Do’s and Dont’s of selling phone online

Do’s and Dont’s of selling phone online

Imagining our lives without a smartphone is impossible. Right? It connects us with the whole world while also keeping us entertained and informed. It is an indispensable part of our lives.

That’s why we immediately run to a mobile repair specialist if our phones are broken or not working.

Tech geeks love to upgrade to new models with better features, like buying the new iPhone 12. They go through tons of smartphones in their life, and they will replace a running phone if a better one comes in the market. If you are one of those tech geeks who love buying and opening new smartphones, you gotta do it better. Because buying new phones repeatedly is an expensive habit. Start thinking about selling a few of your old smartphones for financing your new mobile.

We also understand that to sell & trade in your phone online, even if surprisingly new, can be scary. After all, no matter how long the phone was with us, our whole life was in it. Understanding the do’s and don’ts of selling old phones is essential to make the transaction easy.

Do’s of selling an old phone

Do find a legal platform for selling online

You cannot sell your phone through any site or platform you come across. It should be legal and something that offers you profit on the selling price. Ensure that the site keeps you in the loop and must have great reviews as well.

Do make a list of specifications of the smartphone

Make sure that you list every feature that your smartphone has. It will better inform the prospect about the phone and why they should buy it. The details must include:

  • Screen size
  • Battery life
  • Is the keyword touch-screen or QWERTY one?
  • OS supported by the phone and more.

Yes, these specifications are available on Google, but since you have been using the phone for a while, writing a full description increases the chance of selling the phone at a good price.

Do list what accessories you will give with the phone

Are you selling accessories, like a hard-case or earplugs, or a screen guard with your phone? Or are you selling only the smartphone along with the charging case? Specifying these details is necessary as well.

Do decide on the price of the old phone

You cannot get the same price for which you bought your phone. Even if it is a year old because the manufacturer would have slashed the prices by some percent. To ensure that you get a better deal, you must research to know what the current price of the phone is. Also, determine how much people are willing to pay for the old model of that phone. Another thing to determine is how much you are willing to negotiate on the price? Re-valuing the price for selling an old phone is a critical step.

Do delete everything manually and reset to factory setting

Resetting to the factory setting removes all details and information on the phone. Yet, to be on the safer side, delete every detail manually from the SD card if you are selling it as well. Also, delete pictures, credit card details, personal notes, and more.

Do remove all accounts

Apart from Gmail, we log-in to Pinterest, Instagram, DropBox, and more social media from our mobile. Factory resetting deletes every account on your phone. Still, depending upon your settings, restoring them is easy. So, do remove each account detail manually from your phone.

Don’ts of selling a smartphone online

1. Don’t invite the buyer to your home

Never ask the buyer to come to your house to sell your smartphone. You can carry the phone with ease, thus, meeting in a public place is a better option. When you use a legal service for selling phones, they make the process simple by picking and delivering making the process simpler.

2. Don’t leave any password or bill on the phone

Saving bills and passwords on our phones is something we all are guilty of. Just keep in mind to delete those when selling it to a new person.

3. Do not forget to hand-over the bill

Always keep your phone bills with you if you plan to sell them for a new one pretty soon. And remember to pass it on to the new owner.

4. Do not forget to have an agreement

When you are selling the phone for a good price, you must have an agreement. The sites you use for selling can help you with this so that you do not get duped.

With these do’s and don’ts, selling an old smartphone will be a simple process, which will make any smartphone aficionado happy.


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