Is It Bad to Have Your Desktop PC on the Floor?

Is It Bad to Have Your Desktop PC on the Floor?

Desktop PC’s, something we have been familiar with for decades now. If you refer to the name, obviously, these PCs are meant to be set up on a desk, but because of the flat positioning, it can be kept almost anywhere, even on the floor. You might not pay attention to the drawbacks of keeping a PC on a floor because, at first glance, it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but you end up questioning yourself is it safe for the PC?

Here is a list of factors that can be used to determine whether it is safe or not to keep a Desktop PC on the floor

Carpet can block Airflow

Modern PC’s are normally not flat from the bottom; they have feet so that their base is off the floor a little bit. Their Airflow underneath the case. Well, all of the gaming PC’s contain heavy fans that expel hot air and vents that allow entry for cool air; some of the PC’s contain extra intake fans that further facilitate drawing in cool air.

Suppose you place your PC on some thick type of carpet that can build up heat in it. Modern computers, especially PCs associated with gaming, use a lot of energy and need a good cooling system to run for a long time. Even though the cooling system on it’s own plays a big role in keeping the PC cool, cross ventilation is also necessary. If you keep the desktop on the carpet, this, in turn, builds up heat underneath, and the carpet acts as an insulator so no heat is conducted and the PC can heat up.

If carpeting on the floor is short or acts in a way that the desktop sits on top of it, then heating would not be an issue. Also, if your room doesn’t have carpeting and the PC is placed right on top of the floor, then it’s the same as it sits on the desk, so you don’t have to worry about the heating issue as well as you can check, they cover helpful guides regarding pc.

You should definitely avoid keeping the desktop on the carpeted floor, even if it’s on a short carpet. If you have other options, then consider doing that.

Your PC will suck in more dust on the floor

Your floor certainly has more dust, hair, and some other small particles on it than on the desktop table. This matters a lot because as your PC’s fan sucks the air and blows it out, this may result in that it sucks those small air particles and other junk into the PC.

This happens no matter where you place your PC. Even if your PC is on some desk, you have to clean it with compressed air occasionally. But your PC will more suck on the floor. Dust runs in the way of cooling your PC, and it will run hotter if it needs to be cleaned out.

Suppose you want to keep your PC on the floor so remember that you have to clean it out once a month. It’s a matter of how dusty your floor is but, it’s your responsibility to check it in a month. You also remember to clean and wipe it out from behind the case to avoid dust buildup.

Aside from that, the floor is fine

Issues with ventilation and dust, both of which lead to overheating of your desktop. If you came across these problems, is that fine now to put a PC on your floor? Well, the answer is yes, it’s completely fine.

The floor is preferable in some situations. It is a good chance to have more space on the floor than your desk, and placing your tower on the floor will free up some space. Some people who have a lot of interest in gaming have big towers that may fall from the desk due to children or pets, so a floor is more preferable.

All these considerations are more important than gaming PCs or workstations that generate a lot of heat if you have some normal PC that does not generate a lot of heat, so it’s fine to put it on the floor. However reliable graphic cards alway recommended because they generate less heat.

Well, so you have read the whole of the blog, and see that there are more harms to put PC on the floor. But if you take care of your things more so there is no harm at all you can put your PC on the floor.


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