4 Aspects to Focus on Before Going Public with Your Side Hustle

4 Aspects to Focus on Before Going Public with Your Side Hustle

Are you thinking of going public with your side hustle? If you’re like most people, you probably have a side hustle that you enjoy doing, even if it means you have to cut back on your day job. 

With a side hustle, you get to make extra money while doing what you love besides your regular job. If you want to go public with it, you need to be prepared. This article focuses on a few aspects that one should focus on before going public with a side hustle.

1. Know the return on investment

Your side hustle’s return on investment (ROI) should always be calculated before going public with it. This is because the more time you spend focused on the business in its early stages, the higher will be your ROI.

On average, a month constitutes only one-quarter of your business ownership; thus, putting in an equal amount of time for three months would yield a higher ROI than putting it for one month. Use this as a yardstick to go forward and determine how much time you need to dedicate to your side hustle before going ahead and taking it public.

2. Start as small

Starting with just 20% of your daily routine dedicated to making money from your side hustle is a good start and can even be considered quite small. However, ensure that there is no drop in this percentage over time or else you will find yourself without any money coming into the business.

In addition, if you want to leap by moving into full-fledged commercialization later down the line, make sure that some capital is in place so that you can do so comfortably. Starting small and growing slowly makes it easier for people to support such ventures, making them sustainable. Start small and get a website. 

As you set up the site, ensure that you use the right logo maker software to brand your business.

3. Set Goals for Your Business

Setting goals for your side hustle business is crucial. If you don’t have one when you start, you might be pulled in different directions from different sources. Be it an existing product, a new idea or something else, having a goal to work to makes it easy for you to focus on all your work and be more productive. Your business website should also have optimized content to help you scale. 

Set clear goals that are achievable in the short and long run; this will help your business plan become more structured, tactical and consistent.

4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Going public with your side hustle can be quite stressful. While you may be dedicating time to your new business, it is crucial that you also take care of yourself. Your health and happiness are paramount to your business’s success.

As you grow, so will your business. So don’t forget to work out, eat well and relax at the end of the day.


There’s no doubt that being your own boss is a challenge, but it’s only with time and hard work that you’ll be able to turn your little side hustle business into something bigger. 

Be sure to note what you can do to make your business run more efficiently and effectively from start to finish. This will help you get your footing in the business.

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