Enjoy 4K Content with Spectrum Cable Is it Possible

Enjoy 4K Content with Spectrum Cable Is it Possible

With the fast-developing technology, the TV experience is rapidly improving. Ever since 4K televisions have been introduced, people want to watch everything in 4K. Most cable providers are incapable of supporting the 4K content because they typically utilize QAM to provide a wide range of entertainment to their subscribers. This leaves people who want 4Kcontent with one choice, using the internet. Spectrum is one of the very few internet providers who upgraded their services and offer 4K content to their subscribers.

How Does 4K Tech Improve TV Experience?

A typical high definition (HD) TV uses 1080p (pixels) resolution. On the other hand, a 4K-TV has 4 times better resolution than the HD-TV. The televisions that use 4K technology are known as Ultra HD (UHD) because they have more than 8 million pixels on their screen. On the contrary, simple HD-TVs only have approx. 2 million pixels on the same sized screen. Hence, the televisions that use 4K tech provide an absolutely sharp and clear picture quality with vibrant and crisp colors.

Does Spectrum Cable Support 4K?

Although Spectrum TV is one of the very first companies that provide 4K content to its subscribers, it does not offer 4K content through its cable TV services. Actually, Spectrum offers TV boxes that can be purchased with one of its TV packages but these only offer 1080p resolution. Those subscribers who want to watch 4K content can do so by using Spectrum’s internet services.

How to Subscribe to Spectrum 4K Service?

Since it has been made clear that you can stream 4K content using the internet, you can do that by subscribing to the spectrum’s 4K service. However, if you want to stick to watching the HD content, you can simply get the TV boxes offered by Spectrum.

In case you already own Apple-TV and want to watch 4K content using that, make sure it is 4th generation or higher. Not only that, you will have to download the 4K application of Apple-TV provided by Spectrum. This will enable you to steam several live channels and on-demand 4K content easily.

How to Set-Up Apple TV?

Using the Spectrum TV select plan (or any other plan that you have subscribed to), you can set-up your Apple TV with ease because your TV will identify Spectrum’s network automatically. Moreover, it will automatically login to the Spectrum TV application along with other services by default. This means you won’t be required to enter any credentials each time you want to access any Spectrum service and that is a great plus point.

The Spectrum TV application and the Apple TV app are fully compatible with each other can be linked together without any issues. This means you can use Siri or Siri remote to watch any of your favorite movies, or TV shows on any of your Apple devices (i.e., iPad, iPhone, MacBook, etc.) effortlessly.

Things to Consider Before Getting 4K Service

As already discussed, experiencing entertainment using the 4K TV streaming is totally dependent on the speed of your internet service. So, make sure to subscribe to a high-speed Spectrum internet package. The only catch is that not all areas and states are offered top-tier internet speeds. That is because Spectrum is an amalgam of 3 different companies that merged together. Each one had a different agenda and varying infrastructure.  That is why Spectrum does not offer uniform internet speeds and packages throughout the US.

Keeping that in mind, ensure what internet speed you can get in your location before you invest in the 4K TV or an Apple TV device. One more thing to think about is that if you shift to the 4K experience, it might cause difficulties in switching between varying quality content (i.e., from HD to 4K, or from SD to 4K, and vice versa).


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