How To Score Higher When Playing Block Games

How To Score Higher When Playing Block Games

Block games are among the most popular puzzle games available. They are very fun and addictive, making them preferred by many players across the globe. Block games are suitable for players of all ages, and the best thing about them is that they come with a set of rules to help players play them effortlessly and enjoy them more. 

But just like most puzzle games, block games can be very challenging sometimes. It is so easy to end with lower scores, especially if you don’t tactfully place the blocks. Thankfully there are tips that can help you increase your score when playing your favorite block game. Let’s delve into them.

1. It’s advisable to start working from the corners always

The secret to scoring higher in block games is staying in the game for long. So the best thing you can do is to find ways to stay longer in the game. And the best strategy to help you do that is to start placing the blocks from the corners. This way, you will have horizontal and vertical line options on any given move.

You also need to fit the blocks thoughtfully and creatively so that you don’t end up leaving empty cells in between. This strategy will prevent you from filling your grid too fast and ending the game sooner because you lack spaces to place the blocks.

2. Concentrate on the horizontal and vertical lines

The concept of block games isn’t just to fit blocks alone; it also involves forming horizontal and vertical lines to clear the board. This is why you must concentrate on clearing both the vertical and horizontal lines. The more lines you clear, the higher your score. So you should aim at cleaning as many lines as you can so that you can boost your score.

3. Clear multiple columns and rows as possible

This point is tied to the above point. Clearing as many rows and columns will increase your score. So just as you need to aim to clear the vertical and horizontal lines, you should also pay attention to how you place the blocks so that you can clear multiple lines at a go rather than single lines. This is a strategy that can help you score higher. 

4. Place your blocks strategically

Placing your blocks carefully and strategically is also another tip that can help you score higher in block games. One of the mistakes you should avoid when playing block games is to place the blocks carelessly on the grid. Doing this will make you end up with block cells that won’t fit anywhere. In the end, the game will end prematurely with you scoring lower. That’s why you must place the blocks carefully from the given blocks and place them strategically.If you are afraid of the timer running out, you might end up dumping the blocks anywhere. While it is good to maintain good speed when playing a block game, you need to be very careful with how you place the blocks. 


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