Important Things You Need To Know About Acre Gold

Important Things You Need To Know About Acre Gold

When investors’ confidence in common investments starts to falter, they turn their gaze to gold. The reason for this is that despite gold’s constant price fluctuations, it is still one of the most reliable and stable investments anyone can make. 

It is almost always a good time to invest in this precious metal. You can read this to find out why investing in gold still pays. There are several ways an investor can invest in this precious metal and recent methods are even being introduced. 

One of such new methods is made possible by Acre Gold. It is a company that offers its clients a new and pocket-friendly method of purchasing gold. However, because their method is new; hence it is unknown to a lot of people; some persons have tagged it to be a scam. You will find out that this claim is untrue once you properly understand the workings of the program. 

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing some important things you need to know about Acre Gold. 

Acre Gold – How it Works

The workings of Acre are quite simple. An investor would first have to pay a 12 dollars membership fee. After which, the investor will now make a 50 dollars monthly subscription. This subscription will keep on accumulating until the investor has gathered enough money in their account for a 2.5g bar. 

There is also a 100 dollars subscription plan that enables the investor to get a 5 grams bar. Once there are enough funds in the account to pay for the precious metal, it will be dispatched to the investor’s home address. However, the client has to pay both the handling and shipping fees. 

The bar usually has a certificate which is to guarantee that its purity level is 99.9%. California is where the bars are designed but Switzerland is where they are minted. 

Who Is It Right For?

This program is the perfect fit for any investor who has extra income and is being cautious. It is equally an excellent choice of investment for those who want to feel and see their investments. Furthermore, if you want to gift out the bars to a friend or a family member, it is a great choice since the bars can be easily passed to them. 

Finally, it is a good option for anyone that needs to generate a backup plan for emergency monetary situations. 

What is the Cost?

The following are what a client is expected to pay: 

  • Subscription fees 
  • A 12 dollars membership fee (it is a one-time fee)
  • A 3.35 dollars processing fee
  • Fulfillment and shipping 
  • A 20 dollars cancellation fee (if the client ever wishes to cancel their subscription and close their account)

You can go to Metal Res Acre Gold IRA fees to learn more about this program and its fees. It is important to always check for up-to-date information since the fees can be changed. 

Advantages of Acre Gold

Below are some of the major advantages of this program: 

1. Reliability 

You can rest assured that your precious metal bar will be delivered to you once you have earned enough for it. 

2. Stability 

When you invest in gold, you have an assurance that doesn’t come with other types of investments. This is because it is a long-term, stable investment that serves as a haven when economic uncertainties are the order of the day.  

3. Simplicity

Registering an Acre account is very straightforward. Also, once you have completely set up the account, you do not have to worry about anything else since the company will take care of the rest. 

Disadvantages of Acre Gold

Below are some of the major disadvantages of this program: 

1. Poor Customer Support

A major problem the company seems to be having is poor customer support. We suppose they believe that their business model would sustain itself since it has a very easy process: pay, accumulate, then you receive your bar. So, they probably felt a customer service team wasn’t really necessary. 

2. Shipping Delays

When gold’s demand is on the rise, Acre may have difficulty getting and delivering the precious metal. You can visit to find out more about the global demand for gold from 2010 to 2020. If the company is unable to get the gold on time, there may be some shipping delays. 

3. Cancellation Fee 

When a client chooses to close their account, they are required to pay a 20 dollars cancellation fee. Even at that, some customers have made complaints about having difficulty closing their accounts. 


Acre Gold is a gold investment company that makes acquiring this precious metal easier. In this article, we have discussed some important things that you need to know about the company. 


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