Technology Write For Us | Guest Post on Tech, Apps, AI, IoT, Blockchain & Gadgets

Technology Write For Us | Guest Post on Tech, Apps, AI, IoT, Blockchain & Gadgets

Technology Write For Us

Encouraging, people who have great talent will make them more successful. Here we are providing “Technology Write For Us” opportunity to encourage people those who have an idea and want to share it with the world.

We have regular visitors who love technology and searching for new technology related information. So, this is the right place and we can show their talent those who have great innovative ideas.

What is TechCrazee?

We had set up a place to bring together readers and writers on technology related topics. And we also have well reputed guest post writers on our board for technology related trending topics.

This is the right place for those who are searching for new topics on Technology, Business, Education related information. And also people who want to share their ideas related to these topics.

Why Should You Choose Techcrazee blog – “Technology write for us”?

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TechCrazee has potentials viewers who are interested on technology, business information, education related topics. So, you can share your idea here to reach out the people who are really looking out. And they can encourage you to develop your ideas.

And if you are having a new product (or) service related to technology, also you can share your product (or) service details here, then people can see and directly contact you if they need.

Highlights of Techcrazee Blog

  • 60+ Domain Rating
  • 100k+ Organic Traffic per month
  • Target Audience mainly interested in Latest Technology Updates and Technology Related Topics
  • 1000+ Unique and Helpful Technology Articles
  • Very High Click Through Rate for all the Promoted Products and Services

Technology “write for us” guest post guidelines:

Before sending the article, read article thoroughly and then send your article by meeting all the points which are listed below.

1. Article must be related to below topics

Latest Technologies Write For Us

Latest Technologies Write for us

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Metaverse
    • Internet of Things
    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    • Mobile Technology
    • Cyber Security
    • Telecommunications
    • Software Applications
    • Nano Technology
    • Data Integration
    • Data Security

Apps Technology Write for us

Apps Technology Write for us (1)

    • Screen Recorder apps
    • Secure VPN apps
    • Taxi Booking apps
    • Photo Editing apps
    • Video Editing apps
    • Social Media apps
    • Food ordering apps
    • Doctor Consultation apps
    • Travel Tickets Booking apps
    • Fitness apps
    • Movie Ticket Booking apps

Blockchain Technology Write for us

Blockchain Technology Write for us (1)

    • Security Token Offerings
    • Enterprise Crypto Exchange
    • Secure and Reliable P2P Trading
    • Initial Coin Offering
    • Tokenization Of Healthcare Assets
    • Future of Blockchain technology
    • Benefits of Blockchain technology
    • Challenges of Blockchain technology
    • Applications of Blockchain technology
    • Smart Contracts in Blockchain technology
    • Blockchain on AWS

Gadgets Technology Write for us

Gadgets Technology Write for us (1)

  • Important Mobile Accessories And Gadgets
  • New Apple Watch
  • Best Laptops For Students
  • Smartwatches For Weight Loss
  • Gadgets In E-shops
  • Biometric Passports
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Black Friday Sale Deals
  • Top Car Accessories
  • Best Camera Phones
  • Gadgets For 360 Virtual Tour

Note: Topics related to gambling, casino, betting, alcohol, drugs or similar are not accepted. And also do not give links related to these kind of websites.

2. Length and Type of Links:

  • Article length should be more than 800 words.
  • In the article write each paragraph not more than 50 words and also make sure a sentence length not more than 20 words.
  • In the article we allow only 2 links. Links should not be spammy (or) irrelevant.

3. Quality of the article:

  • Article should be unique.
  • Do not use spinning tools to write the article.
  • Use headings properly.
  • Article should not be promotional, commercial (or) related advertisement.
  • Check Grammatical mistakes before sending the article.
  • If any changes require we ask you to change the article to make it in a proper format.

4. Images & Videos:

  • While sending the article image also need to attach with the fixed size of 1200×628 px.
  • In case if you use other’s images or videos you must give credit to them.

5. Article Format:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Keyword
  • Content with proper headings

How to Send Technolgy Guest Author Article:

Before you ready to send the article, make sure to meet above all mentioned rules.

Send your article in the form of word document or google docs.

Send your prepared guest post article to below mail id.

E-Mail ID:


Once your article meet with our technology write for us rules and guidelines, we will publish your article and share your live URL. In case if any changes need in the article, you can contact us at