Top 9 AI Nude Generators to Create AI Nudes Online

Top 9 AI Nude Generators to Create AI Nudes Online

Explore the universe of ai nude Generators for easy making of fake nude pictures. These tools use Artificial Intelligence to change ordinary pictures, empowering users to create counterfeit nudes easily. Embraced by photographers, artists, and content creators, these generators offer a diverse array of poses, backgrounds, actions, shadows, and lighting effects, providing fresh inspiration for creative endeavors.

The market is overflowed with a horde of nude AI tools, making it provoking for clients to settle on a choice. In this article, we will feature the best 10 artificial intelligence nude generators that enable users to easily make counterfeit naked pictures on the web.

What is an AI Nude Generator?

An artificial intelligence Naked Generator utilizes progressed profound learning calculations to deliver true-looking phony nude pictures. Prepared on a tremendous dataset of undressed pictures, these generators produce practical bare visuals. Users can make these phony nude pictures through two strategies: by contributing a text brief to indicate inclinations or by transferring a picture for change into NSFW content. This flexibility offers users a consistent and customized method for producing simulated intelligence-created bare pictures in light of their inclinations and requirements.

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Best AI Nude Generators Online Free

Investigate a gathering of the best free AI Nude Generators intended to change regular images into nude representations. These instruments offer users a consistent method to generate AI nude images, catering to various preferences and artistic expressions.

1. Soulgen 

Soulgen, a free naked picture AI tool, engages users to make enrapturing Genuine/Anime pictures utilizing basic text prompts. Utilizing AI algorithms and profound brain organizations, Soulgen spends significant time creating sensible and appealing fake naked art.

This Naked photograph maker goes past picture age, offering an exceptional “Edit Mode” for users to change their current pictures into nude variants. By choosing the “Edit Image” choice, users can transfer their pictures, buy into an Ace arrangement, and use highlights, for example, taking off dress regions and adding text prompts for explicit results. The “Remove Object” capability quickly changes the picked picture into a nude portrayal, displaying Soulgen’s ability in AI nude image generator.


  • Image Manipulation with Text Prompts
  • Customization Options for Actions, Bodies, Clothing, Scenes, and Accessories
  • Commercial Usage Allowed for Images Created by the User

Pros and Cons

  • High-Quality AI Image Generation in Real and Anime Styles
  • Robust Customization Options
  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface


Soulgen’s evaluating structure offers a free preliminary for new users, with paid plans beginning at $9.99 each month, giving highlights like a need line, no watermark, and a change of AI girl’s looks. Users can likewise decide on a yearly arrangement estimated at $69.99, making Soulgen a flexible instrument for investigating creative minds and producing unique naked pictures.

2. Promptchan AI

Investigate Promptchan artificial intelligence, a main Free AI Nude Photo Generator that engages users to create craft artificial intelligence pornography pictures and videos in styles going from Reasonable to Anime and Hentai. This particular instrument centers around changing photographs into nude content, empowering users to produce grown-up arranged visuals easily through text prompts. The Edit option works with the formation of fake naked pictures, giving specialists and photographic artists the capacity to dig into the domain of deep fake nude AI images and videos. With different styles, for example, True to Life, Craftsmanship, and Anime, users can investigate different postures and activities to create extraordinary and draw satisfaction. Because of its easy-to-understand interface, Promptchan’s man-made intelligence fills in as a fantastic nude image-generating platform reasonable for two amateurs and high-level users.


1. Style Options: Promptchan AI offers three distinct style options—Art, Anime, and Cinematic—for users to choose and customize the aesthetic of their content.

2. Pose Variety: Users have the flexibility to create impressive Nude AI Images and Videos by experimenting with different poses, adding a dynamic element to their creations.

3. Inspiration through Explore: The Explore feature provides users with a source of inspiration for image or video prompts, helping them discover new ideas and creative directions for their content.

4. Negative Prompt Feature: Users can utilize the Negative Prompt feature in Promptchan AI to specify elements they wish to exclude from their generated content, allowing for more precise customization and control over the final results.


  • Intuitive Operation
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Seamless Generation of Nude Images and Videos
  • Diverse Style and Pose Choices


  • At times it generates unexpected or inconsistent results. 
  • Lack human oversight
  • Not suitable for users under 18 rewrite these


PlanMonthly CostIncluded Gems (Image Generations)
Plus Plan$11.99/month300
Premium Plan$18.99/month800
Pro Plan$26.99/monthUnlimited Casual Generations + 1,500

3. Candy AI

Candy Artificial Intelligence is an artificial intelligence platform empowering users to make their optimal friends and participate in pleasant and dynamic conversations. Highlighting both Sensible and Anime Young Girl models, users can immerse themselves in discussions with these virtual mates, giving an encounter similar to having a virtual girlfriend.

The stage offers users the capacity to make customized artificial intelligence models, fitting their appearance, character, and voice, and that’s just the beginning. Using complex computerized reasoning calculations, Candy’s artificial intelligence produces human-like reactions, improving the connection and permitting clients to create altered computer-based intelligence pictures.

With a different scope of man-made intelligence characters accessible, users can investigate choices because of superficial observations and foundation, choosing the person that resounds best with them for a unique personalized experience.


  • Personalized Chatting Experience Online
  • Generation of Unique AI Images
  • Engagement in Unique Storylines and Roleplays with Desired AI Character
  • Ability to Request Images
  • Listening to Audio Messages


User Control Over AI Character’s Personality and Appearance

Simple and Accessible Interface

Freedom for Unfiltered Conversations 


Limited Information on Privacy Measures

Absence of Mobile App

Pricing:  Free, premium plans of Candy AI begin at $12.99/month.


NSFWArtGenerator is an amazing AI-powered tool that engages users to rejuvenate their dreams and wants through the making of  AI-powered Nude pictures. This stage makes the way for the universe of Nude generators, offering users the amazing chance to investigate different styles including Real, Anime, Hyper Real, and Hyper Anime.

Powered by AI prepared on broad datasets of Naked substance, NSFWArtGenerator deciphers users’ text prompts to create pictures that line up with the given descriptions. The device’s capacity to comprehend and execute user demands adds to a dynamic and customized content creation experience.

What separates this tool is its adaptability, permitting users to use the created pictures for business purposes. Notwithstanding, users are encouraged to guarantee consistency with rules and guidelines pertinent to their planned use. This element adds a layer of flexibility and potential for proficient applications to the imaginative capacities of NSFWArtGenerator.


User-Created Nude Characters through Text Prompts

Robust Customization Options for Styles, Poses, and More

Emphasis on Ensuring Users’ Privacy

Secure Handling of Generated Content for a Safe Environment


High-Speed Image Generation Capabilities

Output of High-Resolution and Detailed Images

Permission for Commercial Use of AI-generated images

Secure Storage and Non-sharing of Generated Images with Third Parties


Possibility of Similarities with Other Generated Content

Not Suitable for All Audiences


PlanCostBilling Cycle
Basic Plan$9.99/monthMonthly
Premium Plan$67.99/yearAnnual

5. Seduced AI

Seduced AI  stands apart as a remarkable Deepfake nude generator, empowering users to make naked pictures through literary prompts by applying a particular Nude filter. Customized for the two fledglings and experienced users, Seduced AI offers a worked-on variant for beginners and a High-level rendition for those with more mastery. Users can easily create excellent bare pictures by choosing an AI model for their decisions.

This apparatus takes customization to a higher level, permitting users to make nude pictures including more than one person, for example, blends like 1 young lady and 1 man, 2 young ladies and 2 men, 1 young lady and 2 men, from there, the sky is the limit. The champion element of Seduced AI lies in its brilliant customization choices, empowering users to determine everything about their picture, including body type, hair tone, identity, clothing, climate, style, and considerably more.


  • Access to AI Images and Prompts through the Discover Option
  • Wide Range of AI Models Available
  • Exploration of Various Poses, Appearances, Effects, and More
  • Creation of Unique AI Images in Anime and Realistic Styles


High-Resolution and Realistic Nude Image Generation

Fast-Speed Image Generation Capabilities

Exploration of Adult Themes

Comprehensive Customization Options


Emphasis on Legal and Ethical Considerations

Absence of a Mobile App


PlanCostBilling Cycle
Pro Plan$0.83/day ($25/month)Monthly
Platinum Plan$1.67/day ($50/month)Monthly
Diamond Plan$5.00/day ($150/month)Monthly

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6. Undress AI

Undress AI stands apart as a head AI nude-generating tool, utilizing broad preparation on a great many pictures to deliver an individual’s appearance without clothing precisely. The stage guarantees users comfort by requiring a direct sign-up process utilizing a Google account. Users can flawlessly transfer their pictures and use the Brush instrument to highlight specific areas for undressing.

For premium users, extra features incorporate the capacity to integrate different modes, for example, Strip Down and Undergarments, close by the choice to choose a favored body type and age, improving the general user experience. Undress AI quickly processes the client’s necessities, conveying a nude picture custom-fitted to the predefined inclinations in practically no time. In outline, Undress AI is a strong bare picture-generating tool, offering the capacity to make exact and practical-looking naked pictures easily.


Enhances image generation by incorporating traits like body type and age, perfectly aligning with user preferences.

Offers the flexibility to choose from various modes, including Undress and Lingerie, for customized image generation.

Prioritizes user data and content confidentiality, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all users.


Produces precise and lifelike nude images.

Offers a straightforward and easily accessible interface.

Incorporates robust security and privacy measures.


The free plan restricts image generation to standard quality.

Limits free plan users to 10 image generations.


Undress AI provides a free plan enabling users to generate medium-quality images. For access to enhanced features like body type trait selection, higher quality, faster generations, and more, users can subscribe to the following paid plans:

PlanMonthly CostImage QualityQueue Speed
Basic Plan$5.49/monthMediumFaster
Standard Plan$16.99/monthExcellentNo Queue
Pro Plan$37.99/monthExcellent (No Watermarks)No Queue (Age Trait Access)

7. CrushOn

CrushOn, driven by AI, offers users a vivid encounter of engaging nude discussions and the formation of particular AI characters. This fake nude generator brags a broad assortment of AI characters across different styles, encouraging drawing in discoursed among users and their picked characters.

Inside this stage, users can openly investigate a variety of subjects, taking part in unlimited and unfiltered discussions with practically no limitations. Critical label choices, including Anime, Verifiable, Superstar, Fictitious, Beast Young Lady, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, add to the difference and connect with the experience presented by CrushOn.


  • Enable users to engage in unfiltered and uncensored conversations.
  • Empower users to generate their personalized AI characters.
  • Offer outstanding customization options for a tailored experience.


Users can participate in enjoyable conversations.

Offers virtual companionship.

Features a user-friendly interface.


Content not suitable for audiences below 18.

Exhibits a lack of emotional expression during conversations.


CrushOn operates on a freemium model, allowing users to send up to 50 messages per month at no cost. For those who wish to exceed this limit, a subscription to its paid plans is available, starting from $5.9 per month.

8. PornX

PornX is an AI-powered tool devoted to producing nude pictures quickly. With its direct and easy-to-understand interface, this device effectively changes any photograph into a nude image. Users can undoubtedly make great naked pictures by choosing from different channels, including models, stances, and activity, and that’s just the beginning.

Highlighting a brief and menu-based interface, PornX permits users to pick their favored filters and start the picture-age process flawlessly. Moreover, the device integrates an Undress feature, empowering users to take off a dress from a current picture and convert it into a naked portrayal.


  • Enable users to generate a diverse array of nude images tailored to their preferences.
  • The PornX platform facilitates the creation of adult-oriented images featuring both men and women.
  • Prioritize users’ safety and privacy.


Offers robust customization options.

Capable of generating nude images rapidly.

Produces images with high resolution.


Lacks a mobile application.


PornX operates on a freemium model, with its premium plan starting at $9.99 per month.

9. IceGirls

IceGirls artificial intelligence remains as one more artificial intelligence nude generator, making nude pictures through label choice from its variety of filters. This tool succeeds in producing high-goal, grown-up-arranged pictures across different styles, postures, and activities, and the sky is the limit from there.

Open through email support or a Strife server, IceGirls AI  offers a novel nude bot experience. The stage incorporates a Center segment, furnishing users with an assortment of artificial intelligence nude pictures for motivation in making counterfeit nudes.

Fitting the picture age cycle to individual inclinations, users can determine wanted presents, clothing, body highlights, looks, and simulated intelligence models, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The superior rendition of the site improves the client experience by permitting the expansion of a text brief for the age of more definite  AI images.


  • Users can access the website through email or a Discord server.
  • The Hub section offers a diverse range of image inspiration.
  • Robust customization options are available.
  • Premium users can enhance their experience by adding text prompts, and generating more detailed and personalized nude images.


Swiftly generates nude images.

Offers a variety of options for style, pose, and action.


The image quality may be inconsistent at times.

Not appropriate for audiences under the age of 18.


The tool provides a no-cost plan, with the premium plan offered at $15 per month.

How do AI Nude Generators create AI-generated nude images?

AI Nude generators influence the preparation of broad datasets of stripped pictures to grasp examples and subtleties, empowering them to create sensible-looking pictures.

Using this learned information, AI Nude generators make new, photograph-like pictures by extrapolating from the current patterns. The generators produce counterfeit nudes by integrating pictures of non-existing people given the information acquired from the broken-down nude pictures.

Clients have the choice to enter text prompts depicting their inclinations or transfer pictures web-based, inciting the Nude generator to quickly break down and create simulated intelligence nude pictures that line up with the specified requirements.

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The approach of AI Nude Generators has improved the cycle for artists and picture takers to make nude pictures, permitting them to involve these manifestations for different imaginative purposes. Clients can create nude pictures effortlessly by entering a text brief or transferring a picture, because of the capacities of Artificial Intelligence.

In the ongoing scene, a different cluster of AI Nude image generating is accessible to users at no expense, exhibiting the boundless openness of this innovation. In this article, we have featured the main 10 cAI nude generators, furnishing clients with easy means to make counterfeit nude pictures on the web.


How accurate are AI Nude Photo Generators in rendering images?

In the present day, AI Nude photo generating tools are adept at producing accurate Nude images. However, the precision of the outcome varies depending on the specific tool being utilized.

Can AI Nude Makers be Used for Commercial Purposes?

Certainly, some AI Nude Makers permit users to utilize the generated images for commercial purposes, provided they adhere to specified guidelines and rules. An example is Soulgen, which allows for commercial usage of AI images.

Is a Free AI Nude Generator suitable for all types of artistic projects?

While an AI Nude Generator can be applied to various artistic projects, it is crucial to align the tool’s usage with the main idea and concept of the project, ensuring the proper respect for individual privacy.

How can users contribute to improving the ethical use of these tools?

Users can add to upgrading the moral utilization of these devices by focusing on security and assent. Guaranteeing that singular privileges are regarded and not compromised during the utilization of simulated intelligence devices is fundamental.

Are there any Free Nude AI generators available?

Certainly, there are several Free Nude AI generators accessible, including Soulgen, PornX, Undress AI, Promptchan AI, and more.

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