IT industry is always running forward to make all things much better. Daily life simplifying is the most popular modern trend. In my opinion, it’s really good for everyone because now all developers are doing only useful things to help us in our routine, make things run faster and being more acceptable and practical at any levels. Ten years ago we have to store a lot of different software on our PC. We have to work with different file types for each task. It was so irritating and I really enjoy all changes, which came to our work life and made it much better.

Just imagine that you have one unified file format, which could be accepted everywhere by all people and also for all kind of occupations you know! I know that  it’s very suitable because it will optimize your work enough and make it simple. Moreover, it will make your job done faster anytime. Souns a little bit crazy, but the things come true now. We know the unified format – PDF file. I really enjoy using this document type because it has a lot of advantages. If we want to compare PDF with other formats, we will face the next main advantages. First of all, it is smart to compile the text with any images and grapgics you want! If we speek about other formats we will see how file may be compressed and also lost it’s quality after providing such work with images. However, PDF allow you to avoid these problems and also keep your file safe and encrypted.

As we know, people used a lot of different files for each task, but now they can use just PDF for many occupations. You may present something at business meetups, or you could make well-designed brochures and menus for your small business. If you want to discover all magic and opportunities of PDF just visit This service could be an example of various things presented in the internet. I really enjoy seeing such projects because ten years ago I have to lose a lot of time  on changing my software and converting to much files everyday.

The next brand new thing for me is OCR technology. I was shocked when I  discovered that I can scan everything I know and make the images PDF without loosing any text and graphical info. My opportunities enchanced from that moment and now I can work much better and save  a lot of time on additional requests. For example, now I don’t have to ask for original source from  my customers. As we know, time is money and now I can earn more and more every month. 

I should mention, that there are a lot of things you can do with PDF documents. This list could really impress anyone, who remembers how it was in the past! For example, one of the most popular online services is proceeding following tools: PDF file OCR and conversion, merging PDF, Metadata editing, splitting, compression tool, deleting and extracting, rotating, and organizing. Certainly, we can see the coming soon field here, but it just says that the PDF industry just going forward. It will be more advanced in the future, so we can say that this file format may become the prime because it has more advantages than disadvantages. Sustainable development is also warming up the interest in to mentioned technologies, which allow people to optimize their work, save time and earn more money for future needs. I say: PDF is amazing!


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