The best places to find an Xbox X Series & PlayStation 5 these days

The best places to find an Xbox X Series & PlayStation 5 these days

The video game market is starting to look like a ghost town. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are huge hits this holiday season. The new video game consoles are such a hit that there are barely any scraps left for anyone, which is causing a panic with just a few days left before Christmas. 

With holiday shopping in full swing, both video game consoles are out of stock in many major retail stores. Consumers are struggling to find this season’s hottest gift despite both consoles being available for over a month. That begs the question: Where can we find this gift as our clock ticks down to Christmas? There’s no quick fix, but some of these suggestions could help you out. 

Social Media

One of the best places to look is social media. Be prepared to spend north of $550 for either game console. Once your paycheck hits the bank, get ready to deposit and get a bonus from this prime gaming system. However, don’t get caught up in the social media scam that is taking place right now. Many individuals are buying either gaming console and selling it online due to limited availability. If the seller is asking for anything above $600, you are going to be spending too much money. Some sellers have asked for prices as high as $850 to try and make a profit. 

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Some retailers will alert followers on their social media platforms when they have new consoles available. This would be the time to start following pages like Walmart, Target, or GameStop. When you know that the retailer has the console in stock, you can find the page, refresh the browser, and immediately add the item to your cart. Welcome to the wonderful world of online where you don’t have to get into your car and rush to the start. 

Try A Third Party

For many of the reasons listed above, there is a risk associated with buying from a third party. You can look at some sites such as eBay, but you will pay more than the $400-$500 price you can get if you wait for new consoles. At first glance, eBay has multiple PS5 systems listed for double the price. This is an easy way to scam you out of money because Christmas is so close, and there is a limited product available. 

Unfortunately, your best option is likely to wait until retailers stock themselves fresh. You’re not going to find too many scammers that give you a discount when online shopping. However, if you pay close to $50 more than what you would at the store, that would not be the worst consequence in the world. You could look at it as a “luxury tax,” or a “limited feed.” Whatever helps you deal with the fact that you paid more than the standard asking price. 

Good luck to you as your adventure unfolds searching for this lucrative gaming system


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