Understanding No Caller ID Mean and Stopping Unidentified Calls

Understanding No Caller ID Mean and Stopping Unidentified Calls

When you receive a call that does not display the number on the mobile screen, you wonder about the person who called you and why. If the caller is a known entity, then there would have been no reason to hide their identity.

However, the caller preferred to remain anonymous.

This behavior raises the question about the caller’s intentions. It could be bad, as a person with good intentions would not hide their identity. It is here that the question of what a no-caller ID means comes in.

You must know that there is a difference between a no-caller ID and an unknown caller. The unknown caller’s number is visible. Since you have not saved this number earlier, you can call the unknown caller. But the caller ID does not display the number. This is really problematic.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

No caller ID means the person concerned or caller has blocked the individual identity from being displayed on the mobile phone’s screen due to personal reasons. One of the reasons could be to protect privacy.

Now the question is: why would someone conceal the number? Primarily, the causes of hiding the number could be:

  1. The caller does not want you to know the number or identify him or her.
  2. The caller must be tech-savvy; otherwise, it would not have been possible to hide the number.
  3. No caller ID directly means the caller purposely hid the number before calling you. What could be the caller’s real purpose? It is this question that perplexes you.

It is important for you to know that companies providing internet connections for mobile, Android, and iOS devices are bound by the law to reveal a person’s information. Due to this reason, when you receive a call from a particular number, you save it against the name of the person who may be known to you.

But in some cases, the company is instructed by the users of its cellular service not to divulge their identity to other users. 

As a result, you get calls from No Caller ID. The company can reveal the number only when you:

  1. Claim: Your life can be in danger due to the calls from No Caller ID.
  2. You have received life threats or any other type of threat from the caller using No Caller ID.
  3. When you file a police complaint about the call.

If you want to find out the identity of the caller or detect the hidden number, you have to take certain digital steps for this purpose.

How do I find out the no-caller ID?

If you don’t like to receive no-caller ID calls, you can block them. If you are curious about the caller’s identity and want to know who the person is, you have to use a particular digital route for that. You have to carry it out in the following way:

  1. To unmask the person, you can use a sophisticated call-detective app. This will help you to know the person’s name, residential address, and provider of telephone service.
  2. After ascertaining all the facts, you can:
  • Call back if the person is genuine and previously known to you.
  • Block the caller permanently.
  • Blacklist the caller permanently.
  • You can go to the Setting Menu and select Block this Caller (from the Setting Menu).

These are the two most common and popular ways to ascertain facts about a call received from No Caller ID. Finding out the caller’s true identity is very important, as the person could turn out to be harmful to you if you continue to receive calls from that entity. If the caller is genuine and you have not saved the caller’s number earlier, there is no plausible reason that the person will hide their identity and mobile number.

How to Stop Receiving Calls from No Caller ID?

You can do this quite easily. Besides declining the call when you receive it, you can also block the call coming from No Caller ID. They are explained below:

  1. Declining Call Straightway: You can do this by simply disconnecting or not receiving the call.
  2. If you are using an iPhone, you have a decline button. Just press it to decline the call.
  3. Your DND (Do Not Disturb) facility available on the device is another way to stop receiving such calls.
  4. Another way is to take the help of a silent, unknown caller. If the person is not on your contact list, this method can be of great help. You should activate Silence Unknown Caller on your device. This will bar any call coming outside the saved number or contact list.
  5. You can use the block list on your device. This will block any call coming from outside the saved numbers or contact list.

These are the easiest ways to block such unwanted calls. It is always better to block No Caller ID callers, as they could have telephoned you or repeatedly attempted to call you with ulterior motives. For your own safety, you should block such calls permanently. Another reason for doing this emanates from the fact that the caller could be a person with criminal antecedents. Receiving the call may put you in trouble.


If you want to call back the concerned call you received from No Caller ID, it is really very difficult. The identity is blocked securely. The concealed caller ID does not allow you to call back. Caller ID blocking is done by the caller with a special code input. As a result, you don’t see the number on your mobile phone’s screen. 

Advancement in digital technology has enabled a person, who may be a doubtful character or scammer, to use No Caller ID methods for some purposes that are not conducive to you. Blocking such a number means you have already given the caller a clear-cut message that you are not interested in talking to this particular entity. Let us know what you think!


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