How to solve the problem “Download Pending” in the Play Store?

How to solve the problem “Download Pending” in the Play Store?

A smartphone requires certain applications to offer services to the user. In this sense, the Play Store plays a fundamental role in downloading the apps. However, if the downloads fail and you wonder how to fix the “Download Pending” problem in the Play Store?, then this article is for you.

How to solve the problem “Download Pending” in the Play Store?

In some circumstances, the Play Store suspends the download of applications and displays the message “download pending“. Consequently, users notice that the download process does not continue, so a solution must be found.

Below, we present you all the information you need to know to solve the “Download Pending” bug that may appear in the Play Store.

What is the Play Store?

The Play Store or Google Play Store is a store of mobile applications and other resources (games, books, music) available for devices with the Android platform. The company Google guarantees that all the applications offered in the store have the approval and security required by mobile devices.

The Play Store is widely known for being one of the main means of distribution for smartphone applications and has a bank of free and paid options. For this reason, if you have a Google account and an Android smartphone, then the Play Store is essential for you.

What is the Play Store for?

The Play Store service is used to download applications and install them remotely from a computer, as well as a practical installation from any device that has the Android 2.3 or higher version.

How does the Play Store work?

Google Play Store works under a system that promotes the visibility of applications according to the popularity of the application, the number of users, the best-selling applications and the most frequent searches.

About security, Google manages a scheme that includes the work of developers who are in charge of finding the flaws in the applications (manually) in order to correct them and offer the best programs from the online store.

The Download Pending problem in the Play Store

For users of the Play Store, it is common to observe the message “Download Pending” that refers to the suspension of the application download process. This may be caused by internet connection errors or Google Play update problems.

Therefore, the “Download Pending” motivates us to apply one of the procedures that we will discuss below.

Turn on data usage in the background

Sometimes it is impossible to update the Play Store and this is because background data is disabled. To activate them you must go to the “Settings” menu, then access “Data usage“, “Smart data saving” and finally “Google Play Store“. Thus, you will remove the restrictions for this application.

Suspend automatic updates

It is possible that the “Download Pending” is due to the operating system trying to download the updates for the other applications. Which is why it might be wise to suspend automatic updates.

To achieve this, go to Google Play and press the three bars (on the left of the screen) then, choose “Settings ” and then go to “Update apps automatically, select the option” Do not update apps automatically .

Clear Google Play cache

Emptying the cache from the Play Store is a viable option to solve the “Download Pending” problem. For this, you must access the “Settings” menu, “Applications“, then go to “Google Play Services” and select “Empty cache“. If this was the cause of the problem, then the app will continue to download smoothly.

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