Will We Ever Colonize Mars?

Will We Ever Colonize Mars?

Science fiction stories both romanticize and demonize the idea of living on another planet. But, can we ever truly experience life in another world?

Technological advancements push us forward rapidly, making it a real possibility. Many forward thinkers continue to look at Mars as a potential place to colonize.

Read on to learn more about this planet, what currently holds us back from inhabiting the planet, and the technology that may allow us to colonize Mars someday.

Overview of Mars

We live on the third planet from the sun, while Mars orbits a little further out, making it the fourth. Its substance consists of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and an abundance of iron oxide, giving it a red appearance. Though one day on Mars lasts only slightly longer than a day on Earth, a Martian year goes on for 687 days!

Mars once looked a little more like Earth, with lakes of liquid water. Today, water only exists in ice form on Mars, except for maybe trace amounts of surface moisture in some areas.

Why Consider Colonizing Mars?

While Earth seems bountiful, it does have a carrying capacity. This means that it can supply only a certain number of people with the resources needed to live.

As Earth approaches its limit to sustain human life, we must consider other options, like living on Mars. Exploration and access to natural resources also drive both scientists and economists to consider the possibility.

Drawbacks of Moving to Mars

The lack of a magnetic field allows toxic amounts of radiation into the thin atmosphere plagued by angry dust storms and essentially devoid of liquid water. This makes Mars rather hostile.

Temperatures on Mars average only -81 degrees. In the winter they can fall to 220 degrees, while in the summer you may see some days over 70 in the southern regions.

Technology Making Life on Mars Possible

Rockets make space travel possible for increasing distances. Scientists continue to advance terraforming technology, which would help create an Earth-like world where life could flourish. The more biologists understand extremophiles, the closer they come to figure out how to thrive in harsh conditions.

While some naysayers do not think it possible to create a breathable atmosphere on Mars, other scientists research possibilities, like using comets to extract the necessary elements.

While not impossible, reaching the point of colonization will require an abundance of resources. Funding is imperative to continuously expand our scientific capabilities.

Marscoin to the Rescue

In 2014, the altcoin Marscoin (MARS) came about from the Marscoin Project. This initiative aims to fund essential research and advancements that lead to making life on Mars possible. It allows the common man to fuel this futuristic endeavor and hold a stake in missioning to Mars.

Let’s Colonize Mars

We often look to the sky to make a wish or conjure up romantic moments. So why keep so much space between s and all of these celestial bodies?

Let’s become part of the effort to colonize Mars! Rather than focusing on setbacks, start changing the way we think and problem solve. Whether you can invest in a crypto that funds this interest or work towards scientific possibilities, it all offers you a greater sense of purpose.

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