Why is Automated Browser Testing Important?Automated Browser testingWhy is Automated Browser Testing Important?

Why is Automated Browser Testing Important?Automated Browser testingWhy is Automated Browser Testing Important?

An overview of automated browser testing

An average internet user may name a list of browsers without any second thoughts. Though there are some popular versions, still there is a list of others which is used in various parts of the globe. It does not mean that the QA team needs to be testing each and every product on them. For example, Google Chrome itself has gone on to release 86 versions and not everyone has gone on to update them to date.

The role of the tester is to make sure that the software is supported by the majority. Clicking on the various browsers is one of the better ways to check functionality. Hence automate browser testing turns out to be a lifesaver.

The reasons why browser testing is essential

Browser testing appears to be an important feature of non-functional testing which checks out the full software of the company. It is an ideal way to figure out whether a product goes on to support numerous browsers. In some cases, the software might function well on a variety of browsers. There could be some type of defects that would be specific to a certain environment. To have an idea on why browser testing works out to be vital check out what the testers would be inspected during this phase. There are some features that we need to pay attention to during browser testing as follows

  • Consistency in design- this would be the first thing that a software encounters. Even the inconsistency of UI would be an evident one. Such a point goes on to cover a wide range of issues be it page misalignment or the mismatch of font.
  • Code validation- some of the browsers could report the various code errors, as in response to a particular action scenario or action that would be supported.
  • Software performance- we might be discussing such type of functional testing,  issues of performance like glitch and crashes may arise due to lack of browser support
  • The system behaviours could be strange- from features like overheating to freeze there are a wide range of features for you to watch.

A browser testing goes on to pinpoint the compatibility issues which has an impact on the user experience as a part of the target audience. A growing number of devices or products makes sure that you need to accomplish the task manually.

The benefits

A point to consider is that browser testing could turn out to be tedious for a human being.  Even the basis of automation would be a frequent test suite that is going to take some amount of time to be executed manually.

  • Automation has a list of handy features like VPN , screen reports or automatically generated reports.
  • A QA goes on to schedule the testing time at a particular juncture and this is without supervision. Hence if the need arises the team could be tested around the clock.
  • It is possible to be running tests in parallel which means that you may check the same scenarios across a different set of browser.
  • The process of testing hundreds of browsers or various combinations is a time consuming task. It slows down the delivery of the software and there is a risk where you lose products without losing their relevance on the way.
  • Automation is going to keep the test efficient since the software scales up . With the passage of time the scope of work increases. Automation turns out to be a better way on how to deal with scalability rather than hiring resources for the process of manual testing.


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