Golden advice for your cybersecurity career no one told you

Golden advice for your cybersecurity career no one told you

It takes a great amount of effort and patience to build a career that you are absolutely proud of. You have to learn new things and sacrifice old ideas and habits and sometimes it can be truly painstaking. However, the view at the end of the tunnel is totally worth it. Here are seven pieces of golden advice that will help you in your cybersecurity career.

1. Learn to detach yourself from your work

If someone criticises your work or the way you do your work, don’t take it personally. It’s easier said than done, because we tend to attach ourselves too strongly to our work. However, it is not recommended as it can lead to an unhealthy relationship between your professional and personal life. Remember that your work does not define you as a person and if someone doesn’t agree with your ideas, decisions or methods, they are not making a personal remark on you. Learn where to draw the line, and treat your work as a third-person at which you can look from a different perspective.

2. Never stop learning

Those who stop learning, stop growing. And in cyber security, this phrase comes to life more than anywhere else. If you don’t stay on top of the latest threats and technology of the world, then you are going to become obsolete very soon. Always take initiative and interest in new things, talk to people about what’s happening, and be the person who shares the news with the entire team in a mail every day.

3. Explore your abilities

Speaking of learning, you must try out your hand at new areas in your profession. Sure, that ethical hacking training must sound like unfamiliar territory, but if you never leave your comfort zone and try out the new things, then you will likely remain in your shell that won’t do you any good. So, go and proactive take part in training programs, expand your skill set and become that person who holds not just one or two, but five certifications in cyber security.

4. Master soft skills

Employers don’t just look for a CEH certification in their candidates, they also look for non-technical skills in their future employees. Invest in soft skills (like communication skills, leadership skills, time management, empathy etc.) as much as you invest in technical skills. If you have better communication skills than other candidates, then you instantly increase your odds of getting selected from a large pool of applicants.

5. Be true to your word

If you said you would do something, make sure you do it. Being true to your word and sticking by your commitments requires work and perseverance, but it can do big things for your image and establish you as a dedicated, trustworthy, dependable and action-oriented individual which is essential for a cybersecurity professional. Anyway, these are qualities that are rare to find these days in people. So, it will bode well for you if you make it a habit to stay true to your word from an early stage.

7. Sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term satisfaction

The art of time management seems to be forgotten in today’s generation. Our mobile phones are the major source of our distractions that rarely allow us to do deep work. Most of the time, people allow distractions and short-term pleasurable activities to deviate them from their goals and tasks. If you want to be a successful and satisfied individual ten years from now, then you need to have the wisdom and the strength to sacrifice these short term pleasures and choose your long-term goals over them, at least 80% of the time.

Hope you enjoy your work as much you enjoyed reading this article! Don’t forget to spread the good vibes with your friends and your team!


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