Travel Credit Cards (Sas Amex Premium)

Travel Credit Cards (Sas Amex Premium)

Travel credit cards are among the most popular and rewarding options for getting the best card on the market. Each time you use it, the process drives you closer to a dream vacation. The main idea is to use this reward card to earn free hotel stays, flights, and other travel benefits. 

Still, it is challenging for some people to distinguish between regular credit cards and travel options. This is especially important due to a challenging reward system, which can be problematic for some people. The best way to learn about the history of credit cards is by checking here for additional information. 

In a further article, we wish to present you with the advantages and disadvantages of travel cards, which will provide you with a more transparent picture. As a result, you will determine whether you should get this option right now or not. Let us start from the beginning. 

Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

1. Travel-Focused Rewards

You should know that travel credit cards are the perfect way to earn points or miles on travel purchases, including rideshares, taxis, trains, car rentals, hotels, and airfare. As a result, you can maximize returns, especially if you frequently fly, and you will get relevant rewards promptly. 

Of course, the process depends on the card you decide to get, but you can earn between 3X and 10X points per dollar for specific purchases. As soon as you obtain a relevant number of miles and travels, you can use rewards to cover the next traveling trip. The main idea is to adopt careful planning, especially since numerous people decided to travel the world and use cards. 

For instance, you can use the points you gathered for a business-class flight to a luxurious island. On the other hand, you can enjoy hotel stays across the US, which only depends on your specific requirements and needs. 

2. Credits and Benefits

Anyone who travels occasionally or often can take advantage of elite status through airlines, airport lounge access, or various hotel loyalty programs that will offer you additional enjoyment and comfort. For instance, travel cards feature such rewards, meaning you will make your hotel stays more enjoyable.  

At the same time, you can take advantage of a hundred-dollar credit for various memberships, allowing you to take advantage of higher credit levels. Besides, other options will come with a three hundred dollars annual travel credit you can use in relevant travel purchases when you decide to go. 

For instance, by getting a credit card that will offer you an elite status through airline or hotel loyalty programs, you can expect comfortable travel and smoother stays. For instance, elite status in a hotel can feature late checkouts, room upgrades, complimentary food credits, and other rewards. 

Airline elite status can offer you privileges such as free upgrades, free checked bags, and early boarding. 

3. Maximize Rewards

Although most people tend to use cash-back cards, you should know that saving on travel is more enticing to some people. The main idea you will get with a cash-back option is earning a few hundred dollars each year for spending thousands. 

However, the proportional value of travel cards can be much more significant because you can save hundreds of dollars by using different rewards for numerous purposes and different reasons, especially if you regularly travel and fly, which is vital to remember. 

Suppose you enjoy using a specific airline or hotel brand. In that case, you can use co-branded credit cards from a specific company, which will offer you additional rewards you can use in the future. 

As soon as you visit this website:, you will learn more about different credit cards offering perks and options to ensure the best course of action. 

4. Redemptions and Rewards

It is essential to understand that each option features adjustable rewards cards on the market that will allow you to redeem miles and points for a specific period. These options will allow you to transfer specific points using different partners or other airlines, which can be a more valuable option altogether. 

Travel cards come with numerous travel portals, meaning you can use miles to book all travel purchases and points to handle each step. These portals will not offer you the best course of action, but you can earn a wide array of miles and points by following specific actions stated inside. 

5. You Can Travel as an Authorized User

As you use travel rewards cards, it is vital to reap the benefits. However, if you are an authorized user of a specific card from your family member or friend, you can still take advantage of numerous rewards the same way as a cardholder. It means you can take advantage of the various options available. 

Although most cards will charge an extra fee for each authorized user, you can find options without such regulations. Therefore, if you need a stable credit history and wish to earn points from traveling, we recommend that you ask your friends and family members to place you as an authorized user. 

Of course, it is vital to check out terms and conditions beforehand, which will allow you to determine whether you will get everything you wanted in the first place.

6. Sign-In Bonuses

The simplest way to achieve a free flight or reach the desired goal is to take advantage of a new credit card, mainly because each option features a sign-in bonus that will allow you to reap more significant benefits than usual. For instance, some options offer you eight hundred dollars after spending eight thousand dollars, but you must do it in six months. 

Therefore, when you get a hefty welcome bonus, this perk will outshine the annual fee worth, at least during the first year after taking it. Of course, you can find other worthwhile benefits. For instance, you can find a Delta co-branded credit card that will allow you to get discounts and free flights for Delta-operated and marketed flights. 

Other perks you will get are a checked bag for free, a certificate for competition, and many more for less than five hundred dollars. On the other hand, only a membership costs seven hundred dollars without such rewards, meaning getting a branded credit card will offer you rewards that will outshine the expenses and fees included. 

We recommend you visit this website:, which will help you determine the best reward credit card for your specific requirements. 

Disadvantages of Travel Credit Cards

Disadvantages of Travel Credit Cards

1. High Annual Fees

You should know that some travel cards come with significant annual expenses, as mentioned above. Still, if you wish to get the comprehensive value of a card, which will save you money overall, you must be a frequent flyer. If you are a person who flies a few times a year, the process will not be worthwhile overall. 

Of course, you can find options with lower rewards and without an annual fee, an essential solution for people who do not travel frequently. It is better to spend up to a hundred dollars for an annual fee than premium options, which can cost a thousand dollars. 

Before making up your mind, you should understand that you must afford each expense you make with a credit card. Therefore, if you think a specific travel card will cause financial strain to your everyday situation, we recommend you wait for a better time. 

2. Maximize Value

In some situations, obtaining the maximum value from your travel may require plenty of hassle. At the same time, some cards feature a limited time in which you can use points, meaning they will expire afterward. 

Both hotel and airline loyalty programs must have points that do not expire, which will help you gain the most value combined with all the expenses you make. The crucial aspect is maximizing value, which could help you understand the overall advantages and how to use them. The main idea is to check expiration dates by reading the terms and conditions. 

3. High Credit Score

Obtaining a redeemable travel card without an excellent credit score between 700 and 850 is challenging. At the same time, you will only be eligible if you have a higher score. Besides, the interest rates also depend on creditworthiness, meaning you must follow certain aspects before making up your mind. 

Therefore, you should check out your credit score, which will help you determine whether you can use a specific credit card.


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