Visiting Denver Colorado? Here’s What you need to Know

Visiting Denver Colorado? Here’s What you need to Know

Being a major city and an economic hub, Denver, Colorado is one of the best metropolitan cities to visit in the USA. Denver has historical significance with its background relating to Pike Peak’s gold rush.

Denver has dynamic topography, and the urban corridor is nestled beautifully between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains.

Earning the reputation of one of the most dangerous cities in Colorado, one would question, is Denver safe to visit? To the average backpacker, it’s as safe as it can be – and we will tell you just what will make the visit extra special.

Best Time to Visit Denver

Avid skiers find the best time to visit Denver to ski on the Rocky Mountains in the winter months, starting from November, and extending through spring, till March. In contrast, agile hikers find May to October to be the best months for hiking through the crazy Denver trails.

These months are, therefore, the best time to issue your Esta Visa as well.

Hot Things to do in Denver

  • Hiking at The Rocky Mountain National Park:

    Do a quick warm-up and put your running shoes on to go on an adventurous hike in the Rocky Mountains. The hike is a moderate one but will give your fitness a run for its money. The scenic view during the climb is rewarding and worth the trail.

  • Breckenridge Mountain Explorer:

    Explore the ethereally beautiful mountain city of Breckenridge on an eight-hour tour. It presents a visit to the Red Rock Amphitheatre and a mini stoppage at the mining town. Breckenridge also offers leisure such as gondola rides, sledding, and much more.

  • Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure:

    Ziplining on these mountains is the perfect avenue to give you an adrenaline high. The precautions and guidelines are high-standard and encourage even the non-enthusiasts to give Ziplining a try. Nothing can match the level of this activity in Denver, Colorado, in just 3 hours.

Where to Stay in Denver?

Four Seasons Hotel: If you are looking out for a lavish treatment with all the in-house amenities, then Four Seasons is where you want to stay. They offer all the five-star hotel privileges such as a large swimming pool, gymnasium, meeting auditorium, ballroom, bar cum restaurant, and a spa. The per-day room rent ranges between $250-$300.

Mint house: Located in downtown Denver, Mint House is close to the Denver Art Museum, Elitch Gardens Theme Park, and the Buell Theatre. This is a pet-friendly property and features an in-house kitchen equipped, where you can whip yourself some breakfast. Ideal for families with multiple rooms, the per-day rates range between $180-$250.

Comfort Inn Denver East: If you’re looking for budget stays in Denver, Comfort Inn is the perfect place for you. The outlet features a decent swimming pool and is close to public transport as well as the airport. The per-day room rent ranges between $80-$130.

Best Restaurants to Eat in Denver

  1. Travernetta:

    Feast on creamy and cheesy Italian food and get mesmerized by its heavenly taste. Visit Travernetta, one of the best Italian restaurants, addressed at 1889 16th St Mall. The chocolate truffles and Tajarin white truffle are to die for. The restaurant has both a fireplace and an open lounge.

  2. Steuben’s Uptown:

    One of the most popular restaurants in town that serves classic American dishes, Steuben’s Uptown is located at 523 E 17th Avenue. The outlet features a fully furnished bar with an ideal range of beverages. It is a retro-themed restaurant serving all types of cuisines.

  3. Guard and Grace:

    If you want to have a romantic dinner in the beautiful town of Denver, then head over to Guard and Grace, located at 1801 California Street. Equipped with all the elite facilities and modern-day setting, you should try the lamb chops and royally cured steaks.

Other Things to do in Denver

Denver Art Museum: The museum features more than 70,000 pieces of work from the Native American era to the Modern American days.

Elitch Gardens: A theme park loved by all, you will find all sorts of rollercoasters, water rides, and food courts here.

Union Station: A historical train station established in 1881 will find the historical terminal area, the LoDo District, and the train shed to explore here.


Denver, being the capital city of Colorado, has a lot to offer for backpackers, tourists, and travelers of all ages, no matter what your interests are. With an ESTA authorization, you will be able to visit Denver when you want.

Ensure you apply early, though, as it takes a good 72 hours to approve at times – and if you have your flights earlier than that, it could mess up your travel plans. Also, don’t forget to fill out details the right way – ESTA applications can get rejected if you do not fill out all details, misrepresent facts or leave out some blanks.

What are you waiting for? What’s stopping you from booking your tickets for your next trip to Denver?


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