How Mobile Devices Revolutionized Different Business Sectors

How Mobile Devices Revolutionized Different Business Sectors

Since the first iPhone was introduced to the market, mobile technology, as well as the many apps that followed, have definitely impacted not only the way businesses operate but also how we entertain ourselves and spend our time online. Today mobile technology is recognized as a vital part of the business strategy of a lot of different industries, and mobile devices have shaped many business sectors since their arrival. 

In fact, on a global scale, the rate of penetration of mobile devices has doubled in the last five years. In this article, we explore how mobile devices impact different business sectors.

Social Network Games 

Even though social media platforms haven’t been around that long, they’ve only gained traction around 2007. Still, mobile devices have also impacted this sector because they introduced social games that were created in order to promote the interaction of users on social media platforms by sharing content and playing games in a social setting with their connections.  

Actually, the first game of this type was developed in 2011 by the company Star Arcade for Facebook. It’s also worth mentioning that most social media platforms today not only have optimized mobile-friendly sizes, but they also have dedicated apps for Apple and Android devices. 

Online Trading Platforms   

Online trading was attracting more users, especially with the increased usage of mobile devices. Not only today are there trading platforms that offer a lot of information for newbies in this field, but also it is way more accessible for users to trade on the move. It’s also important to read more about different platforms before you sign up on one.  

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Mobile Gaming 

The gaming industry has had huge success with gaming on game consoles and desktop devices, but with the introduction of mobile devices, the gaming industry has experienced another massive growth. Namely, a lot of users of mobile devices wanted to spend their spare time playing easy, user-friendly mobile games, as opposed to gaming on consoles; this was also a more accessible way to reach a global audience. It also helped with the development of a new type of game – hyper-casual games.    

They are entertaining games that are simple and easy to play, perfect for most users that are not interested in gaming as a hobby. Also, due to the sheer number of mobile games on Google Play and the App Store, for example, a lot of users prefer mobile gaming to games on desktop devices, especially since a lot of the games are free. The sector has hit a worth of $77.2 billion in 2020, and we only expect more users to play mobile games in the future.  


E-commerce was already taking off on desktop devices, and a lot of brands that only had physical stores were creating their own online shops. But, m-commerce, due to its convenience and accessibility, definitely has become a more appealing alternative to online shopping on computers. 

Another reason why customers are shopping from their mobile devices is the fact that a lot of social media platforms introduced a Buy button which helps users instantly purchase specific goods and services. Moreover, a lot of reputable brands developed their own mobile apps purely related to shopping, including e-commerce giants like Alibaba and Amazon. 

Another reason why mobile shopping is taking off is the payment solutions offered as mobile apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay, which allow you to shop online and also offline from your smartphone. This sector has reached a worth of $284 billion in 2020, and its success will likely be more apparent in 2021.  


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