomla

5 advantages of building a website on Joomla

Joomla is the second most popular content management system, second only to WordPress. Why would anyone ever pick it over WordPress, though? Isn’t it much more challenging to learn? Yes, it is. But there are other reasons why a web designer might decide to go with it. For more in-depth information on the technical side of things, visit this guide on building a Joomla website.

Free As In Freedom, Not Just Beer

Like its most famous rival, Joomla is an open-source platform. That is significant to developers, as it means the code is transparent, and they can modify it. Most web design projects are not going to require this level of modification to the backend. However, situations do still occur where backend hacking becomes necessary.

Backend hacking is also fundamental to learning. Novice and student developers: take heed! You can learn a lot from studying a CMS like this. Since it uses minimalist coding standards, app devs in learning can see what clean coding looks like and does, as well as how quickly it breaks down when unstable or unnecessarily long code gets added into the mix.

Flexibility& Extensibility

WP can quickly become weighed down and sluggish with large websites if the design doesn’t get specialized care. Joomla is trimmer and thus less prone to becoming bloated. Because of this, it can quickly adapt to any size of the website. Its plugins are equally lightweight, making it easy to choose any combination of its 8000+ extensions without fearing system lag.

With smart use of its extensions, Joomla can host any website, including an eCommerce site. The extensive database of extensions combined with the flexibility and adaptability of this CMS makes it easy to mold. Having so much freedom helps negate the complexities geared towards developers.


Over 200,000 active users makeJoomla’s community one of the strongest, especially since so many of them are developers. There is a high probability that if you have an issue with it, someone else has had that same issue and can help you resolve it. The Joomla community also treats every user as a beta tester, so bugs and security holes get quickly discovered and patched.

Another aspect of this community that makes it especially support friendly is the attempts made to collectively pool user’s knowledge into a documentation website. That provides users with a one-stop-shop to finding support and makes it much easier to search for help topics.

Just A Slight Bend in The Road

Another noteworthy feature is that its learning curve is much gentler than many other similarly trimmed CMS systems such as Drupal. A novice user can still set up a site, and a developer can design a site without prior experience. Joomla also provides simple, direct access to meta-tagging so that websites can be built from the ground up with SEO in mind.

Even installing it is easy, thanks to an auto-installer script.

Secure & Multilingual

What is the point of getting on the world wide web if half the world can read your content? Joomla makes this easy by including a language translation engine in its default installation script. Of course, along with that universal access comes more security risks. Fortunately, it also has a highly distinguished history of being secure. If you search for “Joomla security issues,” you will not find a list of past security bugs and patches. You will find a list of user errors that lead to creating an insecure website. With a little research to avoid common user mistakes, anyone can build a secure website using this CMS.

Who Wins Your Content?

WordPress is an excellent platform for novices, but Joomla offers the best in performance, flexibility, extensibility, security, language support, and more. Thus, it is essential to ask yourself the question of whether you can handle a slight learning curve to gain these types of improvements to your website. While a business landing page may not seem worth the trouble, more significant sites could be well worth the leap in the end.

If you are a developer, consider what kinds of websites you could build through using a platform that is made from the ground up to give you the freedom of choice. Imagine how much more you could get done with a platform that starts you out with clean, bloat-free code. Imagine how much more you could learn about reducing your line numbers!

If there is no specific reason that you’re using WordPress for, why not give Joomla a shot? It could just be your next favorite content management platform.

7 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for SEO

7 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for SEO

You need to create connections between other websites for your own website as part of SEO and there are numerous ways that you can go about it. You can hire some of the experts in link building services to do this work for you, but you should make sure that you are aware of some ways, including creating steady and useful content. Keep reading on to find a few more of the top ways to create these vital connections.

Methods for Creating Quality Backlinks

There are so many ways that you can create useful connections with other industry related companies and websites, but do you know what they are? Here are just 7 of the top methods that you should make sure to use, including:

1) Creating and maintaining a blog with regularly posted content

If you want others to create links to your website from theirs, then the top way to do that is to create useful and meaningful blog posts. You need to ensure that you are posting regularly so they will use your site, so use only the highest quality content that is informative and useful.

2) Put connections to other website blogs on your own blog

Blogging isn’t just something that you do alone, but if you link to the other pages, then there is a bigger chance that they will do the same. You should make sure that you are connecting with those who are out there in the same industry who can also give your readers and customers useful information.

3) Write some guest posts

Another good way to get some high quality inbound connections is by authoring some guest blogs for other websites. Make sure that you are using some high quality content and then start asking others if they want to publish it. This means that they would link to your site from theirs, which means more readers and traffic to your page.

4) Create and then publish lists of helpful resources

If you are able you should create, write down and post a resource list where customers can get the answers you need. Ensure that you are undertaking the necessary research and that you are finding the highest quality backlinks that are available and put them into your list.

5) Use your top clients to create some case studies

If you are hoping to bring in a lot more people to follow you than currently do you need to make a case study out of some of your impressive clients. This would allow you to show them in the best light possible and this will help them to connect to your website from theirs. You need to ensure that you are asking the best questions and that you are choosing the perfect clients.

6) Use surveys

If you are planning on conducting research you should include some of the higher end bloggers into the loop. This will help you to avoid hiding your findings without anyone else finding it and you can use them to help you with your authority. The more you are working with the well-known bloggers, then the more likely you are to get a site with more authority to work with you on it further.

7) Conduct some free webinars and post the archived videos online

These days webinars are extremely popular and you should ensure that you are picking interesting topics for yours. Make sure that you are thinking about conducting them without charging to bring in more viewers and that you are posting the videos that you create online later for everyone to access.

These are just a few of the top ways that you can create the necessary connections for your website using a wide variety of methods to see the highest output.

Ensure that you are considering using these methods if you are going to do the work yourself or ask if the link building experts would be using them. This is important since you want to make sure only the best methods are being used, which could include creating a blog and writing posts along with guest posts. Don’t be afraid to try new things and find out what works for your business to help get you connections and what won’t work. Here. you can explore suitable SEO packages as well!

What is error 502 bad gateway and how to solve it?

502 Bad Gateway

As you know, in order to see a website, your browser has to send several requests to different servers, which then send you the content it is asking for. If something goes wrong during this process, the server sends an HTTP status code to the browser so that you can know that something has gone wrong and, based on the error, get a rough idea of ​​what it is. The 502 bad gateway error, along with the 404 status code, is one of the most common that you will find on the net.

How can you solve it quickly if it is your website that is affected.

What is error 502 Bad Gateway

The 502 Bad Gateway Error , like all HTTP status codes that start with the number 5, occurs because there is an error caused by an item from outside your computer or browser, not necessarily caused by the end server. Specifically, the 502 Bad Gateway error tells you that a server that was acting as a gateway or proxy has received an invalid response from an incoming server. The display of error 502 may vary slightly depending on the server in question. It may appear with expressions similar to: “Error 502”, “502 Invalid Gateway”, “502 Bad Gateway”, or “502 That’s an error ”, etc,.

What Causes Error 502 Bad Gateway

As I mentioned before, Bad Gateway errors are caused (in general) by a communication problem between the origin server and one of the servers that act as a gateway. The server acting as the gateway or proxy has tried to access the main server to respond to your request, but has either encountered an invalid response or has had no response.

The most frequent culprits for error 502 are the following:

  • There is a firewall blocking the request, that is, the communication between the perimeter servers (those that serve as proxy) and the origin server.
  • The proxy server that has received your communication is not able to route it to the final server.
    Your request goes through a very large cluster (like the ones on Twitter or Reddit that I mentioned before) and you have the bad luck that your request goes to an end server of the group that, at that moment, is out of service.
  • Do you use a CDN? In that case, your server may be failing for another reason and may not be able to handle your requests.

Keep in mind that these types of responses can be cached, so it is possible that the fault will be seen even if it is already solved. In this case, pressing Ctrl + F5 and reloading the page is enough to refresh the cache and fix the problem (or not, in which case you will have to check the server-side cache).

In case the problem is not so temporary and persists, here are other possible solutions .

How to fix error 502 “Bad Gateway”

There are several ways you can take to try to get to the website you want to visit after receiving a 502 Bad gateway error , but until you try it you won’t know which one will work for you. First of all, I recommend that you check if the website has fallen or if it is only you who cannot enter. Keep in mind that if it is down for everyone and you are not the site administrator, the only thing you will be able to do is wait and try again later. To quickly find out if the server is accessible, you can do a ping test or a trace route .

If the website affected by error 502 is yours and you want to be more aware in the future, you can configure a monitoring service such as Pingdom (for a fee) or Uptime Robot (free). These tools check the availability of your website every few minutes and will notify you if for some reason they cannot access it.

Beware, monitoring services can give false alerts from time to time, so don’t be alarmed until you see for yourself the alleged problem.

Having said this, we will go at once to the possible solutions that you can apply if the error 502 appears on a website that you are interested in accessing. From easiest to most complex, here you have them!

Method 1: Reload the page

It is possible that the server that hosts the web is overloaded for some reason (for example, due to a peak in requests). Press Ctrl + F5 or the Refresh button to reload the page and check if you can already access it. If not, close all browser tabs and reopen it, wait a minute and try to access the web again.

Still nothing? So try using a different browser . If you can access normally, it is best to uninstall the failed browser and reinstall it again. Now, if the failure persists even from another browser , go to the next method to fix error 502.

Method 2: Clear the browser cache

Sometimes, your browser will be simply remembering that previously this website resulted in an error. To make sure that the error you are receiving is current and not a mere “reminder” and that your browser is not storing outdated or corrupt information, clear your browser’s cache and cookies . If the problem was this, deleting the cached files and reloading the page will fix error 502 and you can access the web.

Method 3: Deactivate the CDN

The CDN or content delivery networks ( Content Delivery Networks ) are used to improve the loading speed of websites. However, they can sometimes cause the 502 Bad Gateway error because they use additional firewalls . To check if this is the case, temporarily deactivate your CDN and check if the error has disappeared.

An example of the most used CDN is Cloudflare, since it has one of the best free plans. If it is the network you use, it will be very easy to know if it is the culprit of error 502 because on your screen you will see something like this:

502 Bad Gateway

Method 4: In WordPress, check plugins and theme

It is possible that some of the plugins or the theme of your WordPress contain faulty code (or are incorrectly configured) and, as a consequence, they are triggering gateway errors that should not be occurring.

Try disabling the plugins one by one , checking in each case if the error 502 disappears. If you’re using a cache plugin, start with that one: it’s your prime suspect.

To deactivate the plugins, you will not have any difficulty as long as you have access to the WordPress dashboard and the Plugins section . Instead, if you cannot enter the administration area, follow these steps:

  • Enter the wp-content folder and rename the Plugins directory to “Plugins-disable”. What you will cause is that all the plugins are deactivated at the same time. If the web works and no longer gives 502 error, it is clear that one of the plugins is to blame for the error.
  • Rename the folder again, from “Plugins-disable” to “Plugins” and enter it.
  • Deactivate the plugins one by one. To do so, change the name of each plugin, for example change “jetpack” to “jetpack-disable”. After each change, check if the error 502 has disappeared or if you can still see it.

At some point, the plugin that you deactivate will be the culprit of error 502 and your website will be correctly activated again. Leave the plugin disabled and find out what has happened: is it misconfigured? Has it been updating for a long time? You may have to find an alternative plugin.

Method 5: Check the error logs

If you have made any changes or updates to your website recently, it is possible that error 502 is a consequence of this. To check if this is the case, the easiest way is to check the error log . The location of the log varies depending on the web hosting and the control panel that you have hired, so I cannot give you specific instructions. However, you can create a phpinfo.php file that includes this bit of code:


Put it in your root folder and access it from your browser using the URL www.yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php . Look for the text error_log and there you will have the path where your error log is located.

If you use cPanel , you will find the error_log file if you follow these steps:

  • Access the control panel, go down to the Files section and click on File Manager .
  • On the left side, click on the public_html folder and inside it, you will find the error_log file.
  • eye! If you were accessing a subfolder on your page (for example, “yourdomain.com/folder”), the logs will be in the public_html / folder directory .

This file will contain, organized by age, all the errors that have occurred on your website, including the reason for the error and the line on which it occurred.

If you use WordPress , you can enable error logging by adding this code to the wp-config file :

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

In general, the generated entries are usually stored in the wp-content directory .

Method 6: Restart backend services

This is a bit technical, I’ll warn you! If you use a web server configuration in which you invoke a PHP daemon – as can be the case with php-fpm or php-lsapi – it is very possible that your service is down or unresponsive. This can also happen if you use a reverse proxy type configuration ; for example: you have an Nginx web server that routes requests to an Apache that is very busy or, in the worst case, it has broken.

In these cases, it is imperative to restart the final service (Apache, php-fpm, etc.) because if it is down it will not respond to your proxy and, if your proxy does not receive a response, it will return a 502, which is the most literal example of this error.

Remember to check that there is no firewall rule preventing your proxy from communicating with Apache or PHP! It is easy to think that the firewall is only for external connections, but those that are internal can also be affected.


Resolving an error when you are not clear what is causing it is one of the most frustrating processes a webmaster has to deal with. Therefore, a basic understanding of the specific error will greatly advance you in the course of diagnosis. As you can see in this article, there are several possible ways to fix the 502 Bad Gateway error .

Have you understood what the error 502 consists of and the possible solutions that can be applied? If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you. Do you think I have forgotten something or do you have more ideas to diagnose and fix a 502 error?

Top 10 digital marketing tips for your business

Top 10 digital marketing tips for your business

Steve Jobs already said that “Consumers don’t know what they want until we show it to them.” And he added: “If (your product) is not on the internet, it does not exist.” These two sentences summarize the present and, above all, the future of any marketing strategy for any type of business: everything happens on the Internet. And if you are still not clear, perhaps a couple of figures will help you understand it,  85% of the population in our environment is already a user of the Network, and just last year 1,770 million people made an online purchase in the world, 8% more than in 20119. They are strong arguments, right? Well, these five other reasons will help you convince yourself of the advantages of incorporating your business into the digital world.

It reaches a global market

If you have a potential market of 3.7 billion people, and going up, why give it up? Maybe your business is not appropriate for all of them, but it will allow you to expand your clientele exponentially. And, above all, it will help you to make yourself known beyond your territorial scope.

On the internet everything is measurable

One of the great advantages that the Internet and web analytics give you is that they allow you to measure everything and take the temperature of your business in real time from how many people visit your website to which products on your page are the most viewed. And through social networks you can receive invaluable interactions from your customers, and understand their needs, tastes and desires. Almost nothing.

You can adjust your budget

Many of the tools of the digital world, such as blogs and social networks, are free, and that allows you to derive more resources to take care of your digital strategy. In addition, the cost of digital marketing is lower than offline, and allows you to segment your audience based on your target audience.

You have a basic showcase

Imagine that you have heard of a service or product and want to get additional information. What do you do? Look it up on the internet. But, have you wondered what you would think if you did not find references to that product or service on the Internet? You would be suspicious, right? Well, your potential clients too.

Availability and permanent communication

The Internet does not close. Anyone can get information about your company, and even buy from it, at any time of the day, every day of the year. And if you have decided to design a strategy through social networks, you will also have a permanent communication channel to be able to dialogue with your customers at any time.

What do you think? Are these reasons enough to embark on the digital world? If you no longer have doubts, now you must define how to do it appropriately. And for this we are going to offer you 10 Steps to Create a Website More Attractive.

Top 10 digital marketing tips for your business

1. Prepare a design that engages

The first impression is what counts. Visitors decide in just a couple of seconds whether to stay and continue reading or leaving. A good first impression is one that occurs when a user thinks she has come to the right place.

2. Includes a clear call to action

Both your website and your social networks have to have a clear objective and you must make sure to include one or more calls to action so that the internet user gets where you want.

3. Define the route well

It offers people who enter your page a simple path to conversion and avoids having to do a lot of scrolling. As you already know, we all have very little patience when it comes to browsing.

4. Use graphic elements judiciously

The images, videos and animated content that you include on your website and on your networks must be of quality, but they must also respond to the objective you are pursuing. So run away from the catalog photos.

5. Ask only for the necessary information

If you include forms on your website, make sure they only ask for relevant and necessary information. A person who perceives that they are asking for more data than is essential will distrust or even think that you are wasting their time.

6. Facilitates things

Make things easier for less skilled people. Try to make your page have drop-down layers that appear when we place the cursor over certain places, and include explanatory texts on the main actions on screens and buttons.

7. Humanize the web

Your page has to generate trust and security. Say who you are and where you are; Includes other people’s opinions or quality seals and safety certificates. If someone has the slightest doubt about the security of your page, they will immediately abandon it and will not return.

8. Anticipate and correct failures

Errors make a poor impression on users and reduce conversion rates. Images that do not exist and show an error symbol, links or buttons that do not work or show the famous message “Error-404”, parts of the web that do not load are poison for your website.

And now that you have guaranteed the usability of your website, it’s your turn to make it visible:

9. Maintain a good SEO strategy

Did you know that the top five websites ranked in organic searches account for 70% of total visits? That is why it is convenient that you reinforce the position of your website with a good SEO strategy.

10. Campaigns increase your visibility

Complement your digital strategy with search engine marketing or display network campaigns because they will help you increase the visibility of your business. In addition, you can adjust the campaign to your budget.

Any questions you have regarding “Top 10 digital marketing tips for your business” you can leave it in the comments.