How Can You Benefit from Azure Cloud Security

According to leading statistics, around 234,731 companies use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Microsoft Azure holds a 16.5% market share worth $3.7 billion. Cloud security experts mention Azure offers a reliable Security Center to clients that helps Azure customers secure their cloud account. Here are different ways in which customers benefit from Azure Cloud Security.

What Does Azure Security Include?

According to experts at Azure security tools encompass a wide variety of operational and physical controls. Azure supports multiple programming languages, devices, frameworks, and operating systems. Customers can access any Azure resources as long as they are connected to the Internet. Here are some of the benefits offered by Azure cloud security.

Benefits Offered by Azure Cloud Security Center

  • The security tools provide control and visibility over the security of Azure cloud resources like Blob storage, Azure Virtual Networks, Cloud Services, and Virtual machines.
  • Azure security center helps protect hybrid workloads deployed in non-Azure and Azure environments. It also offers protection to systems on customer premises.
  • The Security Center analyzes the cloud environment and enables customers to understand the security and status of cloud resources.
  • Azure Security Center has a single dashboard that allows the user to view all alerts and recommendations. The security center detects and blocks cybersecurity threats. The dashboard can be used to streamline security policies that help organizations meet regulatory compliance.

While Azure Security Center offers a wide variety of security to address various cloud security challenges, the support for 3rd party integration of security tools allows the organization to improve cloud security further.

Deep Insights

Azure Security Center offers various operational, physical, and infrastructure controls to secure Azure. However, these in-built tools are not enough to safeguard workloads.

The 3rd party security tools integrated with Azure Security Center allow businesses to uncover all identity and data relationships between cloud entities, including containers, serverless functions, computer instances, roles, and admin. The 3rd party security tools and data stores help organizations protect the cloud environment against threats and strengthen security posture.

Identity Security

Identity Management is an essential aspect of Cloud security solutions. Azure allows an organization to use industry-leading security tools along with Azure Security Center. These security tools can help organizations control access to cloud resources. With IAM, cloud administrators can incorporate user policies and enforce restrictions with verified identities.

The security tools allow organizations to map role-based access control for every identity in the cloud environment. With IAM, organizations can create an additional security layer associated with identities. The mapping of the identities and the privileges allows organizations to understand permissions given to each identity and the permissions it inherits from connected objects.

The Identity Security tools also give organizations complete control over the storage accounts. With the help of security tools, the admin can know which access keys are granted for storage access and whether any person outside IAM can access privileges.

Governance Automation

The Azure cloud platform is highly complex, with thousands of nodes and cloud identities. It can be challenging to manage every aspect of cloud governance manually. There are several instances where cloud misconfiguration or lack of configuration settings has allowed hackers to access crucial cloud resources.

Several 3rd party cloud automation tools can work with Azure Security Center to automate governance. These tools map every trust relationship within the cloud environment and also checks access and security policies of all resources. Admin can use these governance tools to check the inherited permissions of all objects.

The integration of 3rd party security platforms allows organizations to detect any identity risks such as separation of duty violations, toxic combinations, and privilege escalations across Azure environments.

What Security Issues and Challenges Can Be Addressed by Azure Security Center?

Thwart Sophisticated Attacks

As more businesses move to the cloud, the cloud platforms will become more complicated and become an attractive target for hackers. Customers are required to secure their workloads to reduce the attack surface. If the customers fail to do so, Azure Security Center can take care of the task.

●       Ever-Changing Workloads

Cloud platforms allow customers to do more in comparison to on-premise systems. It means customers are constantly changing the cloud services they use. Azure Cloud Security Center helps customers implement best practices and also implements security standards a lot easier.

To sum up, there is no doubt Azure offers one of the best security tools to protect your cloud accounts. The possibility of using the industry’s leading security tools along with the Azure security center makes the cloud platform more secure and makes cloud security management a lot easier.


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