Complete Guide to Balayage Hair What You Should Know

Complete Guide to Balayage Hair What You Should Know

A balayage hair approach is a technique of color application on your hair and is not a particular type of color as opposed to common belief. This technique gives your hair different shades of color that you choose. It gives a brighter shade at the front of the head, blended bases, and very light ends. It is usually used to give a natural vibe to your hair.

Unlike other methods of hair painting which use foils to dye the hair, the balayage mode uses a brush dipped into the dye to paint the hair. The application is done in vertical strips to ensure that all strands are properly colored. The followings are some of the things to know about the balayage hair coloring technique.

  1. The Benefits

There are several benefits of getting a balayage hairstyle instead of other traditional painting methods. They include;

  • It Appears More Natural

The technique of color application used in balayage helps to give your hair a more natural look compared to the other traditional ways of painting the hair. The coloring of each strand separately in a vertical manner ensures that all strands get evenly painted. The different shades on the roots, at the front of the head, and the edges give you a very natural appearance. 

  • Easy To Maintain

The different shades that come out of a balayage hair painting, especially at the roots allow you to rock the style for a longer time. This is because the shade on the roots is similar to that of growing hair making it hard to differentiate between colored and newly grown hair.

  • Colors Do Not Easily Mix

When doing balayage, stylists usually use cotton wool stands between each hair strand to prevent the different shades from mixing. The wool prevents the bleaching of the different color shades used.

  • Less Damage

Because the balayage process is not usually done twice, your hair is less likely to be entirely bleached. The lesser the amount of paint used, the smaller the damage that is likely to be done to your hair.

  1. The cons

Despite the fact that balayage hair gives our hair a natural look, it has its own disadvantages. Balayage best works when using blonde shades and this draws back people who want to get other color shades on their hair.

This is because a warm color is likely to turn very brassy when painted using balayage. The inability to use warm colors is the biggest downside of balayage.

  1. How To Adequately Prepare For Balayage

There are certain prior preparations that you need to do in order to ensure that our balayage turns out perfect. They include;

  • Clean Your Hair

Ensure that your hair is properly cleaned before the process begins. The removal of grease and dirt from the hair assists in ensuring that the dye used colors the hair well. This makes the work of separation and painting easier as there is no grease holding the hair strands.

  • Condition The Hair in Advance

Preparing the hair adequately before the exercise is essential as it contributes to better results. It is necessary to condition and use treatment on your hair a few days before getting a balayage.

Hair treatment helps to strengthen the roots preventing hair loss. The chemicals used to manufacture hair paint are known to weaken the hair and hence strengthening it before helps to reduce hair damage.

  • Decide On Your Hairdo

Deciding whether to have the balayage hair painting done on straight, curled, or layered hair is very important. Making a decision on the hairdo you want gives your stylist an idea of how to go about the process.

Therefore, style your hair before so that you help the colorist know the type of technique to use depending on your hairdo.

  • Bring Photos Of The Style You Want

Explaining the shades you want to your stylist could be a bit difficult. Therefore, bring some photos to help in explaining to the colorist the type of shade that you want.

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