How Do Live Stream Funerals Work?

How Do Live Stream Funerals Work?

Live streaming funeral services is nothing new but it is something that only really started to become normalized in the UK during the pandemic. With restrictions on the number of mourners who could attend funerals in 2020, so many funeral homes, places of worship and crematoria decided to introduce the option for people to attend services remotely. Today, live-streamed funerals are still commonplace despite the cessation of lockdown restrictions. Consequently, they are popular, especially among families that are dispersed around the country and internationally. What is involved with a live stream funeral service nowadays?

How Do I Request a Live Stream?

The venue that you choose for the funeral service will either allow live streams or won’t. Therefore, if you want to live stream the service to friends and family members who cannot attend in person for any reason, you should make sure this service is possible before you book. According to a leading funeral planning service provider in the country, Newrest Funerals, it is better to make sure you can live stream before booking rather than finding out later on and needing to make last-minute alternative arrangements.

What Is Needed for a Live Stream Funeral?

Nearly all funeral venues will not expect you to stream a funeral service on your phone or tablet. Instead, they’ll usually supply everything that is needed. Mostly, there will be a webcam already installed at the back of the room that captures the service as it takes place. Many will have microphones, too, so that virtual mourners can follow the eulogy, readings and hymns as though they were present. In most cases, there will be an additional charge to live stream a funeral service but this isn’t something that will significantly raise the overall cost of the funeral.

Are Live Streamed Funerals Private?

They should be yes. In other words, because a funeral service is live-streamed doesn’t mean that anyone with an internet connection should be able to see it. After all, funerals are private affairs that shouldn’t be thrown open to just anyone. Therefore, a secure viewing platform will be needed. Typically, people will be invited to follow the service online and given a password so that only they can view and listen to the service. If you don’t want someone to virtually attend the service, then simply do not invite them by giving them the password.

What Is the Etiquette With Live Streaming a Funeral Service?

Live-streamed funerals should run just like conventional funerals. Try to ignore the fact that there is a camera videoing proceedings and address the people in the room if you are giving a reading or giving a eulogy, not the webcam. Let everyone who is there know that the service is being live-streamed, however. You don’t want a mourner to make an unguarded comment that is picked up on the live stream simply because they didn’t realise they were on camera. Typically, the live stream will cease when the service has come to an end and not extend to a wake afterwards.


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