Advantages and Benefits of e-scooter | Why buy an electric scooter?

Advantages and Benefits of e-scooter | Why buy an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are slowly becoming a symbol of modern urban transport. And as things stand, it seems that the trend to use this type of transport will only move in one direction up!

This is supported by data from research showing that by 2024, there will be 4.6 million rented scooters in use worldwide, representing a jump of 774,000 pieces from 2019.

Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many to seek socially distant modes of transportation that are more sustainable and cost-effective than passenger cars and city public transportation.

Advantages of e-scooter

There are several advantages and benefits of e-scooters, but one thing is for sure. We need an ideal legal solution that allows the safe participation of e-scooters in traffic and, on the other hand, encourages the use of this vehicle.

E-scooters are the best when it comes to choosing an alternative mode of transportation over short distances.

Today, many people in large cities look for ancillary means of transport, but find them too bulky or too technically demanding to be practical. Motorized two-wheeler offer this option, but a driver’s license is required to drive.

e-scooters are currently the most portable mode of personal transportation, they are lightweight and easy to disassemble, allowing for easy storage and portability. They can fit in any trunk of a car or backpack, enter public transport, office, school, etc.

Also, due to its compact design and small size, users will have no problem taking a shortcut to a bus / tram stop, shopping center, city walk, a public institution, sports center, park, etc.

e-scooters will save precious time we waste every day in traffic jams, at gas stations and looking for a place to park.

Reduce environmental noise pollution

Big cities and peace and quiet never go together. Virtually any other mode of transportation carries a significant amount of noise pollution: cars, motorcycles, buses, trams, trains, they are all noisy. Street noise has been shown to reduce 30 to 40 percent of the productivity of people working in the environment. However, the constant noise experienced by motor vehicle drivers affects their concentration on the road over time and the level of stress, anxiety and aggression. The e-scooter is the fastest and quietest way to reach your final destination when it comes to shorter distances.

It allows the mobility of people with health problems and various forms of disability.

E-scooters are compatible all over the world due to the greater mobility they offer to those with health problems. In other words, this type of vehicle is an excellent substitute for cars for people with disabilities that prevent them from driving. When walking is not feasible, and public transport can be difficult due to crowds, waiting, standing or pushing, and when cycling due to physical energy and fitness is not possible due to health, e-scooters they are one of the most ideal solutions.

Encourages movement and permanence in open space and nature.

Another struggle facing humanity today is our most acceptable “sedentary” way of life. Many of us work in offices or similar jobs where we spend time sitting, and most of us use a car or some form of public transportation to and from work. The e-scooter allows us to move the body for shorter trips where we would use a car or public transport (a much better type of transport that requires physical activity is a bicycle). Of course, riding an e-scooter is not a substitute for exercise, but it will activate the body and allow us to spend part of the day outdoors. So this is a way to replace the car seat with something a little more active.

According to experts, balancing and maintaining body balance may seem like a pretty basic skill, but riding an e-scooter helps users develop it even more without real effort. As stated further, this turned out to be extremely useful for slightly more clumsy people.

e-scooter have Low operating and maintenance costs.

E-scooters are also quite cheap to use compared to other vehicles. Riding an electric scooter is usually cheaper than riding public transport.

Since the mechanics and technology behind electric scooters are not a demanding and demanding science, most problems can be solved quite quickly and easily. Therefore, they have low maintenance costs compared to cars. Parts are cheap, no oil replacement, no filters, no periodic technical inspection, no parking and fuel purchase costs, etc.

These are just some of the advantages / benefits of e-scooters so we need an ideal legal solution that creates the conditions for the safe participation of new road users.


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