New Mobile Media App – Is it Real or Fake?

New Mobile Media App – Is it Real or Fake?

New Mobile Media (NMM) App can be made operative by recharging a minimum amount of Rs. 260. It is a newly introduced online money-earning app for mobile. 

The app says people can make money in two ways:

i. Doing/indulging some irrelevant tasks and

ii. Refer more people to become its members by recharging the app.

iii. You need to pay money for a Rentable Server machine which is a virtual machine for the app.

What Is New Mobile Media App?

New Mobile Media is an earning app and website that offers lucrative earning plans to trap you. Initially, this app charges a small amount as recharge but keeps on increasing it as you become addicted to it or start trusting it. 

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How Does New Mobile Media App Work?

The NMM basically traps people. The aim of this app is to widen the number of people who would recharge with money. To do this, it has adopted a novel method of giving incentives to referrals. 

One can earn money by referring it to others who, in turn, would do the same to widen the network. 

New Mobile Media App Real or Fake

It is a fake. This earning app is simply the replica or copy of other earning and gaming apps launched by different well-known companies. 

The fakeness of this app and the company running it can be gauged from the fact that you cannot get any ownership details about it. The well-established companies running gaming apps always give disclaimers and contact details. They also mention the ownership pattern of the company.

You cannot find any such information in the case of the NMM app.

Is it safe to invest in a New Mobile Media App?

Investment in the NMM app cannot be considered safe. If you are valuing your hard-earned money, don’t go for it. You never know when the person running it will vanish or go away with your money. Hence, we cannot term it a safe app.

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New Mobile Media App Review

The opinion users appearing on various social media platforms and Youtube give an adverse opinion about the New Mobile Media App. Currently, the users of this app are also reportedly facing problems to withdraw their money.

In view of the adverse reports by the users and also by those who suffered financial losses, this particular app should be avoided by you. When compared to other apps, we find favorable opinions. But this is not being found in the case of the NMM app proving something must be wrong with it.

How to Register in New Mobile Media App?

The process of this is simple. You may not face any problem in doing so. To register yourself, you need to:

i. Click on the provided referral link

ii. Download the NMM app.

iii. After this, the downloading registration screen will be open.

iv. Register yourself by giving your mobile number. 

It may be mentioned here that the registration process with most of the fraud apps happens to be very simple to attract people. Similarly, this app also has simplified the registration system.

How to Download New Mobile Media App?

Though the NMM App was available on the Google play store to download the app when it was launched, now it has been removed from the Google play store.

Currently, you can download it from its website. But you can’t download it on your handsets on either the Android play store or iOS store.

The removal of this app from the Google play store itself is a major proof of the dubious nature of this mobile app. If it had maintained honesty and given regular monetary returns to the people who invested in it, its removal from the Google play store would not have happened.

The removal of the app from the Android store is a risky indication per se. It warns you of the risky consequence you may face by using the app. 

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Indulgence in the NMM app is not at all suggested or promoted as it has been viewed by people as a fake site meant to fraudulently fleece money from the people. 

The risk factor involving the NMM app emanates from the fact that there are a large number of fake companies that are running similar apps to fool people all across the world including in India. 

As a result, you should play safe and not indulge in this so-called app. You also should not give reference to others about the NMM app lest they too fall victim to its fraudulent practice.

New Mobile Media FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. New Mobile Media App Legit or Scam?

Answer: This app is not legitimate as the tags of fraud and scams are attached to it. Not being legitimate, you should not invest money in it in the hope of earning good profits. It is not a site and app that should be recommended to you. 

There are many such illegal or illegitimate gaming apps promising a high return on recharge. But they are fakes. The established gaming companies give all details about them. But this is not the case with fake companies. The NMM app has already lost the confidence and trust of the people.

A legitimate app of similar nature will always be transparent with all details of its owners, ownership pattern, modus operandi, and organizational set-up made available to the people. In the case of the NMM app, we don’t find this. Naturally, this app cannot be considered safe or genuine.

2. What is New Mobile Media Customer Care Number?

There is no detail available on the customer care number of the NMM app. Nothing is really known about the promoters or those running this app. 

Only the customer care email id can be used for the redressal of complaints. Even complaints about non-receipt of money also cannot be conveyed to the people running the app. 

Due to this total lack of transparency, you may fall victim to its fooling game plan with promises of a high return on your referrals. Apparently, you may run into trouble by indulging in the NMM app.

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