Working with PDF: 8 Amazing Features of PDFBear

Working with PDF: 8 Amazing Features of PDFBear

Controlling the PDF files is often hard to do, mostly it is from different origins because its files are divided and separated from each other. If users want to make their lives simple, they can use specific tools to combine the PDF files. The top tool that stands out in all other devices online is PDFBear because it has many features that others don’t have. 

Using the PDF Bare tool, users can easily split, convert, compress, or merge any PDF they have chosen. It is straightforward and hassle-free for users to use. It is the top software that is available in the market today. Also, you can access and use the exclusive features without spending any money. 

Page Numbers

It is impossible to print a particular file without using a page number. Choosing what to do first is a hassle and time-consuming. Users must select PDFBear because it offers them the capacity to add a page to the PDF files without a cost. If users are looking for a tool to add page to PDF, PDFBear is the tool they need because it guarantees you safety.

Convert PDF

In editing your files or PDF files editing, PDFBear gives and offers users almost all the necessary things. It is attainable for everyone’s usage wherever they are. Users can use this beneficial tool to convert their files without losing their files and data because this tool has a privacy security policy.

Some people might find many different reasons that they will need a PDF converter tool online. PDFBear has a complete package in achieving all of your needs. With this tool’s help, users are confident that it is safe for their documents, and the contents will stay the same as the original one. This tool guarantees you will not lose anything during its conversion.

Split PDF

The first step you need to do in this kind of process is to drag and select a PDF or File. After that, they must choose the pages that they want to part with. In choosing the pages to check them all in picking all the pages, the users wish to. The most important thing is to import them into a separate file, then download the documents.

Users of this tool can still export them to their computers or any devices after the process. They may also transfer and save the thing that they want to save into their clouds. This system will also add a reference to split the users’ PDF files. They can also pick any pages that they want and make a unique and new document.

Add Watermarks 

Marking the user’s document using watermarking can tell that they are the person or the owner of this document. This is an advantageous method for business-related types of works in which it helps all the users or the recipients of the paper in knowing the source of the file.

Compressing PDF 

PDFBear has a compressing tool that can make the PDF file size small without destroying its quality. There is no other compressor or converter that can give the users a perfect feature and free service. It has a very rapid compressing tool in PDF documents. This is one of the top choices in the market in terms of file compressing.

Merge PDF Files

PDFBear has the most comfortable and fastest tool in merging and combining PDF files into a single PDF File. Many people can follow the simple steps and instructions so that they will not be confused. Users only need to click a few buttons, and the PDF tool is one of the top merging tools in the market that users access online.

Lock PDF

There are two different kinds of critical purposes in having a secured PDF document. The first one is to look and determine who can open the files you uploaded. Second, users must track who is the one editing the file or the one who can edit it. It is as diversified as the interpretation on why users are sealing their PDF files.

Unlock PDF

There is a copyright law with functionalities that they share or avoid the copying of PDFs that have already been implemented. The file owner restricts people or consumers in editing, copying, and printing files that are protected in enabling the Owner Level Password. There are many kinds of things that you need to do in a password-protected PDF.


When users want to find a tool with the complete package, they must use a PDFBear. Users can split, convert, compress, and PDF file data or documents. It will give them a hassle-free experience, and it is the top software that people use this present time. Users can also use it without spending any money. So, it’s safe to say that this tool is indeed the best out there today.


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