AngularJS to Angular migration: Guide for moving your large app

AngularJS to Angular migration: Guide for moving your large app

Hello, my readers! It’s time to drink some tea or coffee and read an exciting article. As you can see from the title of the article today that we are going to talk about is” AngularJS to Angular migration: Guide for moving your large app.” I hope my article will make you interested in migrating from AngularJS to Angular. I wanna share with you some reasons why developers and others migrate from AngularJS to Angular. Once an American writer said: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” I will be thankful if you read this article.

So, keep reading – I’ll shed some light on all information.

A short overview of AngularJS and Angular

Do you think about migrating from AngularJS to Angular, then you have time and recommendations to do it. But first of all, let’s remember what AngularJS and Angular are. AngularJS is a web and mobile application to develop single – page apps. It has been developed by the Google employee in the pursuit of shortening the process of development as well as simplifying the testing. Do you know when the first version was released? This version of AngularJS was released in 2012. From time to time, new versions were initiated.

Angular is a program and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript.  It gives you not only the tools but also design models to build your project in a maintainable way. Angular is developed with the help of TypeScript, which in turn relies on JS ES6. No need to reinvent the bicycle. Angular is expected to be thoroughly tested and it supports both unit and end-to-end testing.

The advantages of Angular

Greatest community

Angular is an extremely widespread and used framework in any country. This provides support to many people because anywhere they can support you if required. Also, due to its popularity, there is a remarkably large number of material on the study of Angular, helpful information, and many documents.

Two-way data-link

Two-way data binding in Angular is one of the best benefits in general. It is important to add that it allows the developer to exchange data from the components for viewing and submission to the component. Two-way data binding is achieved through the ngModel directive in Angular.

Dependency injection

Furthermore, one should not forget that in the creation of applications, a very important point is the introduction of dependencies (DI), Angular of course has its structure. It should be noted, this is done to improve the effectiveness and modularity of the project being developed in Angular. Apart from this, dependencies are required for the class to work. The class requests services can be created from external resources so as not to build them by yourselves. This delegates the responsibility of each module. A big advantage of design templates for the introduction of dependencies is the dividing of duties into services.


Many studies have explained that TypeScript is the main programming language in Angular and not for anything. You must remember that TypeScript saturates JavaScript with syntax. Of course, one of the reasons why Angular preferred TypeScript is specific performance advantages. TypeScript holds other integrated development environments such as Jasmine with Protractor, which greatly explains the project creation method in many places.

How to Migrate from AngularJS to Angular

Now, I prepared for you a few recommendations for preparing and the procedure of migrating. You must be ready in 5 steps. Clearly, this information may help with the migration process. The quicker you prepare yourself for future migration, the simpler your life will be when the migration begins.

Establish TypeScript

Theoretically Angular does not need TypeScript work. But, if you wish to use TypeScript, I recommend you could set it up and use it in progress. When it is prepared, you may have less to stress about some things during the change process. @types/angular should help you set it up.

Avoid scope.

Work with refactoring existing conditions on the range and do not create new instances. The fewer of those elements, the simple change will be. As a matter of fact, using AngularJS elements helps because the API reduces the need and controls usage of $scope.

Use the ngUpgrade library

Needless to say, the ngUpgrade library offers instruments to combine AngularJS and Angular code inside a hybrid app. ngUpgrade greatly supports documentation during the change process.

Prepare the code structure

The “AngularJS style guide can help you a lot. Although some of his advice is irrelevant, it still correctly represents the experience of excellent practices of AngularJS code.

Establish AngularJS elements

AngularJS 1.5 included Component API. If possible, try to use it as much as feasible because this API is like the API presented in Angular. Doing this move likely means less code requires to be rewritten.

How to migrate your app easily to Angular

It is clear from the facts that Angular brings you a lot of advantages for your projects. Of course, there are things that you should follow during the migrating process.

Accept a stable migration

Migrating to Angular demands developers to rewrite the present code. As shown above, both AngularJS and Angular can work in an identical application together. It provides you with the opportunity to make the conversion over time without distressing about migrating everything all the right way.

I wanna introduce to you instruments that will help you to migrate from AngularJS to Angular.

ngMigration assistant

It is a command prompt tool that recommends a migration path after analyzing an AngularJS app. It gives information on the difficulty amount, and models of an app. This tool analyzes any AngularJS app-big or small and makes suggestions about possible approaches. It’s a good first step but not comprehensive.

ngMigration forum     

This tool collects resources, guides, and instruments together for AngularJS migration. The forum gives developers to get answers to their migration problems.


Taking all the things into the consideration we can make the conclusion that migration is a very powerful and helpful thing that is required for every application. I hope this article about “AngularJS to Angular migration: Guide for moving your large app” has given you interesting facts.

So, I reckon that you need to migrate from AngularJS to Angular, as the use of it is worth it. With migration, you will see how your business or just projects benefit from it. Thank you for reading and happy coding on your programming way!


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