Benefits of IT Outsourcing Exploring 7 Key Advantages

Benefits of IT Outsourcing Exploring 7 Key Advantages

Today, a business cannot function effectively without an IT department. Generally, in the modern world, the IT infrastructure has the same importance as the marketing or sales department. In many cases though, companies can’t gather adequate, dedicated, and competent staff immediately.

Also, many small to medium-sized businesses can’t compete with big companies in terms of pay. A lot of workers prefer the stability and benefits of a larger corporation, as it seems that there are fewer risks for them. These reasons, among many others, often force organizations to use IT outsourcing companies in an attempt to deal with the lack of staff.

Why Do You Need an Efficient It Department?

Everybody knows that your IT guy can help you with your printer or save you when your email isn’t responding. But in reality, this department has a lot more responsibilities in a business. Hardware, software, and computer networking are all under the supervision of IT specialists, making them the main targets for outsourcing companies.

Also, the information technology staff has to manage the following:

  • accounting and financial workflow (ERP);
  • customer relationship management (CRM);
  • email and business correspondence;
  • document management.

What Is Outsourcing Exactly?

Outsourcing is a very popular practice in the business world when an organization decides to employ an outside hire to do the company’s bidding. In most businesses, bosses want to see their workers come into the office every day. But this is not the case with the IT outsourcing services, where people can work from home or even from another part of the planet as long as they do their job adequately!

Some organizations, like Develux, offer whole departments for contracting out. At the same time, companies usually choose to hire only some of the workers from the outsourcing services companies. The rest have to come into the office as usual. This is a perfect combination of saving costs and keeping up with the productivity of the whole company.

Other spheres can be contracted out to overseas employees, such as:

  • Accounting;
  • Engineering;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Customer support services;
  • Marketing;
  • Digital design.

Now that you know what the concept of subcontracting the workers is, you can obviously see why the software outsourcing companies are so in demand right now. So here X benefits of contracting out the IT staff!

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing?

For the last year and a half since the pandemic started, many businesses have had no choice but to move a lot of their operations online. Most of them even struggled to stay afloat in the middle of this pandemic, which was devastating to small organizations. You probably see some local shops that were downsized in the last year.

Of course, a lot of businesses took a hit. But this doesn’t mean that they had to close completely. Even your local bakery can outsource some of the day-to-day operations, like accounting or deliveries. So if you are wondering what companies are outsourcing today, you might be surprised with the answer!

1. Cost Reduction and More Effective Allocation of Investments

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of outstaffing and hiring personnel from other cities and even countries. First of all, if half of your workforce is not coming into the office, then a company doesn’t need to waste financial resources on a big space. Also, your managed services provider offers cloud hosting; you don’t have to spend more finances on servers.

In addition, there are countries where the cost of labor is really cheap as compared to the United States. For example, it is a very common practice for tech outsourcing companies to hire workers from India for customer support jobs. Quality assurance department staff can also be subcontracted, as they can do their job almost independently from the rest of the IT team.

2. More Focus On the Business and Core Competencies of an Organization.

When an organization aims too much attention to the management of the IT staff, it might lose focus. In other words, a law firm should not worry too much about information technology. The outsourced managed services provider can take care of everything related to data protection, server monitoring, client satisfaction. You can concentrate on growing your business instead!

3. More Opportunities for Improving the Productivity of the Workers

Often, the firms from small towns struggle with finding competent employees, as there simply aren’t enough professionals in the area. By contracting some of the personnel out, the employers have an opportunity to reach out to more IT specialists with higher credentials. Also, with outsourced staff, you can track their work and the level of their productivity as a result.

Usually, when the information technology department is outsourced, employers look for specialists who are more competitive. Qualified staff can react to serious issues in the IT frontier in a matter of minutes. And the first-class technologies allow them to resolve these issues without skipping a beat.

4. Less Complex Structure Within the Physical Organization

This advantage is directly connected to the number of people who come into the office on a daily basis. If your whole IT department is not physically present in the place of work, they don’t need management. Digital vendors allow employers to focus on the hierarchy inside of their organization, so they don’t have to worry about managing more workers at the same time.

5. 24/7 Management of the Information Technology Environment

So when your personnel have an 8-hour workday, they have no reason to observe your online business and to protect your data for the whole day. The company might be liable to data leaking, hacking, and general problems with the clients. If the IT professionals are hired from other countries, the differences in time zones will allow them to be on the clock 24 hours a day!

This is also a huge benefit for the information technology department if the staff is available all day long. They can complete updates, patches, and backups without any interruptions in the workflow of the main office. Also, if there are clients from all over the world, they can stay in touch with international customer support representatives.

6. Better Chance of Accessing the Most Contemporary Technology

The outsourced IT services providers might have access to the best equipment and expertise. This is especially true when the choice of workers is not limited to one city. The firms often get stuck in their way of thinking. So bringing the outside talent from the best outsourcing companies can help gain a little more perspective on the IT issues.

7. Shared Responsibility for the Information Technology Services

When an outside party takes control over some of the business aspects, you can always hold them accountable for any failures or successes. In this way, firm owners don’t have to be aware of every little thing that the IT offshore provider deals with every day. Of course, a decent employer will still take part in everything that is part of the business.


Based on the success of the most popular outsourcing examples, companies are less afraid to hire an outside party for any aspect of their business. It just happens that information technologies and customer support are the most popular branches for outstaffing. So, as you can see, the trends of contracting out benefit outsourcing companies just as much as the employers.


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