Which Industrial Scales Are More Reliable in Business?

Which Industrial Scales Are More Reliable in Business?

Industries need high accuracy and precision when it comes to moving bulky, big, or heavy items. Without a reliable industrial scale, weighing, storing, and transporting these items is challenging.

Besides the employees’ safety, it’s also essential that a weighing scale has the right capacity and the necessary features for better inventory management. The industrial scales come in diverse shapes and sizes to measure the equally diverse industrial load.

Types of Industrial Scales

Below are the different types of industrial scales:

  1. Platform Scales

For customers that want extremely accurate weight readings, they can rely on platform scales. These scales are built to endure heavyweights, which can be both intensive and time-consuming. The platform scales are typically made of stainless steel for easy cleaning or with a diamond plate surface for a great grip. Few of the models of platform scales come with wheels for easy moving.

They require scale indicators to be linked to the platform base to function to its best potential. Platform scales help businesses at every stage of their operation. They are even compatible with printers and computers. They help in keeping track of the data for businesses that deal with a lot of inventory management. Whether it’s measuring, recording, or analyzing weight data, the platform scales are capable of delivering highly accurate results.

  1. Floor Scales

Floor scales are the scales that sit on a flooring surface or are included in the flooring with a pit frame. These heavy-duty scales are mainly used to weigh very heavy objects.

The most common floor scale is commonly used in warehouses is the U-shaped floor scale. It allows an operator to load the totes, pallets, skid, etc., without having to lift the load high. This ensures fast and accurate weighing and storing. These scales can also be integrated into a computerized system for smooth calibration and data collection.

  1. Bench Scales

Bench scales are small-sized scales specifically built to be put on a table, workstation, or counter. They typically have a low maximum capacity, unlike floor scales.

They are versatile, thus can be used in various industries. They perfect for weighing small to medium size objects in metal, retail, lab, wood-based industries, and more. Bench scales can seamlessly integrate easily with measuring and computer weighing software. It’s worth buying a bench scale with a stainless steel and sealed keypad.

  1. Mobile Scales

Mobile scales are portable scales suitable for all working environments. They are excellent for transporting loads, weighing a large variety of objects, and performing tensile force measurements.

These scales typically come in diverse shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. So if your business operation requires that a scale be movable, a mobile scale is an ideal option for you.

Mobile Scales

  1. Forklift Scales

Do you require a hi-tech solution to warehouse weighing needs? A forklift scale is best for you. It allows the integration of weighing and data management into the operation without adding extra steps. The forklift scale attaches to the forklift and offers accurate weight data to the operator using Bluetooth technology.

By letting operators weigh on the move, forklift truck scales can increase loading and transporting efficiencies. This industrial-scale also lowers the costs of cargo loading and shipment. This provides a great advantage to workers that transport materials.

  1. Crane Scales

Crane scales are specifically built for use in harsh industrial environments. As the name implies, these industrial scales run in alliance with a crane hook. The items are then pulled up with the hook of the scales.

This means these scales are used to measure things that are not easily weighed by conventional floor scale. A crane scale is also widely used in trade companies, logistics companies, and food processing plants. If you are in a business that needs weighing unstable and oblong items, a crane scale is perfect for you.

Which One Should I Choose?

Different scales have different useful features and applications in different industries. They can be used to pack orders correctly, optimize stock, blend products, weighing finished products, and more. Scale accuracy can influence thousands of dollars. Before buying, consider how much value the scale will provide when it comes to meeting your needs.

Which One Should I Choose


Picking the right kind of weighing system is important for your business. Modern industrial

weighing scales are a vital part of the industry’s production, shipping, and logistic processes. Investing in good quality scales can help your business improve efficiency and profitability.

If you are interested in buying industrial scales for your business, then visit Meltrons website today. The company has been manufacturing superior quality electronic scales for more than twenty years.

It renders the most durable and good quality weighing scales that can withstand rugged industrial environments. Whatever your weight scale needs, you will perfectly find the one that fits your weighing application. Contact the pros today!

Reliable in Business


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