How To Get More Likes On Instagram

How To Get More Likes On Instagram

Social media marketing has become equally essential for businesses to thrive and stay ahead in the game. To promote and endorse your company’s products and services, you have to be active and responsive to various social media platforms because it is here that people mostly hangout nowadays. If we talk about Instagram, it is essentially about likes and followers. There are several sites where your enterprise can buy Instagram likes cheap to increase these parameters. And you can also consider growing likes in various other ways.

The number of likes matters for a business because it will give more recognition, and simultaneously it will also help widen the reach. We have rounded up a few ways with the help of which your company can increase the number of likes on its Instagram page.

Tips To Get More Likes On Instagram

Taking High-quality Images

Though this tip does not seem extraordinary, however, it works. Taking and uploading high-quality photos does not require the best DSLRs, but proper lighting and focus can do all the trick. Even a good quality smartphone is sufficient to take good pictures of your company’s products to post on the Instagram page. Aesthetically appealing shots are good at garnering more likes.

Using A Consistent Filter

It would be best to use the same filter scheme throughout your company’s Instagram page to get more likes. It gives the account more uniformity and offers a visual identity, looking at which your followers can instantly recognize your posts on their feed. Doing so will also help you in branding and broaden your reach over the platform.

Cross-link Social Media Platforms

It is beneficial to cross-link your Instagram account with other social media accounts, helping you gain visibility. It will support you in increasing your followers and inform them about your availability on other social media platforms. Doing so will help in getting more likes on Instagram. Cross-linking will also help generate traffic and views on your account.

Using Appropriate Hashtags

When you want to make your presence felt on Instagram, it will help use local and popular hashtags. Using local hashtags will help in reaching the target audience near you. Incorporating them into your posts will assist you to connect with potential customers. And using popular hashtags will help your business target a broader audience. It will help you gain a good number of likes both on the local base and beyond.

Tag A Location

Tagging helps in increasing your posts’ visibility and hence, brings more likes for your business. It would be best to tag a general location that will broaden people’s chances of viewing your posts. When Instagrammers search based on a location, there are high chances of them engaging with your firm’s content.


Likes on Instagram is an excellent way to increase your visibility and reach to your potential customers. There are almost 700 million netizens who actively use Instagram on an everyday basis. It is a wise choice of platform to grow your business and promote your products and services. However, getting more likes is just the tip of the iceberg; to retain and engage your customers, you have to actively communicate with them to stay on top of the competition.


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