Revolutionizing Fire Safety SD19-W Wireless Smoke Alarm Guide.

Revolutionizing Fire Safety SD19-W Wireless Smoke Alarm Guide.

The operation of your X-Sense smoke alarm is covered in detail in this user manual. Before installing and using the alarm, be sure to thoroughly read this user manual. This manual—or a copy of it—must be given to the end user if you are installing this smoke alarm for them to use.


 Package Contents: 1 Alarm Unit 1 Mounting Bracket 2 Screws 2 Anchor Plugs 1 User Manual Safety Information Pay particular attention to these circumstances. Check SD19-W wireless smoke alarm.

This alarm is not intended to notify people with hearing impairments. Alcohol and other drugs may also make it harder to hear the smoke alarm.

It’s possible that there will be no detection of fires in chimneys, walls, roofs, different levels, or behind closed doors.

CARBON MONOXIDE, HEAT, and other potentially hazardous gases are not detected by this device.

Warning: Never disregard an alert. Serious injury or death can result from responding incorrectly.

The silence feature will not fix a problem; it is only there for your convenience. AFTER EVERY ALARM, CHECK YOUR HOME FOR A POTENTIAL PROBLEM ALWAYS. If you don’t, you could get hurt or die.

Once per week, test the smoke alarm. 

How to Setup and Connect Wireless? 

Alarms Each of the X-Sense Link’s wireless interlinked alarms comes equipped with a built-in RF module that makes it possible to wirelessly connect two or more interlinked alarms and establish a network that is connected to them. All of the interconnected alarms will sound when one unit is triggered. There are wirelessly interlinked carbon monoxide alarms, wirelessly interlinked smoke alarms, and wirelessly interlinked combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the X-Sense Link+ series. This model is intended for wireless interfacing with other X-Sense Link+ alarms, but it is not intended to communicate with other manufacturers’ wireless interlinked alarms.

How does remote connection work?

The X-Sense Connection’ remote interlinked alerts in one multi-pack have previously been interconnected, and the cautions in each multi-pack have their own free interlinked network. You will need to connect each multi-pack to the same network if you have more than one. Connect the other multi-packs to one multi-pack that you have chosen to serve as your base network.

NOTE: The X-sense Link wireless interlinked alarms are the only ones that should be followed for the following wireless interconnection instructions.

Step by step instructions to Interconnect

Ensure you just work with 2 units all at once, and ensure that they are both gone on to guarantee effective association.

NOTE: Attach the alarm to the mounting bracket and lock it in the clockwise direction to turn on the 5D19-W and 5D20-W. Please refer to the user manual for each model of wireless interlinked alarm for more information on how to activate it.

Press the test/silence button four times quickly on one of the two units; Indicating that it has entered pairing mode and is waiting for a new unit to be added, it will beep once and the red LED will slowly blink. Press the other unit’s test/silence button twice quickly; It will make a single beep, and the red LED will flash rapidly, indicating that it is looking for a connection device.

Both units will beep once and automatically exit the interconnection mode once the search is completed successfully and an interconnected group is created. Both devices will flash once every 60 seconds at this point, indicating that they are in standard standby mode.

The alert will enter the scanning mode or the matching mode for 60 seconds with the red Drove blazing. Repeat step 2 to connect the alarms after 60 seconds. If necessary, while the alarm is in pairing or searching mode, press the test/silence button once. The red LED will stop flashing, and the alarm will exit pairing mode to return to normal status.

Before installing any wireless alarms, check to see that they are all connected.

On the same network, no more than 24 wireless alarms can be connected to each other.

Only other X-Sense Link+ wireless interlinked alarms can be connected to the model.

How to Disconnect?

Hold down the test/silence button for four seconds; Once, the smoke alarm will sound. To disconnect, hold down the button until it beeps once more. It can be added to a new network or reconnected to the same network after disconnecting.

NOTE: Already connected are the wireless interconnected X-Sense Link+ alarms in a single multipack. To avoid having all of the alarms in this multi-pack join the same network, you will first need to disconnect each alarm individually before setting up a new network.


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