Buyer’s Guide When Buying The Omega Speedmaster

Buyer’s Guide When Buying The Omega Speedmaster

Here is a peek of what the resume of Omega will look like. The brand is the first watch to reach the moon, on the wrist of astronaut Buzz Aldrin in 1969. A paradigm-shifting mechanical movement crafts by the greatest watchmaker of the 20th century. One of the most accurate watches in the world and the official watch brand for the Olympic Games.

Also, the brand’s watch became an iconic movie timepiece in the James Bond franchise. The president, John F. Kennedy had an Omega on his wrist while seated as the president of the US. And for 31 years, the same brand of watch served Mao Zedong its purpose.

Here is a list of Omega’s collections, and a quick reference guide when buying the Omega Speedmaster. This list will familiarize you with the Omega lineup, pointing you to specific watches with the best offers.

The Speedmasters

The Speedmaster is designed for motorsports and often cited as the Porsche 911 of watches, not until Buzz Aldrin leaped the moon. The Speedmasters was soon called The Moonwatch in 1969.

The Speedmaster collection from Omega now spreads into different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Look and compare the mention-worthy Speedmaster watches that you should know about.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm

This model is an essential take on a modern original Speedy that adorned Buzz Aldrin’s wrist 50 years ago when he stepped on the moon. A hand-wound Omega caliber feature will not get much more iconic or handsome as this.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch is 42mm in size and cased in stainless steel. The bracelet can be either in leather or stainless steel.

Speedmaster Professional Chronograph 39.7mm

The First Omega in space. It is based on the watch model that accompanied Wally Shirra when he went to orbit the earth in 1962.

A little smaller and with a sporting solid case back, this model has a more vintage touch to it than the other members of its family. It is 39.7mm and cased in stainless steel. The bracelet is in comfortable leather, which makes it more wearable.

Speedmaster Moonwatch Omega Co-Axial Chronograph 44.25mm

It is also known as the Dark Side of the Moon. The chic black look gives you the reason for its other name, and it does make a lot of sense.

The high-performance co-axial movement makes this modern-looking timepiece an unregretful win for the wearer. The incredible size of 44.25mm is supported by the case material made in black ceramic. The coated nylon fabric completes this watch as the bracelet.

Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 45mm

As a modern upgrade of the X-33 was introduced and released in 1998, the Skywalker X-33 was made and designed based on astronauts.

This timepiece features being powered by a quartz ana-digi display with multiple time zones. The watch also includes three alarms, countdown functions, a Chronograph, and other features. This particular model may not resemble some of its relatives of Speedmasters, but it a new watch inspired by space that you can check out.

The timepiece is 45mm, cased in titanium. The titanium bracelet also matches and completes the overall design of the watch.

Other worthy mentioned watches for this guide

  • The Seamasters

These watches by Omega are a confusing line of splash-proof dress for decades. Try looking into these Seamasters watches.

  • Diver 300M Co-Axial 42mm
  • Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Diver 43.5mm
  • Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Diver Chronograph in Solid Red Gold 45.5mm
  • Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial 38mm/41.5mm
  • Aqua Terra 120M Co-Axial GMT 43mm
  • Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Worldtimer 43mm
  • Seamaster 300 Co-Axial 39mm
  • Seamaster 300 Co-Axial in Yellow Gold 41mm
  • Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial Small Seconds 38mm (Limited Edition)
  • Seamaster Bullhead Co-Axial Chronograph 43mm (Limited Edition of 669 Pieces) 

In A Nutshell 

Watches are essential as it was before this age came to life. It is amazing how a piece of accessory can be taken to places where you have been and can stand the test of time. The Omega watch can be out of this world. It was given celestial names to remind the industry that the time-teller went to space and the depths of the sea. To buy your Omega timepiece, you can check out the 


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