Inspiring Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples Revealed

Inspiring Top 10 Power BI Dashboard Examples Revealed

You’d be surprised to know that according to a survey conducted by Forbes in 2018, more than 95% of businesses have to extract meaningful information from a raw pile of data. Don’t forget data management continues to be one of the most important elements of business activity for generating new leads.

As data management is getting more complex, the use of power BI dashboard examples for an organization has become vital now. Unless a company follows a robust data-driven strategy, it may not get enough success. That’s why all companies now integrate effective data visualization tools and analytical systems into their daily operation. Using high-quality tools like Power BI, you can easily analyze, prepare or visualize data in a few minutes and get relevant metrics and information, too from it.

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Power BI Dashboard: Definition

A Power BI Dashboard examples works like a canvas. Through the use of data and relevant information, it showcases the most important part of data in a systematic and meaningful manner. The top management of the company can get the overall state of affairs of the organization to tweak its future goals accordingly.

Here we mention all essential dashboards along with their key details.

1. Sales Analytics Report Dashboard 

A sales analytics report dashboard is vitally important for a business organization and corporate company to assess the market situation and also trends in the sales pattern. 

It helps a corporate company in the following manner:

  • Growth or slum in sales figures of a given period.
  • Changing patterns in commodity demands on a daily basis. This helps to form a business idea of whether the company should increase volumes of production of commodities or reduce them following the changes in sales patterns.
  • Formulate a data-driven sales strategy (especially at the beginning of the financial year).
  • Using data as an integral part of BI (Business Intelligence), the dashboard can help the management of a corporate company to come to a conclusion with the help of visualization of data structure, charts, graphs and maps.

2. Customer Analysis Dashboard

A customer analysis dashboard gives you business insight based on the behavior of customers of your services and products. You can get an area-specific BI through this dashboard. 

It is useful from the following business angles:

  • This is important to understand clientele behavior towards your products and services. You can use charts or data to know how your clients are responding to your products and services.
  • Based on the data generated, the management of a sales company can easily know which customer is most important for you in terms of revenue generation.  
  • After the gradation of your customers in terms of their importance for your company, you can enhance your public relations drives for selected customers to bring them closer to your company.
  • This dashboard is important to gain BI on the demographics for your products and services. If you are into an online business, you know which age group is your main customer and for which products or services.    

3. Attendance Tracker Dashboard

This can act as a major BI tool for you to make informed business decisions. It is particularly important for the companies and institutions engaged in training and education. 

It can help them in the following way:

  • You get data on the attendance of students in classes. This can help you to analyze the attendance pattern.
  • The satisfaction level of students on teachers is another important BI that you can get by using this type of dashboard. You can take the opinion of students on the performance of their teachers. 
  • You can know the individual attendance pattern of each student. This type of dashboard can give you a crystal clear picture of which student is a regular absentee and which student is dropping out.
  • The statistics or data generated can show the subject-wise performance of students. It also gives you a view of the subject-wise preference of students (i.e. which subjects they are liking and which subjects they are not).

4. Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Dashboard

This type of dashboard is essential for several purposes including the creation of brand aura, the company’s social media standing, using social media as a corollary marketing tool and analyzing customer feedback on products and services. 

This dashboard will be useful for you for:

  • Bringing improvement in your consumer products and services if the social media feedback is not favorable for you.
  • A business organization may face crises at times regarding adverse media inputs and related issues. You can use the dashboard to measure these adverse issues based on a statistical representation of opinions that are not going in your favor. 
  • You can grow your online influence using social media input data: inputs given by customers and others.
  • You can do digital marketing through blogs, news and other interesting posts.

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5. Financial Analytics Dashboard

To get a broad overview of your total income and expenditure, this type of dashboard comes in as a great help. 

Financial analytics dashboard may help you in the following areas:

  • Fragmented view of income generated by your company like a monthly statement of income, location or area-related income generation and customer-specific income generation.
  • View your company’s financial performance at a given time and do projected sales income for a given time.
  • If your company is engaged in multi-service or multi-commodity production, you can get an income-expenditure view of individual services or products.
  • Sales accruals as projected in the revenue graph help you formulate a short-term, mid-term and long-term sales strategy.

6. Marketing Dashboard 

Key points of this dashboard can enable you to take correct business decisions based on the analytics that you get from figures, data and statistics. 

It can help you in the following way:

  • Identify special customer needs
  • Identify key customers
  • Identify demographics of customers

Identifying target-customers.

7. HR Dashboard

In handling staffing patterns, dealing with existing staff and future recruitment, this dashboard can be of great help. 

The HR division of your company can benefit from this dashboard in multiple ways which are mentioned below:

  • Shortlist applicants, track them, call for interviews and select them.
  • Bring them on board in departments of the company that are understaffed and shift staff to understaffed areas from overstaffed departments.
  • Understand their productivity and give them incentives accordingly
  • Understand the demographics, qualifications and training details of new recruits.    

8. Executive Insights Dashboard 

Executives in a company can work more efficiently if they get different insights. This type of dashboard has been designed to facilitate the executives get BI on different functional areas of the company. 

They are benefitted from this dashboard in the following manner:

  • The exact picture of the business performance of your company in a given period (thus helping executives formulate sales strategy for the future).
  • Find out business areas in which improvements can be brought in.
  • A multi-angle understanding of existing business performance and replacing existing business models if needed.
  • Executives can utilize the data given in the dashboard to understand different aspects of business like average profit margin vis-à-vis production cost and determination of demand-based production quantum.   

9. Logistics Dashboard

Supply chain management and logistics dashboards are essential for all manufacturing companies to understand the real-time position of consignments and know their projected reaching time at the end-point. 

It can help you in the following manner:

  • You know the exact way your consignments are moving.
  • You get an exact view of the cost of transportation
  • You know the exact details of point-wise traffic snarls that are delaying consignments from reaching their endpoints.
  • You get an exact picture of the delivery status of consignments.   

10. CEO Dashboard:

As a CEO, you need to know different performance-related information. 

This dashboard can help a CEO in the following ways:

  • Make informed decisions based on the data feedback on key issues.
  • Take data-informed decisions to formulate business strategies.
  • Reduce wastage and high overhead expenses.
  • Understand all points related to performance, market demands, and market conditions and find out avenues to maximize the profit.

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In Conclusion 

BI today plays a vital role in business growth. These are the power bi dashboards examples of different types that you use to help you in making multiple analyses and also adopt measures to shoot troubles. Data and statistics-based BI can help you in making an informed decision regarding business strategies. 

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