Truth Behind Online Slot Winners Displayed on Sites

Truth Behind Online Slot Winners Displayed on Sites

Have you ever checked out the lists of slot winners that are displayed on different online casino and online slot websites? Trust us, it makes for some pretty tantalizing reading, especially when you know there is every chance that you could be up there someday – play new online slots.

But here’s the thing: are the slot winners displayed on websites actually real? On first glance it seems like a no-brainer, but then you consider the fact that it could just all be marketing. Keep reading to find out whether or not slot winners displayed on websites are real or not!

Why do websites display slot winners? 

First things first – why do websites even display slot winners in the first place? It is funny, because you don’t often see blackjack or roulette winners listed at casinos, however in the online slots world it seems to be all the rage. In reality though there are a number of reasons why websites display slot winners, take a look at some of these below: 

·         To entice new customers: Let’s be honest here – is there anything more enticing than seeing the stratospheric jackpots that other slot gamblers have won? This is a huge reason behind why websites display slot winners, because in doing so they will attract plenty more gamblers to the online slot gambling universe.

·         To prove that people win jackpots: Another reason why websites display slot winners is that it proves that there are actually people winning large jackpots. The odds of winning large cash prizes aren’t very big you know, and many people can go years without getting their hands on one. Displaying slot winners on websites proves that there is always a chance it could be you next!

·         To make slot developers happy: Slot developers are also made happy when websites display slot winners because it is basically free advertising for their online slot games. You are bound to be more likely to play a specific slot game if you have seen somebody win a huge jackpot on it, aren’t you? 

Slot winners displayed on websites: Are they real? 

Onto the golden question – are the slot winners displayed on websites actually real? Well, there is no way of knowing that they are real for certain, however as most slot professionals will tell you, the majority of slot winners displayed on websites are in fact real. 

Indeed, organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority would not look too kindly on sites that are fabricating slot winners, and the same goes for the general slot gambling community.  

How do I become a slot winner worthy of being displayed on websites? 

By now you are probably wondering how you can become a slot winner worthy of being displayed on websites, and we’re here to help. Here are a few top tips: 

·         Play progressive jackpot slots: If you are looking for jackpots large enough to warrant being displayed on websites the best place to start is with progressive jackpot slots.

·         Play high volatility slots with large bets: High volatility slots are also a good bet if you want to win huge jackpots, especially if you hit them hard with large bet amounts. 


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