Video editing tool available to make editing your videos easy

Video editing tool available to make editing your videos easy

YouTube- the world’s largest video streaming platform is enjoying great popularity in recent times. This alone speaks of the power and the effectiveness of a perfectly and professionally created video to be posted on YouTube.

The platform boasts of more than 2 billion active users watching 250 million hours of video content every day. That’s the main reason why more and more businesses are adding videos to their marketing strategies. This calls for the effective use of an online video editor.

You would be surprised to know that around 85% of US internet users watch online videos regularly. This alone speaks of the significance of creating compelling and enticing videos for business owners.

Keeping the significance of video content aside, here we will be looking at the video editing tools that make video editing a breeze. But before that, you must make it a point to go for a free-to-use video editing tool like InVideo. You might be wondering why. Get your answer here:

Why Go for a Free Online Video Editing Tool?

As is the case with any good quality video, it will require some editing if you want to get it right. You don’t need to put in a lot of money into editing your videos. You can always go for free, safe, easy to use, and top-quality online video editing software programs.

These tools have made video editing a breeze for marketers. Nevertheless, not all of these programs offer the same level of quality. Many freeware packages can contain spyware and might be harmful as well.

Let’s look at some of the most professional quality online video editing tools that will enhance the quality of your videos.

1. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

This program is one of the most powerful video edition tools. And AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is available for Windows and Mac computers.

You can use it to trim and crop your video to remove unwanted parts. You also can use this video editor to change or fix your video’s orientation based on your needs. Besides, it can let you add watermarks and texts to your video and remove them from your video if you need.

Moreover, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate can improve your video quality, add filters and 3D effects, speed up and slow down your videos, merge your multiple videos into one, etc.

In addition, you can use this software to convert your video and audio, make an MV or a slideshow, make a video collage, and rip DVDs. And it is easy to use with its straightforward interface and user-friendly design.

2. Shortcut

Yet another excellent free online video editing tool, Shortcut, works on the Linux, Windows, and OS X operating systems. It works in the same way as the more expensive editing tools available in the market.

You simply need to place audio and video fragments on its timeline and put in the captions and effects. Next, you can quickly transform the output into a video file. It was initially designed for Linux users, but its versions for PC and Mac users were later on.

It has a strange user interface with many super intuitive features like dragging a particular file for importing the same into projects. It comes with a fully customizable menu and a wide assortment of filters and modifying options.

Users of this tool can enjoy complete mobility of tasks as they get to return to almost any stage of video editing as and when required. With the use of this tool, there is complete automation of all the work procedures as per the users’ requests.

Best of all, this tool can readily be configured on varied monitors.

3. VideoPad

This is one of those new and small online video editing tools that have moved on to become a huge surprise to all video editing enthusiasts. It can be used with the majority of the Windows operating platforms.

This is a simple and straightforward online video editor that comes with some of the greatest features. The features are specifically designed to be of good use for beginners in video editing.

VideoPad also comes with some of the most powerful tools, so it works fine even for experienced editors. Another great thing about this software is that it is compatible with all kinds of media platforms and video uploads like YouTube and Facebook.

There is support available for different video file formats offering a wide editing choice to the users. It comes for free, but its features are way better than the ones available with paid versions of video editing tools. The transition settings of this software also make it worth a try.

4. InVideo

This is one of the best free video editing tools best suited for beginners looking to edit their videos like a pro. InVideo comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop option and works fine for making films for special occasions.

It can also be used for making videos meant for business marketing and presentations. This software comes for computers running Windows 7/8/10 and is even compatible with Mac and Linux platforms.

Their cater to both beginner-level users and even to more experienced ones. The highly advanced timeline of the program allows users to pan, scroll, snap and zoom the shots with the easy drag and drop option.

It even comes with an entire trove of different 3D animated subtitles for creating titles. Users can even make their choice from a wide assortment of templates. This open-source tool is all-inclusive and aims to offer the best video editing experience to the users.

5. Lightworks

For the ones who are on the lookout for a professional online video editing tool, Lightworks would be the ultimate choice. The software comes jam-packed with some of the most useful functionalities and features. The utilities of this tool match the requirements of all kinds of users, be it beginners or experienced ones.

One of the most useful advantages of this software is it offers the highest standards of video trimming and supports all video formats. It even allows for 720p video exports to YouTube. Lightworks features both advanced and standard editing attributes making it one of the top packages for different varieties of editing.

It can readily be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.


Be it any video editing tool that you are using, the key lies in using the tool most efficiently. The usefulness of certain editing software will be evident only when used for the highest editing work.

So, choose any of the tools from the list mentioned above that suit your requirements. These tools are not only suitable for beginners but also for expert people. It would be a great idea to have your hands on their features and then work on your editing like a pro.


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