Know the advantages of digital PR over traditional PR

Know the advantages of digital PR over traditional PR

With the advent of the Internet and the increasing popularity of social media, many companies are planning to shift to online platforms for the promotion of their products. Almost all sectors of business are hiring special digital PR managers to reach their products to a large section of the population. Online casino companies are not an exception to it.

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As the habit of humans is continuously changing, the concept of digital PR is continuously evolving, changing and adapting to the various needs of the business. With the evolvement of new technologies, more companies are feeling interested to join this way. The strategies of digital PR play a very significant role since in absence of them, the business becomes almost invisible.

Business owners have understood that creating a brand for the company is not only about advertising, but it is also about public relations (PR). To create a brand name or publicity for a product or company PR people are relying on traditional tactics and also new techniques of this sphere. If the PR professional makes a strong foundation based on these skills, it can lead to huge success in the campaign. The most important aspect of Digital PR is to create and manage digital content. It helps to draw a huge audience to the posts.

The basic goal of effective PR is to create visibility of the brand in the mind of the prospective customers. Though traditional methods like going after journalists are quite effective even now, recent trends like social media publicity is taking over these traditional techniques. The basic reason for this is that social media campaigns generate instant results. The main reason behind the success of public relations campaigns begins with making connections and relationships that will yield results even after some time down the years.

Now let us have a look at some of the popular digital PR tactics

  • Create a few blog posts about the latest services or products of the company. See that the posts are written in an interesting manner so that it helps to draw the attention of the large audience.
  • Write some attractive Press Releases about the trends of the industry which are relevant to the target market of the product.
  • Release some behind the scene content on the social media of the page.
  • Have a talk with the influencers in the industry and ask them for making a quote about the product which you can mention elsewhere.
  • Contribute free blog posts to the blogs where the target audience is particularly relevant to your product or market.
  • Use the social media platform of the company for getting feedback and customer service as that will help to have a direct touch with your customers.
  • Create some infographics with the latest trends in the industry or statistics which are relevant to your sector and share them on your social media platform.
  • Post some original videos where the employees are sharing their good work experience in the company. It will create good value for the company and also its products.

Now let us have a look at the differences between normal PR tactics and traditional PR

Digital PR is a marketing tool that uses digital marketing tools like social media, blogs, and web design to reach the targeted markets of the product. It has got the flexibility of using multiple channels to express its content whereas traditional PR does not get this flexibility.

On the other hand, traditional PR prefers doing things offline which are mostly related to journalist relations or trade shows and building up good relations with the experts of the industry.

Here are a few examples of traditional PR techniques

  • Broadcast media
  • Print media
  • Digital Media
  • Events
  • Relations

On the other hand, digital media uses

  • Video and Audio
  • Blogs
  • Online Ads
  • Social Media

Traditional PR is much more expensive and difficult to manage than the world of digital PR. The response time in the case of traditional PR is much slower than digital one. Experts say that in the case of traditional media, the response time will be around three times when you can see an increase in your sales volume.

Traditional PR is a bit costly as it involves a lot of people and hence higher cost. Digital PR is much easy to manage and it can be done by a single person working from home. In the case of digital PR, not only the cost will be lower, but the results will also be seen much faster. Another reason for this is that the exposure of traditional media is limited, wherein the case of digital PR, the entire world is the audience and hence the range of exposure will be much higher.

Digital PR will also help you to increase your social media followings to a great extent. Once your social media following increases and your digital PR is more active, your company will get more sales and your business will increase by leaps and bounds. Your customers will also be happy as they will be able to get access to the company with the click of a mouse and express their difficulty, if any, with the product.

Getting feedback through social media platforms will also help you to know more about their customers and what exactly they want. This will help you to customize your product accordingly.


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