Decision Tree- A Simple and Effective Tool for Decision Making

Decision Tree- A Simple and Effective Tool for Decision Making

Decision tree software is used to simplify complex business challenges. It categorizes and analyses all the data to produce meaningful outcomes. Users can verify the pros and cons of different options through this software and take proper decisions.

Organizations need to implement the best knowledge management strategy so that they can provide a customer-friendly interface that is easily accessible. With omnichannel customer service and multiple platforms, it is crucial to maintain consistency in information. To ensure this, knowledge management software with an integrated decision tree tool is generally used by organizations to deliver consistent information to their customers.

Service agents may find it difficult to access the required information from tons of PDFs, excel files, documents, etc. a lot of precious time is wasted in finding the right information at the right time. This is where a decision tree tool comes into place.

How does an organization benefit from using a decision tree tool?

A decision tree can be used as a decision-making tool for call service agents working in call centres as well as to create an effective and user-friendly self-service portal. Let us look at a few of the advantages of this tool.

  • Fast Resolution of Queries – Service agents gets access to solutions so that they can solve the customer’s queries quickly. Fast resolution of queries results in two main benefits. Firstly, the customers are satisfied as their time is not wasted and secondly, the service agents can attend to more calls. This results in a boost in the productivity of the organization as a whole.
  • Minimizing Call Hold Time – It is very annoying when a service agent puts customers on hold while he or she searches for the accurate solution to their queries. It takes time for the agent to access the specific documents and the customer service content while the customer has to wait. Sometimes they even consult their colleagues while the caller is put on hold. All this can be avoided by using a decision tree tool. The agents just have to type a keyword to locate the right decision tree in the database and then follow the instructions given there. They can easily search the information while talking to the customer so that they don’t have to hold the line.
  • Simple to Use – Employees are often wary of new software being implemented as it takes some time for them to learn the functioning and get comfortable with it. A decision tree tool is very simple to use because the managers can use previously made flowcharts to input their decisions and the software automatically shows them the output. The simple technology ensures that the employees rely on it and start using it frequently.
  • Based on Logics and Data – The organizations can restrain their employees from taking biased decisions by using a decision tree. This is a huge benefit in the long run as all the decisions are completely based on data and logic, instead of human emotions. Whatever the circumstances may be, every customer is treated properly. There is no clouding of judgment due to any external factor.
  • Decisions based on real-time business impact – A decision tree maker clearly defines various factors such as profit, cost, etc. by assigning values to all decision paths and outcomes. This helps the agents to clearly understand the financial consequences of their decisions and compare between various options to come up with the best possible decision in favor of the organization.
  • Optimum use of Machine learning and artificial Intelligence – The decision trees represent comprehensive data by implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence which ultimately helps in retaining customers and increase revenue. 
  • First Call Resolution of queries – A decision tree software helps in creating call center scripting that proves invaluable for the service agents while solving a customer’s query. Both positive and negative outcomes of a certain decision are shown by the decision tree so that the agent takes the right decision according to the situation at hand to attain positive results. Hence, they can resolve the customer queries in the first instance so that they are satisfied. This also results in customer retention which is the ultimate goal of the organization.
  • Helps in Call deflection – A decision tree is useful for call centers as well as self-service. It can help reduce operational costs to a great extent by helping in the deflection of calls. It creates a central repository of information with an easy interface, for all information sources. Backed by knowledge-based management, it provides accurate information on self-service portals. The information is continuously updated so that most of the customer’s queries are resolved on self-service portals and they do not need to call for support again and again. This brings down the operational costs substantially.
  • Interactive Information from different sources – The decision tree software has information that is supported by a variety of files such as articles and visual guides to make the interface more interactive. The software thus, keeps the visitors engaged and leads to customer retention. From input information to providing solutions, the whole process is streamlined and all the related information is organized on a single screen for the ease of the agent. They don’t have to jostle between different screens to access the required information.
  • Coordinated Information – All the stored information is updated across different branches at the same time. Once the information is updated, it reflects wherever the document is viewed. 


A Decisiontreesoftware has many benefits for organizations as it reduces operational costs while providing accurate and quality information, thus maintaining the integrity of customer service. Customers can find answers within minutes through self-service portals and no longer need to make calls at the call center for small issues. Even the call center agents feel empowered with this software as they can access accurate information while talking to the customer and can handle queries quickly and efficiently. In short, we can say that a decision tree software ensures a faster customer service environment which in turn leads to satisfied customers and the growth of the organization in the right direction. 


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