10 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a VPN

10 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a VPN

With the advent of new technologies, there is also an exponential increase in potential security risks that comes with them. Therefore, it is a demand in the market to protect the system against any kind of unwanted tracking or attack from outside. And that’s where a VPN comes in handy for you and your system, protecting from any cookie leaks, IP tracing, or unwanted applications.

Hence, be it the privacy that you want as a journalist, access to blocked sites that you require for your projects, or playing games on different servers than the existing ones, a paid VPN can cover a lot more than what was just mentioned above. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep and find out the important factors that you have to consider when purchasing a VPN for your system.

1. Security Features

The most important service that a VPN is designed to provide is the ultimate security for your computers and devices. Make sure that the VPN has no log policy, i.e., it doesn’t save the servers that you are visiting from day to day. Aside from providing anonymity, hiding your IP address or generating a dynamic IP that bounces from server to server is a service the company provides with your subscription to their VPN. They should also provide kill switches that erase your entry anytime you get disconnected from the internet. Since, hiding the address is a key feature that everyone looks for in a VPN, choose a company that guarantees the most out of it.

2. High-Speed Access

Even though almost all companies offer top-notch security, not everyone can offer so at a high operating speed due to either lack of nearby servers or high traffic accessing the servers. You have to make sure that the VPN has a versatile number of servers all around the globe so that you can switch to any server at your will. Also, it is very important to have a high-speed server that is closer to your location in order to gain a steady fast connection. Therefore, failing to provide a fast connection speed should be a deal breaker in this modern age of fast connectivity. 

3. Worldwide Accessibility

It is an essence of a VPN to provide privacy protection to your system no matter where you are or where you live. If you are traveling a lot, it becomes a deciding factor whether the company offers a wide selection of countries to choose from so that you can always connect back to your country servers despite you bringing in remote locations. This versatile availability of different countries is also needed in gaming and gambling platforms like a crypto casino India. A lot of players like to switch to different servers to reduce the overloaded traffic. 

4. High Performing Encryption System

A good VPN is judged by how well its encryption system is compared to other privacy software. It is a characteristic of an ideal VPN to allow traffic through multiple servers instead of just one when high anonymity is required. Dependable Encryption Mechanism will allow a such high level of encryption method to ensure your privacy is protected against all odds. There are a lot of other types of encryption modes which can be used in combination to make decrypting close to impossible for wrong-doers. Therefore, no matter how good the design of a VPN is, if it can’t ensure maximum security, it’s a waste of bytes. 

5. User-Friendly Interface

It is a common trend in the tech world to look down upon simple UI design as opposed to the complex one with a lot of parameters on the front page. However, there are a lot of good applications out there that didn’t compromise their utility by designing a simplistic layout. A lot of good software lost its charm due to not being user-friendly. If it takes you a couple of minutes to set up a basic service, it is not worth your bucks in this modern age of technological advancement that favors good design. 

6. Cross-platform Availability

Never opt for a VPN that doesn’t support multi-device, multi-platform access. Always go for a steller VPN that can be used across all of your devices and operating systems simultaneously. It is not a smart choice to limit your VPN services only to a particular OS because you never know when you end up switching to new platforms or devices. There are a lot of individuals like gamers and bettors who constantly switch to different gambling sites for the sake of privacy. Most of the best Tether betting sites advise their customers to use anonymity.

7. Dedicated IP Address

Having the option to acquire your own dedicated server is bliss for many experienced users. Even if you don’t use VPN all the time, it is a far better experience to have your own dedicated slot in the company. This static IP can also provide you with much better security and accessibility. No one wants to share their IP addresses when the privacy of the system comes into question. Moreover, having a dedicated slot can also offer fast access to the internet and quick switching from one location to another. It would be a must-have feature in any paid VPN.

8. Bandwidth Throttling

An ideal VPN will not limit bandwidth when it comes to sharing files peer to peer (P2P). Although this particular feature is most often frowned upon by both tech companies and ISPs, you should not accept anything less of a feature when you are paying for full functionality. There will come a time when you will need to send important documents to your fellows. You would wish there that the VPN allows encrypted sharing of files and documents without throttling the bandwidth or limiting its usage threshold. Therefore, if you are in the market for good service, make sure the VPN offers P2P sharing without bandwidth limits.

9. Good Customer Support

It is a mark of good work ethics when the company keeps providing services to its customers even after the purchase of the product. Many industries stop cooperating with their customers after the product has been sold. However, if the makers of the VPN have an exhausting FAQ section with all possible questions and answers, it indicates that they care about their customers. Having good customer service that answers your questions quickly and helps you solve issues within a short interval of time deserves the due credit. You can trust those companies as they are willing to put the satisfaction of their customers in front compared to others.

10. Reasonable Price

Last but definitely not least is the fact that the VPN has to have a reasonable and affordable price. Just because the VPN provides a lot of security features doesn’t mean that they will charge you some unjustified digits. There are tons of great virtual private networks in the market that offer the same solutions at a lower price. So, it is up to you to decide which one is suitable for your needs.


When you are looking forward to purchasing a VPN to protect your system or business from potential future threats, there are some pre-requisite factors that you need to consider before making a purchase. Since you are spending your hard-earned cash on improving your security, you must search for the one that guarantees the best service for your bucks.

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