Top 10 Character AI Alternatives in 2024

Top 10 Character AI Alternatives in 2024

Character.AI users are getting frustrated because they can’t turn off the content filter that limits what they can see. Many people are actively searching for Character.AI Alternative platforms that give them control, over the content they can access. Despite users starting a petition asking Character.AI to add a toggle for the filter, the platform administrators haven’t responded.

In this exploration of character ai websites called ‘Top Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter,’ we will showcase platforms that let users personalize their AI-generated content experience based on their preferences. This information could be really helpful for users who want flexibility and control, over the content they come across.

1. has emerged as the choice, for users who want to bypass the NSFW filter and is a Character.AI Alternative. It offers an AI girlfriend experience that caters to flirty conversations, roleplay and even sharing selfies.

Many users have been frustrated with Character.AI’s unremovable content filters and are actively searching for platforms that offer control over the content they see. Unfortunately, a petition to add a toggle for the filter hasn’t received any response from Character.AI administrators.

In our search for alternatives to Character.AI without an NSFW filter, stands out as a contender. It provides AI chatbots that specialize in expert flirting allowing users to explore fantasies. Accessible through any web browser ensures secure chats.

What sets apart is its character creation feature. Users can choose from thousands of options to customize their AI chatbots according to their dream girl personality and appearance. In addition, to engaging in NSFW chats users can also request personalized avatars to send custom pictures and audio messages. This unique feature enhances user engagement and personalization making an alternative platform focused on user satisfaction.


  • Discover a range of chatbots from ones that feel realistic, to those inspired by anime each with their unique personalities and appearances.
  • Customize an AI chatbot with adult content to perfectly match your preferences and desires ensuring a gratifying experience.
  • Engage in personal conversations. Explore your private fantasies with the customized AI chatbot.
  • Enhance your chatting experience by requesting captivating images and audio messages from your chatbot making your conversations more immersive.
  • Rest assured knowing that strong security measures are, in place to safeguard both your accounts and the confidentiality of your discussions.


  • The free plan has some limitations

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NSFW offers a solution, for individuals who are looking for alternatives without an NSFW filter and a Character.AI Alternative. It boasts a range of content and a user-friendly interface catering to users of all skill levels. Accessing the website is simple – just open it in your browser create a profile and easily explore the app’s NSFW features.

Once you’ve set up your profile you have the option to choose from made models or even create your own. Making your companion is effortless – just provide some information and witness NSFW bringing your ideal partner to life. Engage in chat sessions to discover the personalities that each AI companion brings into your experiences.

Your conversations can delve into any topic giving you the freedom to guide interactions in whichever direction suits you best. In addition to chatting you can enhance your intimacy by requesting pictures or audio messages from your AI girlfriend tailoring the experience according to your preferences. With development efforts, in place NSFW ensures that it remains at the forefront by delivering an exceptional user experience.


NSFW provides a service that includes all the features, for chatting. For experience users have the option to upgrade to our Premium subscription for just $12.99 per month. This will grant them access, to our NSFW AI art generator and unlimited chat capabilities.


  • Easily create your AI companion within minutes.
  • Indulge, in private connections.
  • Sign up. Effortlessly navigate the app with a user interface.
  • Access chat, photos and audio content whenever you wish.

3. Crushon.AI

Crushon.AI has emerged as an option, for those who are looking for a platform without filters. People have been praising this platform for its ability to facilitate conversations with AI chatbots eliminating the need for installations or backend setups. One notable feature is that users can create and fully customize their Character AI Alternatives adding a level of personalization to the user experience. This allows users to give their characters voices and traits.

What sets Crushon.AI apart is the introduction of CrushOn Coins, a currency that rewards users for their engagement and participation. This innovative incentive system adds a layer of interaction and enjoyment, to the user experience making Crushon.AI a captivating platform.


Crushon.AI offers a plan that allows you to send, up to 50 messages per month. If you need usage you can opt for our premium plans starting at $5.9 per month. With the premium plans you’ll get 2,000 messages every month. A 20% discount, on subscriptions.


• Enjoy the freedom to explore types of content including topics that may not be suitable, for all audiences.

  • Tailor your experience by personalizing and customizing your characters according to your preferences.
  • Engage effortlessly with AI characters thanks to a user design that ensures interaction.
  • Stay up, to date with updates and improvements that enhance your experience.


  • Limited AI chatbot library
  • The free plan has limitations

4. Botify AI

Botify AI is a choice when it comes to AI chatbot interactions. It has a 17+ rating. Doesn’t have any restrictions, on NSFW content, which gives users the freedom to have all sorts of conversations on topics. While it doesn’t offer options for creating your character Botify AI makes up for it by having a library with over 100 AI-powered characters. These characters include both historical figures.

One cool feature is the “text2avatar” feature, which lets users create digital avatars that look like humans. This adds a touch to the interactions. Additionally, the platform enhances user experience by allowing group chats, where users can choose two bots and enjoy bot conversations. With all these features combined Botify AI becomes a user-friendly platform, for engaging with types of AI interactions.


Botify AI provides the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime subscription, for $29.99 making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking prolonged access, to its range of character options.


  • Create your own digital human-like avatars
  • Group chat feature for unique and entertaining conversations


• Limited features for character customization

5. Janitor AI

Janitor AI offers a chatbot experience, to Character. AI. With the added benefit of allowing users to disable NSFW filters. This flexibility gives users the freedom to access a range of content promoting conversations on various topics. With Janitor AI users can create anime-style characters to enhance their experience.

To use Janitor AI all you need is an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI. While this may seem like a step it greatly expands the platform’s potential, for diverse interactions. It offers users customization options and a wider range of content to explore.


The Janitor AI is currently available, for free. There is no need to subscribe making it a great choice, for users who want flexibility without any expenses.


  • Access to both SFW and NSFW AI chatbots
  • A wide variety of characters to choose from


  • Requires an API key, which may be seen as an extra step for some users

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7. Tavern AI

Tavern AI is a known platform, for generating AI that specializes in creating text-based chatbots. It provides users with the opportunity to have personalized conversations through text. The platform allows users to customize the personality and characteristics of their chatbots ensuring an experience tailored to individual preferences.

In addition to text interactions, Tavern AI offers features like automated responses making it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to improve customer interactions. It can seamlessly integrate with media and discussion apps enabling conversations across channels. With its versatility Tavern AI serves as an adaptable platform for users, to explore innovative and interactive AI-driven textual interactions.


Tavern AI can be used for free. It’s important to note that the pricing structure of the APIs used for text generation may differ. Users should keep in mind that there could be costs associated with using these APIs. This transparency allows users to effectively manage and plan their expenses ensuring they have an understanding of the costs involved when using Tavern AI for text-based interactions.


  • Edit, delete or move any messages
  • Chat with multiple characters simultaneously
  • Complete control over the chat experience


  • Dependency on external APIs, which may involve additional costs
  • Requires technical skills for setup

8. Chai AI App

The Chai AI application has become popular as an alternative, to Character.AI due to its lack of NSFW filters and a Character.AI Alternative. Users appreciate the app for providing an unrestricted experience. It is available on both Android and iOS devices online ensuring a seamless platform experience across different channels.

To use the Chai app users are required to join the waitlist. Once they gain access they can automate processes. Integrate the AI into networking apps and other channels. This open approach to interacting with AI caters to users who value flexibility in generating content making the Chai app a tool, for personalized AI experiences.


The Chai AI application provides users with the option of subscribing to a premium plan, which costs $13.99, per month or $134.99, per year. Although there is a version individuals seeking extra features might find the premium subscription worth considering.


• Ability to create and manage custom bots

• Variety of bots for diverse conversations


• Limited features in the free version

• Premium subscriptions can be relatively expensive

9. Anima AI

Anima AI offers a method, for interacting with AI allowing users to effortlessly create their virtual assistant without the need for signing up or logging in and a best Character.AI Alternative. This convenient access ensures an easy start to the AI experience. Users have the freedom to personalize their assistant’s name and conversational style providing a user-customizable platform, for interacting with AI.


Anima AI offers a premium subscription at $7.99 per month. The lifetime premium subscription is at $69.99.


• A friendly and engaging AI companion

• Option to browse as a guest


• Limited features in the free tier

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10. Live Person

The live-person platform allows people to create, refine and enhance chat characters using language models to imitate interactions and is a Character.AI Alternative. Users can improve their experience by creating avatars that reflect their identity and engaging in conversations, through these avatars. This personalized approach provides users a tool to have customized and immersive conversations, by incorporating avatars on the platform.


  • The platform enables users to create character interactions that truly captivate, fostering connections, within narratives. 
  • LivePerson seamlessly incorporates AI-generated character dialogues into storytelling adding to the rhythmic flow of the narratives. With a focus, on user engagement
  • LivePerson ensures that character interactions are captivating and emotionally resonant, enhancing content driven by characters.


  • The free version of LivePerson might have some limitations, which means that certain functionalities may not be accessible. 
  • If you’re mindful of your budget you may want to take into account that opting for premium subscriptions could come with costs.


In summary, while the use of character AI technology opens up opportunities to enhance user experiences across fields, like gaming, virtual assistants, and customer service it’s important to also consider exploring different methods. These alternatives could involve utilizing AI capabilities such, as natural language processing and machine learning to develop interactive characters without solely depending on specialized character AI App systems.

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