5 Ways to Get Free Airdrop Tokens

5 Ways to Get Free Airdrop Tokens

Airdrops are marketing strategies used by different cryptocurrency projects to drive Google traffic, increase liquidity and acceptability. In other words, an Airdrop is a situation where a blockchain project rewards individuals with free tokens.

According to the experts at SoFi Invest, “A crypto airdrop is sort of like receiving a coupon to get a sample of something for free. New shops or restaurants sometimes offer a free drink or small item to first-time customers, for example. The hope is that the people who receive free items or coupons will enjoy the service, tell their friends, and become long-time customers.”

The tokens are freely given in a crypto community in exchange for sharing information about cryptocurrency. The free coins can later be exchanged with popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, or LTC.

Rather than using a lot of money marketing or advertising a new project, a group sponsoring an ICO project can check a blockchain of a reputable tone and call upon every person with coins in their wallet. All those individuals will then be asked to distribute their coins for free equivalent to the coins in their wallets.

Below are 5 ways to get free Airdrop tokens

1. Ethereum wallet

For one to participate in virtually all Airdrops, they must have an Ethereum wallet that has a personal address compatible with ERC20. It is important to note that most of the tokens normally provided are ERC20 tokens. This means they can only be deposited in an Ethereum wallet. Some of the highly recommended wallets to use in this case are MyEtherWallet and MtaMaska.

2. Make sure your Ethereum wallet is active

It is not just enough to open an Ethereum wallet and just have login keys. This will not guarantee you free Airdrop tokens. You must ensure that your Ethereum wallet is active by using it from time to time. This means conducting several transactions using your ETH wallet.

In some cases, a blockchain project undertaking Airdrops may require a certain amount of coins in your wallet for you to qualify for the tokens. As such, you will have to ensure that you meet the criteria stipulated by the project sponsors to stand a chance of receiving free tokens.

3. Have a telegram account

Telegram has come out as a popular means of communication for most blockchain projects. What does this mean? It means that anyone who would like to participate in the project in question must have a telegram account in order to link with the project’s accounts. This is the only way to get free tokens in an Airdrop.

4. Twitter account

Twitter is popularly used by various Cryptocurrency projects. It is one of the most preferred ways of communication besides Telegram. As such, a project may require that you first open a Twitter account to be able to follow them and receive free tokens. The good news is that opening a Twitter account is a matter of a few minutes.

5. Learn how to detect if there’s an upcoming Airdrop

There are online groups and websites that always inform the public about active Airdrops as well as upcoming ones. These two sources provide a huge list of upcoming airdrop events. They give detailed information including the exact number of days left before they start issuing.

Considering the fact that the ICO marketplace has become saturated, sometimes it becomes difficult to publicize projects. But through giving free tokens, cryptocurrency projects can get the much-needed attention they deserve.


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