7 Instagram Story Design Tips for Boosting Engagement

7 Instagram Story Design Tips for Boosting Engagement

Did you know that over one billion people have an Instagram account?

If you’re running a business or you want to be an influencer, then learning how to design Instagram stories is essential for engagement and growing your audience.

Are you ready to level up your stories? Keep reading for 7 Instagram story design ideas that your followers are sure to love.

1. Use Tools to Design Stories on Instagram

One of the best Instagram story ideas is to go off the app and use tools that can help you create much better designs. You can even choose a unique Instagram story template from Adobe Spark that makes the process easy and fun. 

2. Take Advantage of Instagram’s Built-in Design Features

Don’t just post a plain photo or video to your story before you spice it up with some of Instagram’s fun features. You can get creative with stickers and GIFs or even insert some music. When you use features like polls, you’ll be inviting your followers to get more involved with your content.

3. Consider Establishing a Brand Color Palette

Building your own aesthetic will make it easier for people to recognize your brand. A simple way to accomplish this in your stories is to choose a color palette that you use in your posts for a clean, chic look.

4. Keep Your Instagram Story Design Legible

One common mistake that people make while they experiment with Instagram stories is to go outside of the lines or use a font that’s hard to read. Be mindful of how your story will appear to other people and design content that’s clear and legible.

5. Don’t Forget About the Swipe-Up Option

If you have over 10,000 followers, then you’re lucky enough to be able to access Instagram’s swipe-up feature on your stories. If you’re launching a new product, posting a new blog article, or you have any other announcements, then you can direct your Instagram followers onto any other website you want.

6. Choose Photos Wisely

Photos can add a lot of intrigue to your stories, so it’s worth taking your time to choose high-quality shots. You can either find your best photos or browse websites that allow people to download professional stock photos. 

7. Get More Colorful

Instagram shows a palette that has 27 colors and many people think those are their only options. One trick you should be aware of is holding down any of these colors to open up the entire spectrum of colors. This will help your stories stand out from the competition.

Now You Can Make Your Account Pop With These Instagram Story Design Ideas

The importance of Instagram stories for businesses and influencers alike can’t be stressed enough. If you use any of these Instagram story design ideas, then you’ll notice an increase in followers and engagement in no time.

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