Who Called Me From This Phone Number? The Best Platforms to Find

Who Called Me From This Phone Number? The Best Platforms to Find

It is quite common that, at times, you get calls from an unknown number on your mobile phone. As you cannot identify the person who called you, you become curious: who could the caller be?

Your curiosity to identify the caller emanates from the fact that it could be a relative, an acquaintance, a former office colleague, or a telemarketer. At times, who called me from this phone number puzzles you, as the caller may have made few attempts to talk to you.

This puzzles you and may raise your curiosity level. You may think of calling back, blocking the number, or ascertaining the caller’s identity by using digital platforms, software-AI-enabled gadgets, or phone lookup services.

The Best Platforms to Find Who Called Me From This Phone Number?

One of the best ways to know the identity of the caller is to go to different sites. Most of them are free. 

There are several such digital sites. 

We are describing below eight such sites for your knowledge:

Spokeo: This free phone caller search engine can give you full details of any person who lives in the USA. To avail of this facility, you don’t need to get yourself registered with Spokeo. Another major benefit of using this website is that your identity and actions toward the person who called you remain anonymous, with your IP address remaining hidden. This search engine is very useful as you can ascertain all important facts about the caller, including the name, email ID, and brief personal background. Spokeo is a legal site.

BeenVerified: This search engine, for which you have to pay, is quite popular. You can identify the caller by their first and last name, address, email ID, and social media account if you are using this call lookup service. It has a monthly search limit of up to 100 lookup searches and reports per month. You can identify the unknown caller immediately after getting the search result.

Truecaller: This popular telephone or caller fact finder is widely popular as it also warns you of spam besides divulging all details of the caller, including contact details like telephone number, email ID, contact address, and also persons associated with the caller. Additionally, you know the place from which the unknown call has been made. It is free, but you may have to pay to avail yourself of special services. You know the identity of the caller almost instantly after using the services of Truecaller.

TruthFinder: This is a versatile missed call or unknown call number finder. It has an inbuilt facility to track the person, get their email ID, address, photograph, and social media account. For a few looks, you don’t have to pay, but payment is charged for its monthly service. This is a great site to identify spam and unwanted calls and block them. The result of the query is quite prompt.

Intelius: It provides a monthly subscription-based service for phone call lookups. Intelius, a useful and effective call lookup service, gives you all the details of the caller, including name, home address, office address, photograph, social media accounts, and most of the vital information of the caller. As Intelius has different prices and subscription plans, you can avail yourself of them according to your own needs. This user-friendly system issues you the search report almost instantaneously.

People Finders: This reverse lookup service is ideal for background checking the unknown caller. You get all vital information, including name, email ID, address, and practically all about the person. It is not free. PeopleFinders offers different subscription plans, which you can subscribe to as per your specific needs. It has a vast record and database of about 43 million people.

PeopleLooker: This search engine can greatly help you to know who called you. If you want to avoid calls from telemarketing marketers and scammers, PropleLooker can come to your aid. With this very fast system, you get the report almost immediately with full details of the name, address, social media details, and telephone numbers of the person who called you. You can immediately identify if the call was important for you or not. As a user of PeopleLooker, your own identity will be hidden during the search process. This helps your privacy.

Instant Checkmate: It has a large database that may help you with your missed call or call lookup. An important feature of this website is that it gives information about both dead and living people. If someone has telephoned you using the number of a person who is dead, you can know it immediately. You have to pay to avail of this service. The cardinal features of this service are the same as those of others (except that you also know if the call has been made from the number of a dead person).

These are the services that you should use to learn about the identity of the caller.

Why is it important to know who called me from this phone number?

Receiving unwanted calls and calls from unknown numbers is important for you, as it can create mental harassment for you. If the caller is fake, calling for marketing purposes or for any scamming design, you can know them and block their numbers. You are required to avail yourself of the service of a vendor who identifies the caller due to the following five reasons:

Know the caller: The identity of the caller is important, as the caller might have called for a specific purpose that may be important or useful for you. In that case, if you don’t identify the caller and call back, you may lose some important things.

Maybe the caller is a criminal. It is important as the caller can be a person of criminal record. In such a case, you can go to the police and also seek legal help to safeguard yourself from a person with a criminal background.

Some calls may be job-related. It may be that the caller called you to offer a job. It is quite possible that you have been called up by an employment or human resources firm to offer you a job or to call you for an interview for a job.

The caller called for professional purposes: maybe you are a lawyer, a chartered accountant, or a painter, and the caller wanted to meet you to discuss a job he is likely to offer you. If you don’t verify the caller, you may lose an important professional job.

A referral call: You never know; the call from the unknown number might have come from a person who was referred to you by someone known to you or related to you. Maybe the referral call was important because the person wanted to seek some help from you or was intending to make a business offer.

Due to these reasons, it is always wise to check who called me from a new number.


There are some practical reasons why you should ascertain who called you. This is due to the fact that often you get unwanted telephone calls from scammers, spammers, tele-callers for marketing purposes, and unwanted callers. But before blocking the number, you must ascertain if it is from your long-lost friend, some near and dear ones who have changed their mobile number, or from an entity important to you. If you don’t use a search engine, you may not be able to know the real identity of the person who called you. Here, a reverse phone lookup becomes important for you.