Review of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

Review of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

Almost any type of material, including photographs, movies, audio files, and documents, can be recovered with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. There’s a good probability that Stellar Data Recovery will recover any crucial files you’ve unintentionally lost from your Mac.

We’ve all had to deal with data loss at some point in our lives. That being said, it is possible to recover data even after you’ve deleted everything and formatted a hard disc. You just need to utilize the correct tools and move quickly. With Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac you may quickly and easily recover practically any type of file that has been accidentally erased.

The last week or so, I’ve been testing out Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac in an effort to discover its true capabilities. I’ve used it to perform simple recovery tasks, as well as more complex ones, and it’s always performed well.


Scanning of the computer system

Stellar Data Recovery asks you to run a comprehensive system scan when it asks you to open it for the first time. As a result, if you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, this can be a significant time-saver by allowing you to narrow the scope of your search to only include documents, emails, photographs, and videos. Allowing the software to look for anything that might be recoverable is also an option. Selecting a drive to scan is also an option.


An easy-to-navigate interface is provided after the scan is complete so you can explore the files that were discovered. In order to examine what’s in every folder on your computer, you can use the “Classic List” feature. But I prefer the “File List,” which divides your material into categories like papers, audio, video, and images, so that everything is much easier to locate. There are a number of various view options available in Stellar Data Recovery, including an icon view, a details view, and even a cover flow.

If you’re seeking for photographs that have been erased, Cover Flow is a great tool. With this feature, you may see a huge preview of any photograph by simply clicking on it, saving you the trouble of recovering all of the images merely to restore one or two that you mistakenly erased. Almost any file can be seen in a bigger preview by double-clicking it. 

Recovery of files

However, data recovery software for mac option is only useful if you want to save an entire disc after it has been inadvertently erased. If you only want to recover individual files or folders, you can simply choose them before clicking Recover, and Stellar Data Recovery will restore only those data.

The sheer capability of Stellar Data Recovery is quite astounding. Even if you don’t know the password for an encrypted device, you can still use this tool to recover data from it—as long as you have the password. If your Mac has stopped booting up, you can use this method to build a Recovery Drive. Corrupted or distorted photographs and movies can also be repaired by the Premium and Technician editions.

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