Essential Office Technology: Must-Have Tools for Efficiency.

Essential Office Technology: Must-Have Tools for Efficiency.

Technology marches on and with it the emergence of many more devices and gadgets that have or are on the verge of becoming “must-haves” for any office to ensure a workplace stays connected and productive. It goes beyond just a USB Extension Cable.

The SanDisk Wireless Stick

The San Disk Wireless Stick is no standard USB Flash drive, coming with wireless capabilities allowing the user to stream HD video and transfer massive files, as well as saving and sharing videos and photos between different devices without the need to plug them in, although that method is still an option. 

The wireless stick is available in a wide range of sizes, from 16GB to as high as 256GB. 

Nomad Universal Cable

Nomad’s Universal Cable is the ultimate cable, allowing all desktop technology to be seamlessly connected with each other. It comes with a USB A to Micro USB cable as well as featuring a USB Type C tip and MFI-approved Lightning tip, allowing it to immediately charge up Android and Apple devices. 

Mini Wipebook Scan

The Mini Wipebook is the ideal daily organizer, easily erasable and re-recordable and featuring 20 pages, 10 of which are graph paper, with the other 10 being college-ruled for the recording of data and thoughts. The book, which is infused with smart technology, also allows users to save and upload their work before erasing it. 

Titan Security Key

Employees at Google facilities make use of this security key, which is an indication of just how good it really is. The Titan Security Key is compatible with the strongest security program offered by Google, the Advanced Protection Program. 

Cable Matters USB Extension Cable

The Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB Extension Cable enables users to have their existing USB cables extended by as much as up to six feet. In addition to being compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, it is also compatible with various devices including USB flash drives, VR headsets, printers and of course keyboard and mouse. 

These cables are extremely useful for any office. 

Seagate 4TB External HD

If your job requires constantly having to deal with large chunks of data, the safety of which is of paramount importance, then a definite office must have is the Seagate 4TB External HD.

Also available in 1TB and 4TB, the device deals with a huge amount of data which is completely secure within the durable and compact external hard drive. 

Norton Core Router

It is vital for workplaces to have a trustworthy router, and the Norton Core Secure WiFi Router is pledged to be able to resist even the most cutting edge malware. This device also fits in well with modern office aesthetics thanks to its cool geodesic design.

Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The new wireless headphones from Logitech are specially aimed at office end-users with their active noise cancellation, seamless movement between computer and smartphone and pullout microphone boom. With fine call quality and a two-year warranty, the Zone Wireless more than justifies its slightly greater expense. 

Keeping up to date with the latest office must-haves is a great way to improve overall office efficiency and productivity. 


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